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Science of Skill offers instructional courses, basic gear, and online programs for self defense and physical fitness. Our products include: 
  • Self defense instructional program (DVD and online)
  • Tactical and everyday carry pocket knives / utility blades
  • Our monthly membership program for self protection
  • At-home bodyweight fitness programs (DVD and online)
  • Much more (see our stores below)
We've built our brand and reputation off of effective and simple how-to instructional programs, and we're proud to serve over 20,000 online customers and nearly 50,000 subscribers and readers from around the world who come to us for detailed instruction on becoming safer, stronger, and more confident.
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Who We Are

Science of Skill, LLC is a subscription-based online publisher of self defense and fitness courses. We source our content from self defense and fitness experts all over the world, and put together unique, curriculum-based monthly programs. Our company is run by a single founder and a small, dedicated team, we have a relentless drive to become the go-to source for people who want to take their fitness or self protection goals seriously. We believe that expert instruction and proper practice are the hallmarks of skill development, and we believe that everyone should be empowered to develop their safety and strength. Our business has more than doubled in growth every year since we were founded at the end of 2012, and we're grateful to serve a massive global audience today.

Our Channels and Programs

Science of Skill, LLC focuses on three core markets. The survival / self protection niche comprises the majority (85%+) of our audience and customer base, followed by our fitness programs, and our martial arts / Jiu Jitsu courses, which we still offer to those niche audiences. Though many of our new subscribers come from dozens of affiliate and media partners (primarily in the USA), our blogs and social media channels serve to attract new members and educate existing one.
Below are our main self protection and fitness blogs. Feel free to browse our educational content there, or see a sampling of our products and course offerings.
Science of Skill operates a variety of online publications and social media followings for self defense and fitness. Connect with us online for our latest how-to videos and resources.

Built With Customers in Mind

The programs and offerings of Science of Skill have been built with out customers and online students in mind. We regularly poll and call our customers to gain an understanding of their needs and interests, and the kinds of programs that would help them with their goals. Below is a selection of some of our most popular self defense and fitness courses / membership programs:

Recent Product Releases

What Science of Skill teaches is not just techniques, it’s the principles as well, and it’s THIS that makes him so effective at beating bigger opponents… I teach defensive tactics to police officers, and I’ve already used some of Dan’s material in a way that’s changed an officer’s life.

John Groom – Police Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Texas

What Science of Skill teaches WORKS. It’s made me re-think what I’ve learned about fighting – big time. When it comes to techniques that work against ANYONE, this is what people need

Mike Parilla