What we believe


We believe that Self-Reliance is a journey, not a destination. Whether you are starting out, or have decades of experience – Science of Skill is here to support you


We believe that growth in our abilities to be Self Reliant requires us to be educated with the best training and equipped with the best gear – to be confident in all of our abilities


We believe that Self-Reliance takes on many forms, whether you prefer the practical outdoor survival techniques of the Boy Scouts, dream of being a Navy Seal, or use The Walking Dead as a practical How-To guide for the future – we support you


We believe in constantly striving to bring you the best education and gear to serve you in this journey. Making sure you are confident and equipped is our mission!


IF you believe like we do and want to be prepared to defend your family, survive a natural disaster, or simply spend a night in the wilderness – then you’ve come to the right place.