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I get enough requests for leg lock submissions these days – and the more MicroBJJ subscribers I talk to, the more I hear them say “I first saw you when I was looking up leg locks on Youtube.” Well, you got what you were asking for today.

Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares is such a dangerous (and some would say “reckless”) leg locker, that he’s actually been kicked out of the UFC and the ADCC. With that being said, his setups are still VERY admirable, and we can all learn a little something from how Toquinho gets his setups and finishes, here are two of his setups that I think are the MOST fun:

Toquinho Heel Hook Highlight

My Breakdown: 50-50 From Standing into Heel Hook

My Breakdown: Sick Standing Heel Hook

Hopefully that gives you a few great ideas about exactly what you need to be focusing on in your own game – and how you can turn unexpected positions into VERY dangerous positions! Be safe with your training partners, and have fun,

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