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Former Deputy Director of CIA Warns Americans That ISIS Is Coming To Your Neighborhood In 2016...

Television Celebrity & Former Recon Sniper Reveals Step-By-Step Plan For Preparing Your Family For The Coming Disaster... Urges Patriots To Get Your Guns Ready

Are You Prepared?
Will You and Your Family Survive?

Dear Fellow Patriot, 

It was 1:59am on Sunday morning.

A man walked hurriedly down South Orange Avenue in Orlando, Florida.
He approached the club and waiting outside for a brief moment.

At 2:02am he opened the doors.

The light from inside revealed his cold eyes…and the steely glare that could kill fungus on the spot.

He reached for the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle strapped to his back and opened fire…spraying bullets in to the crowded club.

The bullets from the AR-15 tore through everything in their path.

Bodies dropped left and right…bullets tear through flesh and blood sprays in to the air.

Then the screaming begins.

The deadliest mass shooting in United States History has just occurred.

My name is Tim Reiss, Publisher of Science of Skill, LLC.

Before we go further, I need you tell you that the decision to put together this letter was not an easy one.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve done my best to not let the “doom and gloom” news stories featured on the big new channels consume or influence my thinking.

But with the rise of social media and the internet, it’s tough to ignore.

After the most recent attack on our home soil in Orlando, Florida… I simply can’t ignore it any more.

America Attacked Six Times
By ISIS In Last Two Years

Since October of 2014, there have been six (6) attacks against American here at home.

On our soil!

As you may know - I’ve spent my entire career researching, monitoring and studying events and trends of our national safety and security.

As the publisher for Science of Skill, I take this job very seriously. ….and ever since we were featured in Forbes & Business Insider, I’ve made it by duty to find the most legitimate, authentic (and many times most battle-tested) safety & security experts on this green earth and gotten them to share their stories.

My search for these experts has extended across the globe. Whether it’s special operative agents, high profile personal body guards, black bag assassins, battle-tested commandos or weapons experts… these inside contacts have revealed their innermost secrets to preparedness & survival when SHTF.

That’s why we’ve launched this publication. So that their wisdom, secrets & strategies will help honest hardworking Americans - and prepare them for the impending crisis in America.

I despise fear mongering of every variety to a level which is inappropriate for me to mention publicly. So instead of beating my readers over the head in a fear campaign…

I’ve focused on providing specific, actionable information on how to protect yourself from the risks I identify.

Terrorists Will Attack America Again In 2016 - Sources Reveal

If you have a weak constitution - if you’re unwilling to face the facts of this very real threat - I’m going to politely ask you to stop reading this bulletin immediately.

You see - this threat that you’re about to see is so severe, not to just our country…but to you and your family…and to our American way of life…

Understand that this is not easy for me to share - but it is my duty as both an American and as a trusted publisher whose work is followed by tens of thousands.

I couldn’t bring myself to NOT make this presentation. To share this information.

I also believe - based on what I’ve uncovered - that you owe it to yourself and your family to read this presentation from beginning to end. No matter how painful it may seem.

First, because I believe every American needs to be fully aware of this threat.

And second, because I offer a message of hope, through preparedness. That you may be the savior to your family, neighbors and closest friends.

Because you’re reading this message today, you still have a window of opportunity to prepare.

… and through preparation, you will come out far better than folks who either:

  • Refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of this threat
  • Refuse to take action and responsibility for their family

The story of the shooting in Orlando is 100% real… and it happened on June 12, 2016 at a Florida night club… Killing 49 innocent Americans and hospitalizing another 53.

And yet, most Americans don’t realize just how close and dangerous this threat is.

Or how suddenly and unexpectedly it’ll happen again. 

Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Vincent Stewart, stated that:

ISIS will “attempt to direct attacks on U.S homeland in 2016.”

Michael Morell, former Deputy Director for the CIA has publicly dimissed President Obama’s strategy for defeating ISIS and urged him to warn the American people.

President Obama’s strategy certainly isn’t working. TIMEMAGAZINEISISwillattack

We’ve been attacked every year that Barack Obama has been president and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

The truth is this: ISIS is gaining affiliates faster than al-Qaeda ever did. In the last year, there are now military groups in 20 countries that have sworn alliance to ISIS.

