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6) The Tranya Clip Lamp

If you have ever found yourself clenching a flashlight between your teeth or under your chin while trying to fix something about your car in the dark in the middle of no-where or, worse, in some tiny town you don’t even remember the name of, this lamp is a godsend. The Tranya Portable LED Clip Lamp clips to the side of just about anything, has a long flexible neck for positioning, and soft distributed white LED light that is very clear. It runs for several hours without its cable and charges from a USB-to-DC cable, meaning that you can charge it off a modern charge controller, a cigarette-port-USB adapter, or even your laptop if necessary. Clip it anywhere, aim the light, and enjoy a flashlight-free repair experience. It’s also great for finding dropped items inside the car.

7) Cooler Shocks are Infinitely Better than Ice

This is something many people could easily discover for themselves but after trying just one road trip with a Cooler Shock instead of ice around the sodas, it’s amazing every time we realize that people are still dumping bags of loose ice into their coolers instead of these puppies. Buy a multi-pack of medium ones, read the instructions. Fill. Seal. Shake. Freeze. They can last for 12+ hours with no mess when combined with already cold sodas.

8) Always Bring a Towel

A hoopy frood always knows where his towel is. Douglas Adams was no fool, having even one clean-but-disposable towel in the car has been immensely helpful. You can use it as a pillow, an emergency sun shield, dry your hands after a serious washing, or to clean off your license plate after driving through mud. Consider bringing multiple towels and a plastic ‘hamper’ bag as well just in case.

9) Wizgear Magic Mount

The magic mount has become a permanent part of our car and office setup. it is essentially a flat plate that sticks firmly to a surface (another 3M pad) and a powerful soft-edges magnet on an articulate rotating head. They come with a packet of little metal plates you can stick to the back of… anything. And then mount it on the magnet. We combine this with Sugru to create smooth spots on the dash and then mount devices like nav tablets, USB hubs, and anything else useful to have mounted on or near the dash. If you mess up the first sticky pad, or eventually move the mount, Command strips work just fine.

10) As For Your Mobile Devices…

Of course, the modern road warrior setup isn’t complete without at least one mobile device cum navigator and a laptop. And the accessories requires keeping these in a desirable state are considerable. With the following items, were able to mount a Kindle Fire 7 as a responsive navigation screen for the driver, a second tablet as backup navigation for the passenger, and keep the laptop charged. With this array, you can nav from anywhere, surf the internet near towns, order last-minute supplies from Amazon (to be picked up in lockers), and the passenger becomes the DJ capable of controlling the car media system. All in all, pretty cool.

  • 4G-to-Wifi Hotspot
  • USB-Hub plugged into the Solar Array
  • Power Strip plugged into the Solar Array
  • Cable organizer bag and cables for everything
  • Garmin GLO multi-device GPS


With any luck, at least a few of these tips have left you thinking about how to improve your road warrior preparation and the experience of your future road trips. Whether you’re just going to and from work or taking a trip across the country just for kicks, every little bit of preparation for comfort and quick repairs can help.

John Bishop

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