When I was 15 years old, I played Street Fighter Alpha 3 religiously.

When I turned 18, I stopped doing anything under the category of “activity” except for Jiu Jitsu.

Now… I have a new favorite shirt…

Combat Skin “BJJ Street Fighter T-Shirt”

street figher

Needless to say, the shirt is awesome, but it’s also a company I’m happy to represent. The founder, Steven, helped me promote my first Amazon book and get it to the #1 spot under the entire category of “Martial Arts,” and his sites have featured tons of my content throughout the years. When the clothing brand launched and I got a bag-full-o-swag, I had to get a little write-up together.

To check out more of their gear (including the long sleeve rash guard designed my Meerkatsu – which I also now have!) – click the little banner below and browse their stuff.

And of course, let me know if you get the Street Fighter shirt… I’ll be giving you a little internet high five :).