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Caio Terra – Profile and Highlights

Caio Terra (Left) with Daniel "Micro" Faggella after an Interview and Training Session in Delaware

Caio Terra with Daniel “Micro” Faggella after an Interview and Training Session in Delaware

Brief Bio and History: Caio Terra’s BJJ journey began in his teen years after reluctantly being brought to train by his mother, who was concerned about persistent issues of bullying at school. Caio didn’t see himself as a serious athlete, never mind a competitor, but after an initial few competitions, he decided to dedicate himself to the sport. Since then, the “rooster” or “galo” weight has never been the same.

Caio was fortunate to train with black belt world champion Felipe Costa in his earlier days, and he has had matches against his still-rival Bruno Malficine since the rank of blue belt. He is also one of the foremost proponents of the evolution of the sport of Jiu Jitsu, a mentality that extends beyond his eclectic game into his petitions against steroid use in the sport, and his stance against knee-reaping, which he mentioned in the course of one of our last interviews.

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Reputation and Speciality: Caio’s reputation places him as one of the most dominant rooster weight grapplers in the sport (along with Malficine). Unlike many of his fellow lightweights, Caio also competes in absolute divisions and has notable victories against black belts twice his size both with and without the gi. A former instructor at the Cesar Gracie academy, Caio now operates the Caio Terra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association (CTBJJA).

Like many top lightweight grapplers (and many other modern BJJ champions), Caio is best known for his sweeps and back takes. More so than many grapplers at his weight, he is also recognized for his triangle/armbar/omoplata attacks from the bottom (see the highlight video below).

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BJJ Record: Competitively, Caio’s pedigree shows with and without the gi – and below are some of his most notable achievements. Many believe that Caio would do very well at the ADCC competition if it were to have a weight class for him.

  • No Gi World Champion

    • Gold (’08,’09,’10,’11,’12)
  • BJJ World Championships
    • Gold (’08)
    • Silver (’05,’09,’10,’11,’12)
  • BJJ Pan Ams
    • Gold (’10,’11,’12)

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Instruction and Technique: Most of Caio’s instructional material can be found in his DVD sets (such as his “Modern Game” course by Mobile Black Belt), but he has select techniques floating around on YouTube. Even just two or three years ago there was hardly any instructional content from Caio online, and now with his courses available and popularity soaring, we can find videos like the selection below:

Caio Terra Teaches Half Guard Techniques

Caio on “Rolled Up” With BudoVideos 

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