Alan Belcher…Immune to Submissions?

April 27, 2013
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Alan Belcher is a top UFC competitor and is recognized as one of the best submission grapplers in America. His new “Immunity Course” is built to teach ANYONE how to beat more experience grapplers. Get in on his Free video series at:

At times in MMA, you have to asked yourself certain questions concerning specific fighters.  Is Anderson Silva really human?  Does Jon Jones realize he’s only in his mid-20s?  Is Urijah Faber really that tiny?  You know the questions that burn in our memory.

One question I’ve come to ask myself recently is if Alan ‘The Talent’ Belcher is immune to submissions?  A veteran of 25 fights—14 of which came in the UFC—Belcher has only be submitted one time in his entire career.

He’s JUST A Thai Fighter, right?

Many consider Belcher to be a Muay Thai fighter for a few reasons; he has nine career KO/TKO victories and he fights in traditional Thai shorts.  An electric fighter, Talent isn’t afraid to stand and trade with his opponents.

So it’s understandable that he is considered as just a one dimensional striker.  However, let’s pump the breaks right there.  Something many overlook is that Belcher actually holds his black belt in BJJ!  To boot, he also boasts a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a black belt in Duke Roufus Kick Boxing!

The middleweight contender is as well rounded as they come, but doesn’t get his recognition as such!  With seven career submission victories, Belcher has scored wins by way of rear naked choke, guillotine to even a toe hold.

Not too shabby for being just a Thai fighter, eh?

The Dreaded Brabo Choke

The one blemish to his otherwise perfect submissions defense came way back in 2007.  In just his third UFC bout, Belcher faced the then surging Kendall Grove.  The native of Hawaii, Grove boasted an impressive 7-3-1 record after a nice run on The Ultimate Fighter.

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A lanky fighter, Grove was always someone that was hard to get a read on.  A puzzle of sorts, he gave Belcher a little bit of a fit, thus resulting in the submission loss for Belcher.  This fight would serve as a defining moment in both fighters career; Grove would eventually hit a slippery slope and fade away, while Belcher would surge.

Since then, Alan has squared off with many talented grapplers and has yet to fall to a submission victory.

If you want to know the ins-and-outs of his submission defense, do yourself a favor and look into Belcher’s Immunity course!  This is a treat for fighters and grapplers alike, and even fans of the sport!  Breaking it down into a science, Alan Belcher does a fantastic job of explaining how he goes about fending off the submission holds.

If you’ve read my past work, you’ve likely seen some of my recent articles about Belcher and his technique videos; which are FANTASTIC.  This Immunity series will be no different, so make sure you keep an eye out!

-Dan Faggella

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Daniel Faggella
Daniel Faggella

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