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I knew that would get your attention!

Only a few weeks away from the midterm elections and I have already heard my fair share of, “I’m not even going to vote; it doesn’t matter anyway.”

BS – Every vote matters and it is important to make an educated decision when it comes to making your choice of candidates.

Here, have a listen to what I think – and below are a few links to help you find the answers you want about the candidates and issues you will be voting on.

Ballotpedia: Pretty great resource for finding information about your candidates. See their voting habits and history as well as links to their campaign sites, commercials, etc.

Vote411: Quickly find your polling place, information about what will be on your local ballot, and more. quick, handy, easy to use. Really no excuse for not figuring out where to vote.

Pro Publica: If you want to see how your representatives officially voted – this is the site for you! Basically anything that happens on Capital Hill can be found here – well, maybe not the lunch menu.

And for all your local bills, issues, and candidates, start with your local paper.


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