But what the CIA & National Intelligence discovered should make you truly nervous…

ISIS has begun to recruit Americans on US soil

  • The FBI has over 900 open investigations into homegrown extremists.
  • ISIS supporter responsible for the mass shooting in Orlando in June 12th of this year, Omar Mateen was an American.

But what’s even more shocking was that:

Sixty (60) ISIS-Linked People Arrested in U.S. in 2015

The National Intelligence Agency’s release of the “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community” revealed that there were “approximately five dozen” ISIS-linked people arrested in the U.S. during 2015

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned that ISIS and it’s eight branches were the No. 1 terrorist threat. Clapper said ISIS was “pretty skilled at phony passports so they can travel ostensibly as legitimate travelers.”

It’s become clear that extremists have penetrated in to our country using phony passports and have no begun the process of recruiting homegrown U.S. citizens into their extremist organization.

Their game plan according to US intelligence sources, includes creating recruitment centers inside of the United States. Ultimately creating a network of ISIS hubs spanning across the entire country.

Omar Mateen (the terrorist responsible for Orlando shooting) was born in New Work and was a U.S. citizen. Syed Rizwan Farook, who arrived out the San Bernardino massacre in California was a U.S. citizen.

“Majority of Homegrown Terrorism Since 2001 Was Carried Out By U.S. Citizens” - New American Foundation

Organized groups inside of the U.S. will be fatal. They’ll begin to attack families, destroy entire neighbors and dismantle our American way of life.

ISIS and their affiliates have begun to release “hit lists” with the names, addresses and emails of thousands of civilian Americans.

Former FBI agent-turned lawyer Stuart Kaplan says the threat is especially alarming, because the people on this list are civilians who don't have the security necessary to protect themselves.

Terrorists Will Strike On American Soil Again in 2016… It’ll Quickly Become a Situation of “Every Man, Woman, And Child - or Family - for Themselves…”

I love America. I love our people and our heritage. I love the freedoms that we are privileged to enjoy… And although I don’t agree with our government on every issue - I agree with what is was intended to be for us.

But understand that the best our government can be is reactionary.

…and in times of crisis - even the most advanced societies can crumble.

It’s human nature.

All you have to do is to look at how our citizens react during a natural disaster like the one in New Orleans or Hurricane Sandy.

Crime and looting was rampant across the city. State and Federal laws no longer mattered. Americans robbed Americans. Police killed innocent citizens. Homes were broken in to. Thieves stole more than 10,000 pharmaceutical items from a single store during Hurricane Sandy.

Extremist organizations like ISIS understand this.

That’s why they tried attacking our power grid last October.

While some folks band together in these situations, others inevitably fall apart. And some use crisis as an opportunity to hurt others and their property.

The EMP Risk

There’s a natural phenomenon known as an “electromagnetic pulse” - or EMP.

The pulse could come a natural occurrence or be man-made. They’re essentially a burst of energy that fries electronic circuits within a blast radius.

If you’ve seen Ocean’s Eleven, one knocks out a casino’s power supply during a heist. 

Director of the EMP Task force, Peter Pry believes that in real life, however, EMPs are a potential threat to national security.

Even billionaire financier, Paul Signer of Elliott Management warned that EMPs are a “Risk That Stands Way Above The Rest.”

Most modern day appliances, the hand-held technologies that we use daily and even the power grid all have sensitive circuits built-in.

During a normal blackout, you don’t have any lights, heating, or internet.

But an EMP black-out is permanent and further reaching.

Extremists Organizations Could Launch An EMP Attack on America…

Please understand that EMPs don’t have to come from natural causes - they can be completely man made.

There’s even more advanced versions of EMPs called “High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse” or HEMP.

These are smaller nuclear devices which can be detonated several miles above the earth and produce a pulse of electromagnetic energy that cripples computers and communication systems below it, while causing no injuries or visible destruction.

Technology Would Just Stop Working…

If America were hit with a HEMP, we could be reduced to a third world status.

But Perhaps the Most Destructive Threat To Our American Way Of Life Comes From President Obama Himself..

First there were the 13 people killed in 2009 by an Islamic jihadist at Foot Hood in Texas. Then came Chattanooga, Garland (also in Texas), San Bernardino, and now the atrocity in Orlando.

Every time, the suspects were motivated by Islamic extremism. Each time President Obama and his team failed to identify the motive for the attacks as radical Islam.

