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Are you looking for a unique uncommon or unusual gun nickname for your firearm at home?

Let’s face it, we have all seen movies and read books were the hero has a nickname for their trusty firearm and it is bad-ass. King Arthur had Excalibur and now you can have your Excalibur.

The following is a list of the least common (most uncommon) or creative gun nicknames to name your firearm! This will be helpful at the range to identify which gun you want to someone who may not be as into the hobby as you OR to easily identify weapons of similar names in the loud environment.

If you can’t find the perfect nickname for your gun here – then maybe you need to spend time with your firearm at the range practicing with it. Use this free 30 minute training course on pistol accuracy to improve your shooting while you brainstorm the right name.


Long Claw



Washington’s Vengeance

Rick (Grimes)


Dirty Harry

Dartier Harry


End Game

Indy (As In Indian Jones)

The Andrew Jackson Special


Browning’s Revenge


True Grit


Daisy Duke



Bam Bam




King Sollomon’s Justice

Nebuchadnezzar’s Wrath

Broadsides Bart

Tex Williams

Black Betty

Black Mamba


Adicus (Finch)

My Ex-Wife

S.Y.G. (Pronounced: Sig) – Stand Your Ground


Gun Nicknames for Pairs Of Guns:

Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary

Sadom and Gamorrah

Fire and Ice

Hammer and Anvil

Checks and Balance

Archy and Judhead

Betty and Veronica

Found a sweet name for your pistol? Take it to the range and introduce it to your friends. Then impress them with your skills with this free course on improving your pistol accuracy.

John Bishop

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