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Keep Your Paracord Accessible and Ready To Use With Your EDC

Paracord is one of the most versatile and accessible EDC tool on the market today. You can purchase it in almost any color, length or strength that you may need for your EDC Kit.

Paracord originated, as the name suggests, as cording for parachutes – to extra strength and a certain amount of elasticity in the chute when it deploys.

Its usefulness made it highly sought after for those outside of the military for camping, hiking, and even day to day life. Paracord is so versatile, it has even made its way to space to help repair satellites and other equipment in orbit.

But here is how you can easily integrate paracord into your EDC kit.


One of the easiest and most accessible options to carry paracord is as a bracelet. Not only does this allow you to carry around 10 feet of your desired strength of paracord, but it also gives you the ability to carry a variety of small, easily concealable tools for emergency situations.

Anything from screwdrivers, fishing kits, to compasses and knives, there are almost endless accessories you can get to build into your paracord bracelet.


An easy to construct and extremely versatile tool, building a paracord belt will allow you to carry 80 feet of paracord as well as have a belt that is adjustable to the quarter of an inch – making it one of the most perfectly fitting belts that you could possibly get.

Whether you are wearing this on the trail or to the office, most will never even notice that your belt is made of one of the most useful tools on earth.

Key Ring

Building a grenade or chain style keyring lets you carry 5 feet or more of paracord and build in a variety of tools to keep securely and easily accessible.

While these may be built to your personal specifications, an unassuming key ring is one of the first things someone reaches for in their pockets as well as in an emergency situation if at home. This is also one of the simplest DIY paracord projects for beginners and those looking to practice before building something more time consuming.

Shoe Laces

This one should be obvious, but replacing your shoe laces with paracord will not only give you a great hold on your boots (as well as giving you a great way to customize your gear) you will also get just shy of 5 feet of paracord and will keep this amazing EDC Tool ready at your fingertips.

Afraid to lose your laces when you need the cord? 

Paracord is double layered, meaning that in a lot of situations, you can pull the outer lining off of the inner to use one and still keep yourself strapped up.

John Bishop

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