Science of Skill, LLC was founded in 2012. We serve a global audience of tens of thousands of self defense and fitness online students with our unique, curriculum-based online courses and membership programs.

Despite doubling our customers and revenue year-over-year since the founding of the company, we continue to be managed by a small, dedicated team, with a firm commitment to help our customers build the skills and mindset to help them achieve health, strength, and confidence.


Our Purpose

Science of Skill exists to inspire people to disciplined and purposeful action in becoming safer and stronger. We do this by combining (a) expert instruction, (b) empirically-backed skill development curricula, and (c) a culture of action, accountability, and excellence.

How it Works

We source our video products and content from over a dozen self defense and fitness experts all over the world (from Canada to the Netherlands and beyond). These content creators build programs, write blogs posts, and create YouTube videos to help educate and inspire our readers. This “publisher” model allows us to scale up our following, and always be in a position to help our subscribers with their unique goals. This also leaves the core Science of Skill team free to focus on customer support, marketing, and constantly improving our systems (we believe that a business, just like a good fitness regimen, should be systems-based and reliable).

Subscribers and visitors find us through our blogs or YouTube channels, or through our wide array of trusted affiliate and media partnerships.

Programs / Products

We are best known for our curriculum-based courses, and our popular self-protection and fitness membership programs. Below is a selection of some of our online products:


We offer 24/7 customers service on our programs (our support team is here for you, even on holidays!). Contact us via the information below, we look forward to helping you:

(800) 509-2605

info [at] scienceofskill.com

Science of Skill, LLC
4851 S. Sedgewick Rd
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124

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