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When someone thinks “home defense weapons and techniques” I would wager “Crossbow Self Defense” is not their first thought, but that said it doesn’t mean the crossbow isn’t an acceptable means of self defense. This article will highlight the reasons that this unorthodox weapon may be worth looking into for defense yourself in your own home.

Crossbow Self Defense Benefit 1: No Liscense Required

Crossbows for home defense are 100% legal in all US States and do not need to be license unlike a firearm. This comes with a few benefits. Firstly, no license means no license fee or renews. Another, is particularly savey criminals have no way of knowing if you have a crossbow because there isn’t any public paperwork.

If you like in a state or country with restrictive firearms laws or have any criminal charges owning and maintaining a firearm may be a challenge, but that should not incumber you from wielding some form of protection from home invaders.

One side note we should mention about their legality is Can. 29 of the Second Lateran Council under Pope Innocent II in the year 1139 banned the use of crossbows, as well as slings and bows, against Christians. This dictum has yet to be lifted.

Crossbow Self Defense Benefit 2: It’s Silent

Compared to a firearm for self defense the crossbow makes MUCH less noise, some models are even designed to be as silent as possible. This is a benefit in a self defense situation for firing and then tactical movement through your home.

The largest benefit is one you may not even thought of- neighbors won’t hear it like they would a gun shot. If you are looking to alarm neighbors so they can come to your rescue odds are you can find an alternate way of noise making than a gun shot. If you were not in the gun market for home defense than you are willing to use it and using means alerting neighbors and them calling the police. In some situation that could have its benefits, but frankly, the ability to dispatch home invaders silently and then call the police on your own terms with your own opening statements with no input from your neighbors is simply more controlled.

The internet is filled with horror stories of men and women acting in self defense and then having to deal with the legal ramifications of their actions. It is bad enough you are a victim of home invasion, but then you have to lawyer up or fall prey to a tenuous legal system!

Crossbow Self Defense Benefit 3: It’s Deadly Enough

The lethal target zones on a human are all the same weather it is a bullet or a crossbow bolt. No one at this publication is debating that rounds fired from a firearm have more destructive power, but that power is actually a real danger. Firearms experts all proclaim the dangers of discharging a firearm in an urban setting. Even if a direct hit is scored the bullet can pass through the target, through walls and into neighbor’s houses causing collateral property damage and even potentially harming another innocent person. Crossbow bolts don’t have the power to pass through a human being and then into a new room. Once they find a target they stick into it, which is just deadly enough.

Crossbow Self Defense Benefit 4: Reusable Ammunition

Sending rounds down the practice range is expensive and not everyone has that kind of disposable income. Crossbows shoot bolts which are reusable as long as they can be retrieved. So aside from an errant shot or two all of the bolts purchased with a crossbow should be able to reuse for years of practice. We’ve all seen Darryl Dixon reuse the same bolts on the Walking Dead for 8 seasons!

Crossbow Self Defense Benefit 5: Light Weight

Crossbows have a light weight frame, although full crossbows might be a bit bulky for the room to room nature of home defense. This author would recommend a pistol crossbow, also called mini crossbows, for this reason. They are easy to reload and are about as easy to menuever around your house as a plastic gallon jug of water. The bolts are smaller too, allowing them to be hastily stored in your pants pocket in times of crisis. Additional strain on the body is unwarranted in the already physically demanding act of self defense.

John Bishop

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