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The Importance Of Utility In Your Survival Tools

One important factor to any good survival tool is the tool’s versatile utility. Any knife I carry needs to have at least one more survival feature to it, other than the usefulness of a blade. For example, the knife I currently walk around with has a LED light attached. If I lived in a less urban setting, like you might I would undoubtably find a blade that can double as a fire starter.

Whatever other tool is most needed in the environment you would find most often find yourself in during an emergency is the tool you need attached to a blade. Urban readers should consider a flash light or whistle, where our rural readers should think about a way to get a fire going or a way to be found in the wilderness, such as whistle.

You want to think about yourself in an emergency with as little gear around you as possible- anyone can survive in the wilderness with a lighter, a canteen, 12 feet of rope and knife. The key to being a good survivalist is being prepared as efficiently as possible, you want as much utility with as little gear as you can fit in your pockets. Lets face it, no one is bringing rope and canteens on the way to a grocery store, but it doesn’t mean an accident might not happen on your way to the store. You’ll be glad you had a few efficient tools that could fit in your pocket you can carry at all times should something happen.

Emergencies Are Never Convenient: Learn How To Use Your Survival Tools

So you picked the tool right for you and the environment you are most likely to encounter an emergency in, but did you take the time to learn how to use it? Time and again, I find myself meeting “survivalists” who buy the gear, but never actually test it out and learn how to use it correctly 50 out of 50 times. Master your survival tool in good conditions then add another difficulty like:

  • With One Hand
  • With One or All Materials Damp
  • Blindfolded
  • Behind Your Back
  • Under 30 Seconds
  • In One Attempt Only
  • At The Very End Of Your Reach

When it coms down to it, in an emergency you don’t always have the luxury of perfect conditions and sometimes you don’t get do-overs either.

It might require you to hop on YouTube and look at one of the many tutorials around a similar tool you may have just purchased.

This video describes how a 50+ year old man can use a knife and a Fire starter to light a camp fire similar to the knife you may have just purchased.

Knives like the Master Ballistic Fire Starter bring so much to the table because of how versatile they are. Think of all the reasons you’d want a knife like this:

  • Use this blade to severe rope
  • Cut cords while hunting or camping
  • Start a camp fire for your hunting buddies or family
  • Simply light up a fire for your favorite cigar
  • Cut entangling material in emergencies
  • Light a signal fire in emergencies

For more on how to use the sharp end of your survival tool check out this FREE video mini course on knife fight techniques.

John Bishop

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