Alan Belcher Teaches a Flying Heel Hook

April 23, 2013
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Alan Belcher is a top UFC competitor and is recognized as one of the best submission grapplers in America. His new “Immunity Course” is built to teach ANYONE how to beat more experience grapplers. Get in on his Free video series at:

In the loaded middleweight division the UFC boasts, a rising star is that of Alan ‘The Talent’ Belcher.  The Biloxi, Mississippi native is known for his fun and entertaining fights.  Glancing at his record, it’s easy for some to assume he’s a slugger that looks to put on a fun fight, given his nine KO/TKO finishes.

However, the level of skills Alan possesses goes well beyond his highly touted Muay Thai skills.  A BJJ black belt, Belcher can very easily finish the fight anywhere on the ground.

Belcher Breakdown: Flying Heel Hooks

In both MMA and BJJ, there is a very common issue: takedowns.  Either going for the double leg, the trip or a throw, opponents can be overly stubborn and disallow any further progress on the attempt.  However, Alan Belcher provides a very effective—and rather basic—way to throw a curveball at your opponent.

The setup for this perspective move is as if we were trying to score a nice throw on our opponent.  As we went in, they noticed what we were looking for a stuffed it.  With firm wrist control and overall stubbornness, our opponent has taken our throw away.

While that may be out of the picture, it also opens up a new possibility for the heel hook.  Here’s how:
The first major step of this move is to plant with our free hand.  This will establish a base for the move to be executed from.

Weighing in at another UFC event.

Swing your outside leg behind your opponent, and as Alan calls it, sweep him with the “broomstick.”
From here, you should be at a slight angle with one of his legs placed in between yours.
Squeezing the legs, begin to attack the heel.

Once you have it locked up, treat it like a normal heel hook and finish the fight/match!

How Tough is THIS Move to Hit in Competition?

While he has scored seven submission victories, Belcher has never won a fight with it.  However, this should not hold much weight as it is quite difficult to utilize this move while in a fight.

Unlike BJJ, when a fighter posts with his hand to go for the sweep, they become susceptible to vicious strikes.  This would negate any type of interest when it comes to attempting the move.  Yet in still, the fact that Belcher has this move in his arsenal should be enough to keep other fighters on their toes.

Looking at his technique videos, it’s easy to see why Alan Belcher is such a popular fighter in the UFC.  His skill set allows him to compete with the best of the best, and is ready to take on any fighter at any time.

-Dan Faggella

Daniel Faggella
Daniel Faggella

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