So what was President Obama’s response to the attack in Orlando?

He chose to talk about tightening gun control…taking guns away from honest, hardworking patriots.

But extremists and criminals aren’t law abiding citizens. They don’t play by the same rules.

They’re busy forging fake passports and plotting to destroy us.

Disgusting Refusal in Washington

Perhaps more disturbing is President Obama and GOP president nominee Hilary Clinton both refusing to address the real issue.

Both have refused to even say the worlds “Radical Islam.” Despite widespread criticism for avoiding the term “radical Islam” , President Obama continues to brush it off labeling the discussion as a “political distraction.”

Even in the wake of the worst mass shooting in United States History.

Republic Presidential nominee, Donald Trump had some choice words about the conspiracy in Washington.

Obama “claims to know our enemy, and yet he continues to prioritize our enemy over our allies, and for that matter, the American people.”

But it’s not just republicans and presidential hopefuls who think Obama and Washington are up to something…

Former CIA deputy director Michael Morrel has repeatedly stated that President Obama’s ISIS Strategy is not working.

“This strategy, this policy, is not achieving it’s aims… I don’t see how anyone could come to any other conclusion.”

The facts you and other Americans face today are astonishing…

Our top intelligence agencies have stated publicly time and time again that there are terrorists & extremists living and recruiting on American soil.

Just think about this.

It’s a quiet Saturday night and you’re just putting the dishes away after a delicious dinner with your family.

Your neighborhood is quiet, just like most nights.

Suddenly you hear the unmistakable, defeating rattle of gunfire.

Then, your front windows shatter and bullets fly in to the wall.

3 bearded men dressed in black robes with unrecognizable white scripture on their clothes rush in to your home with AK-47s.

Your wife is upstairs and your children are in the living room.

What do you do?

Our Founding Fathers Had It Right

Call me old fashioned; I don’t care… but I completely believe in America and what our Ancestors stood for.

They all had a part in transforming our land in to the #1 most powerful country in the world.

Hundreds of thousands died and suffered for our freedoms
that we hold so close to our heart. We overcame obstacle over obstacle, enemy after enemy, together as one country.

That is why our ideals & way of life must be fought for, protected, and practiced…and then passed down to our children and grandchildren.

But now, my fellow American, we are sitting on the edge of oblivion.

Our forefathers and those who lived during the civil war were probably the last generation
to know how to protect themselves and their families.

They weren’t afraid to use a gun, worked hard for their families and weren’t concerned with “political correctness.”

They laid the bricks and build this country’s foundation… that we are about to forget forever!

And we’re going to pay the ultimate price for this.

Because it doesn’t matter how many rifles and handguns you have if you don’t know exactly how to use them to stay alive during a break-in, terrorist attack or crisis.

And this is exactly what will happen to most Americans in the coming crisis!

Americans Haven’t Had To Protect Their Homes Since 1812!

Sure there’s been air attacks, explosions and bombs… but we haven’t had boot-on-the-ground enemies outside our doors in over 200 years.

The thought of another mass shooting…or the ramifications of an EMP attack gives me chills through my spine.

If violent extremists are able to attack our power grid, thieves, looters and rapists will come out of hiding, just like they did during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.

We’ve had 6 mass shootings in the last year and a half - all by homegrown terrorists who pledged their allegiance to ISIS.

I simply can’t stomach the thought of not being able to protect my family and my home during the next attack… it didn’t matter anymore if my friends and neighbors thought I was nuts - there was no way that I was going to be unprepared when the next crisis hits.

They Are Coming Again.
They Will Have Guns..

…And When They Break-In To Your Home It’s Time To Show Them The True Meaning Of Being An American Patriot.

My idea was simple: the U.S. isn’t vulnerable enough yet to be completely controlled by any one extremist organization.

During the next crisis, thieves, looter and rapists will be running rampant in the streets like they did during Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina and during the LA riots… and when the next mass shooting occurs, Americans will be fleeing in panic…but the best advice isn’t going to be from some geeky “prepper” or twenty-something year old gun enthusiast who enjoys writing articles about guns on his blog.

Just the opposite:
it’s the modern day trained commandos, seals, in-the-trenches U.S. Marines who have experienced urban warfare that you can learn the most from…because they’re actually using these strategies to stay alive.

