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When you are in the process of heading out for your next camping trip, there is bound to be a great deal of excitement in the air. This excitement can make it difficult to remember to pack everything that you need. That’s why we are here to provide a handy guide for all of the would-be campers out there so that no mistakes are made. Read on to learn more about all of the must-have items for your next camping trip.

First Aid Kit

This is the first item that absolutely must be packed when we are in the process of planning a camping trip. There is simply no way of knowing what can take place. Nature does not always decide to cooperate with us and that is why we need to be fully prepared. All sorts of burns and bruises are bound to take place along the way. Don’t ever head to your campsite without one and make sure that it is the item at the very top of your list. You don’t want to end up kicking yourself later on.

Multi Tool

For some campers out there, this is also known as the Swiss Army knife and it is a key component of any successful camping trip. This tool will contain all of the tools that are you going to need in one easy to find location so that there is no confusion once it is needed. The multi-tool comes with a corkscrew, a small scissors and other crucial items that are necessary for surviving an excursion into the wilderness. Best of all, this item is not going to take up any unnecessary space in your bags.

RFID Protected Wallets

This innovative form of technology allows the modern camper to shield their most pivotal information from potentially prying eyes. However, the usage of these wallets is not merely limited to military related privacy concerns. If there any RFID devices that the camper wishes to use in the safest possible manner, these wallets are an absolute must have. The technology magnifies the utility of the wallet by ensuring that the camper will not ever experience any denial of service.

The Proper Weather Wear

The weather conditions are not always going to be predictable and we need to be prepared for any eventuality that could take place in this regard. Sure, campers may have checked all of the weather forecasts before they head out and they often believe that they have already packed for the occasion. Unfortunately, this is not a reflection of that reality that we will be facing. Weather has a way of changing at a moment’s notice and we need to be prepared. Be sure to bring some extra layers just in case of unexpected rain or a pesky cold front.

Compasses and Maps

Sure, we would all like to think that we know the great outdoors like the back of our hand but in reality? We will need maps and compasses to make sure that we are not placing ourselves in harm’s way or heading to an area that we are not entirely familiar with. Relying on our cell phones to provide us with GPS readings can work well in certain scenarios but what happens when phone service is not available? Maps and compasses are the proper failsafe.


Some campers may need a tarp so that the bottom of their tent can remain protected. Others may decide that they require some extra shelter while they are at their campsite. Tarps are an essential aspect of camping and since they do not take up a sizable amount of room, they are easy enough to pack

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