ADCC 2013 Results – Interview with Absolute Champion Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

October 20, 2013
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Cyborg Interview

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu Wins 10-0 Against

Marcus “Buchecha” – Gets Crowned 2013

ADCC World Champion! 

Wow… What an unbelievable event this year at ADCC – Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu totally dominates his friend and training partner Buchecha in the finals of the absolute division – who would have guessed it? So many upsets this year – from Mendes losing, to Keenan losing, to Cyborg winning it all!

Match Breakdown, Buchecha vs. Cyborg

Cyborg starts the match off with a takedown (a sort of foot-sweep of some kind, it was hard to tell) after a bit of circling. To everyone’s surprise, he takes side control on Buchecha with a smooth half guard pass. I thought Buchecha must have been messing with him, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. After a switch to knee-on-belly from Cyborg, Buchecha stands right up from a frantic buck, and the two get back to battling from the feet.

After a lot of sticking and moving on the feet, Cyborg takes a double leg on Buchecha and again passes to side control. I can’t imagine anyone in the crowd would have been expecting such dominance, but it appeared to be an issue of stamina on the part of Buchecha, and tenacity for Roberto, who was clinging to him from side mount, allowing for only minimal movement. Buchecha predictably ends up getting back to his open guard and gets to work.

After much takedown and guard scrambling, still no points are scored. At one point, Buchecha seems to have a blast double, then, he seems to be right in position for Tornado guard against Roberto (almost ironic) – but Roberto is able to magically keep his base and remain on the feet. It’s amazing that Buchecha seemed to sweep Rodolfo Vieira SO well in their match, but ended up having little success whatsoever against Roberto without the gi on.

Points are drastically in Cyborg’s favor at this point, and it becomes obvious that Marcus will need to submit. Toe hold or rear naked choke is the most likely option, but Abreu keeps both feet safe despite more guard scrambles. From half guard – again – Cyborg passes to side control – again. Unbelievable. Guard is recovered by Marcus, and after an omoplata scramble, the two get right back up. Crowd going insane.

Buchecha goes for another inverted sweep and is passed again, this time to north-south, where it is clear that Roberto is looking for a finish – potentially via choke.

Time runs out after another scramble from Buchecha, and Roberto wins a dominant 10 to 0 against the 2-time Double-Gold World Champion.

Roberto Talk About his Start in BJJ:

The Full Roberto “Cyborg” Pre-ADCC Interview:

Cyborg Interview

If you’re a Cyborg fan, today is a GLORIOUS day, and I’m sure he’s out celebrating as we speak.

If you’re interested in my full 20+ minute interview with Cyborg, RIGHT before his ADCC trip, click the picture above, and learn about his world tour, his new tricks, and his perspective on training like a champion!

All the best,

-Daniel Faggella

Daniel Faggella
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