I had to connect to these modern day soldiers, those who had in-the-trenches experience…. I was on a mission to discover what truly works in urban environments - during a modern attack and crisis.

Mission To Discover The Truth

I decided to call upon my #1 expert in modern warfare. A man who had in the trenches experience fighting against the most vile savages on this earth.

As I spoke with this recon marine & former scout sniper…. listened to his stories about the terrorist occupied cities he had lived in and heard the strategies that he used to stay alive during gun fights, IED attacks, home-breaks, car bombs and just pure mayhem… I learned hundreds of home-defense and gun-fight strategies that my research and book study never gave me.

These real-life tactics were a far cry from the conventional methods you hear form many “so-called” survival & home defense experts.

Not only were these home & family survival methods more effective…but more often than not - they were easier to grasp and implement than I could have possibly imagined. But I realized that these strategies were tested in the fire of extremist occupied territories… where it was normal to have your house broken in to by hooded, black robe wearing savages.

… If they can do it in the Middle East… in ISIS occupied cities like Ramadi… where extremists driving car bombs in to innocent family houses is the normal way of life… then you too can use these simple “home defense” techniques to keep your family alive & safe… during any terrorist attack, mass shooting, EMP attack… or crisis where it’s all about survival of the fittest.

That’s why I gathered all this knowledge… and compiled it into an unconventional & arguably controversial program on how to defend your home amidst a terrorist attack, home break-in or shooting.

I called it “Armed Defender” - and it’s a complete blueprint for the complete beginner… as well as the educated firearms owner… to help you protect yourself, your loved ones, your wealth and your assets against extremists, thieves, rapists and even armed militia.

… It’s hand’s down the ONLY reliable, battle-tested resource for home defense strategies… that are devastatingly effective…especially compared to the second-hand theoretical garbage I’ve seen slopped around by the media.

The Armed Defender program focuses on the knowledge of Recon Marine, Scout Sniper and all around badass, Adam Ticknor… a hard-nose, no nonsense, seasoned sharpshooter who doesn’t have a hidden agenda other than to help all patriots defeat extremists, thieves & other persona non grata.

Adam isn’t a professional home-defense instructor but is uniquely special. While he’s certainly “experienced hell on earth” he’s not overally strong or some sort of Rambo super hero. He’s simply someone who knows how to protect your house & your family from the most evil human beings on the planet.

There’s major problems with much of the conventional home defense strategies & gun defense resources out there… and because of it, your family and millions of Americans (just like those in Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston Marathon, Garland, Fort Hood or Little Rock) are exposed and at risk.

… the issue is all of the survival & preparedness experts out there are out of touch with reality. Your “stockpile” isn’t very important when your windows are being shot out by ISIS or another extremist group.

Many of the so-called experts are fat-cat marketers or ‘fly by night’ business men who sit at their mahogany desks barking orders at their team of twenty-something recent college grads.

…and these overpaid twenty-something year old scholars who would piss their pants at the slightest sign of real crisis… sit around writing garbage, “commonsense” tactics that they think would work against trained extremists who are strapped to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons.

Let me ask you something.

When was the last time a twenty-something year old ever had a correct assumption on how the world worked?… and when was the last time some fat-cat marketer or businessman had a gun barrel pointed in his face by a masked extremist?

You see - unfortunately life is not like the movies… and the only thing that you can expect during a terrorist attack, mass shooting or blackout is that everything will be unexpected. You will not be thinking clearly… Your power will go out. Your neighbors will be running in fear…and you’ll have to make a split second decision in order to protect your family against the most ruthless, vile human beings on the planet.

Conventional home defense techniques might work against unarmed teenage thieves, who are just trying to break-in as a prank… but when extremists in black robes start shooting up your neighborhood… or they successful cause a widespread blackout with an EMP… thieves will be looking for more than just a fun prank… and so will the looters looking for a tasty meal…. or rapists high on crack cocaine looking to satisfy their sexual appetite.

During a crisis, there’s no time to call police…ethics and laws are thrown out the window… that’s when you need the home-defense wisdom of someone who’s fought savages like this in the worst possible condition.

