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Keith Owen – The Applications of Jiu Jitsu

Keith was into martial arts well before his formal BJJ training, but after learning of this new-fangled "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" in Black Belt Magazine, Keith knew that he had to get into this stuff. After watching the first UFC, Keith found out that other than California, there was actually a relatively local spot for him to train with the legendary BJJ instructor Pedro Sauer.
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Matt Bessette – from BJJ to MMA

Guillotines on the rise. One of Matt’s biggest areas of focus is his guillotine game, which he believes in many ways is the future of the sport on the submission side. Again with the emphasis on wrestling and takedowns in the modern MMA game, we see more and more front headlock orientations and single-leg orientations - hence the rise of a LOT of funky guillotine variations in the last 3 to 4 years in the MMA world. Matt believes that anyone without a strong guillotine game in MMA is missing out on something MAJOR for their competitive success.