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll find inside Armed Defender:

  • The best room to move your family during a break-in or home invasion
  • How to acquire affordable body armor for yourself & your loved ones
  • The truth about having a gun. Just having a gun in your house does you no good. You'll see exactly what type of gun to have and how to use it to protect the ones you love.
  • The exact words to say to 911 to win a court case after a break-in or shooting
  • How To Give A Verbal Warning To Your Intruders To Prevent Them From Coming To Your Designated Safety Room
  • How to Quickly & Quietly Move Children That Don’t Want to Wake Up
  • The Best Flashlight To Carry With A Pistol
  • How To Navigate Down Your Stairs In The Dark During A Home Invasion

But these barely scratch the surface of what you'll discover in my Armed Defender program.

One of the most popular topics is...

Gun Safety 101

In the event of a home break-in or attack, the time may arise when you'll need to protect yourself and your family.

That's when it'll be critically important that you are aware of how safely use your weapons. You'll discover:

  • The worst rooms in your home to fire your gun
  • How to prevent misfires & malfunctions
  • How to hold the pistol when you’re walking through the house
  • The worst stance that companies are still teaching that you should never do! This is commonly taught in the U.S. and can get you killed

But again, it goes much deeper.

If you don't own a firearm or are looking to purchase a new one for your home...which is why you'll want to pay close attention to the:

Gun Buyers Guide

Where Reconnaissance Marine & Scout Sniper, Adam Ticknor will show you:

  • What To Look For When Buying A Gun For Your Home
  • The best guns for everyday carry
  • A complete, soup-to-nuts breakdown of different types of rounds & ammunition
  • What type of guns you should buy for your wife & family
  • Specific applications for each type of gun you should own

Again, the Armed Defender program doesn't stop there. If you own multiple firearms... If you're proficient in firearm safety...

You Better Also Know How To Keep Your Home Safe and Secure...

  • Your first line of defense against burglary or home invasion. Often the mere presence of such a device will keep a burglar from even trying to get into your home and instead, find an easier mark down the street.
  • Where to move your family when a terrorist or burglar breaks in
  • Where to store your valuables and weapons so burglars & enemies won't find them. Whether you go for an actual safe or one of my sneaky "secret hiding places," these tips will help assure that you and only you have access to the items you've stashed away for use in an emergency
  • A secret, super discreet "Lock" mechanism that you can put on all your pistols to prevent anyone without the key from being able to fire the

And in case you or your family is injured during a home-invasion or attack, you'll want to know how to keep them alive until professional help becomes available...That's why I've included:

Truth About First Aid Kits

It's a fast & effective first aid survival guide for the laymen... showing you the most important first aid kits & medical supplies to yourself and your loved ones in an emergency or disaster when there's no time for doctors or a hospital.

  • Best First Aid Kits for Home Defense: You'll want to include hemostatic gauzes to stop bleeding & decompressor needles for chest trauma.
  • First Aid Kits That Fit Behind Your Body Amor: This way it can never be damaged during a firefight or attack.
  • Why First Aid Kits Are More Valuable Than Your Pistol

And there's more.

If you try the "Armed Defender" program today... you're also getting a special bonus that is essential for your survival during an attack, home break-in or crisis.

The first bonus you'll get is

Advanced Gun Fighting Tactics
(CD Training)

... which is a CD training featuring Expert marksman,
Adam Ticknor who armeddefendercdreveals even more amazing gun-fighting & home-protection tips, strategies & tactics.

After you've gone through the DVD training, you'll experience a new surge of excitement and motivation and want to keep boosting your firearms proficiency & skill set. Which is why you'll want to listen to this CD and discover:

  • Pellet Rifle Practice: You'll discover how a cheap, "kid safe" pellet rifle can make you an expert marksman in your living room. This is the EXACT drill that Adam used to teach his 8 year old son in their living room!
  • Top 4 Most Important Home-Defense Skills: We asked Adam Ticknor, which skills he thinks are the most important takeaways from the course. Number #3 and Number #4 were a complete surprise (even for me)
  • Best Breathing Drills To Improve Your Accuracy: At minute 18 in this CD, Adam shares a unique "accuracy boosting" breathing drill that you can practice by laying down on your bed.
  • Dry Firing Drill: At minute 23, you'll discover a fun dry firing drill that you can do while watching a movie (HINT: You do it every time the main character comes on)
  • How to Turn Into A Real Gunfighter: If you're someone who would like to become the best marksman in your town or state, you'll discover exactly how to find a qualified instructor to bring you to the next level.
  • How to tell if a firearms instructor is a phony or the real deal: After you've gone through all of the training, practiced a bunch and are still hungry for more, you'll need to find an in-person coach to get you to the next level. Don't get ripped off - ask for THIS type of form

And again, it's all yours, absolutely free, alongside the Armed Defender program.

Because no matter what the emergency — whether we're talking home break-ins, firefights, extremist attacks or social chaos...

The Armed Defender Program Will Give You Everything You Need To Make Sure Your Family Is As Protected As Possible No Matter What Happens.

Now let me ask you this: what's the value of knowing that your family is safe from danger... and that no matter if terrorists shoot up your neighborhood... if looters break-in to your home...

What price can you put on that feeling of ultimate safety... the comfort of knowing that even if an armed, black robe wearing extremist breaks in to your house, you have the skills & knowledge to survive & protect… and that astonishing feeling of relief as you see that no one is harming you or your family?

It’s the kind of confidence that money can’t buy. It’s no surprise that some people spend tens of thousands of dollars on guns, ammo & protection… just to ensure that no horrific events will ever happen to their family.

Many American’s spend thousands of dollars on high tec optics, scopes & fancy, rifles (frankly that they don’t need)… Others hire contractors and get professional help from gun enthusiasts who have NEVER experienced even one second of real combat… let alone taught experienced SWAT & Naval Teams how to defend themselves in homes, building & close quarters.

That’s why my inside contacts told me that this program was a steal, when I told them I was going to charge $79 for the entire “Armed Defender” program.

Why? Because with this program, you don't have to break the bank to defend your home & loved ones with firearms. “Armed Defender" will give you the kind of confidence that others notice from across the room… while keeping your family protected and away from harm. And you won't have to pay a $2000 deposit to hire a firearms contractor. That’s hard earned money you can keep in your wallet…and spend it on guns if you want… or additional ammo to add to your stockpile... or simply to save it for scarier times.

Remember when a man's word was his bond? When you made an agreement and you just shook on it? You didn't need anything more. Frankly, I would like to do things the old fashioned way: on a HANDSHAKE. So TODAY you can shake my hand and seal the deal for a price that anyone can afford. While this page is still up, you can get The Armed Defender plus the two bonuses for a one-time special offer of just $47. The only way to get it is to click the "Add to Cart" button bellow now.

Put It All To The Test For Up To Three Full Months, Then Decide...

Once you receive the Armed Defender program and bonus CD, I'd like for you to look them over.

Comb through them and make sure they are worth at least 10-times the small investment you make today.

And if at any time in the next three months you decided it is not right for you — if you are unsatisfied for any reason — simply send me a message. Let my customer concierge team take care of you.

If you let them know you are not satisfied, they'll provide a prompt and courteous full refund of every penny you paid. Not only that — I'll let you keep the program plus the bonus CD you received, with my compliments.

Obviously I'd go broke making this kind of offer — UNLESS I backed it up with the most reliable, most practical, most valuable information on the planet...which is exactly what I intend to do!

Respond Today, And I'll Throw In Another Complimentary Bonus Gift for You

Listen, the urgency to protect yourself and your family from the threats we face grow more urgent every day.

That alone should be enough to spur you to action. But I'd like to do more. Because I'd hate to find you in a position where you said "tomorrow," only for tomorrow to be too late.

So I'd like to appeal to your selfish motive (because I know that's what spurs me to action, too) — and if you respond within the next 24 hours, I'll also include this additional free gift...

"Respond Within 24 Hours"
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Armed Defender Workbook

This workbook is your comprehensive guide to each
chapter inside of the Armed armeddefenderskilldevelopmentguideDefender program.

Inside is a home and firearms preparation checklist - so that you can implement your own home defense plan based on the strategies Adam lays out in Armed Defender. This guide will also help ensure that you have a solid home defense plan in place.

As with developing any new skill, it’s important to track your progress along the way - which is why we’ve included the Firearms Drilling Guide inside this workbook.

You’ll be able to track the number of times you practice dry firing, firing a pellet gun and all of the other incredible tips that you’ll discover.

Even if you track & implement just one of the tips that you discover - you’ll be miles ahead of your neighbors & friends who merely has a gun but doesn’t know these breakthrough strategies.

A total MUST-READ guide that you won't find anywhere else. Yours FREE OF CHARGE when you claim Armed Defender Today— even though if sold at the retail level I would charge $17.

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