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Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on how to pack your RV with emergency rations. Last time we talked about the frequency of modern disasters, the appeal of RVing, and the importance of strategic packing when preparing for an emergency. Let’s pick up right where we left off.

3) Bouillon Cubes and Rice

Another great non-perishable recipe that is cheap and compact to keep stored is b0uillon cubes (beef, chicken, or both for variety) and dry rice. The beauty about this pair of ingredients is that they can either be a useful base for other recipes or you can simply use the bullion to make flavored rice just in case you find yourself stranded in the woods living on rice for a day or two due to unforeseen circumstances. A single type of meat to add to this recipe from leftover scraps to canned chicken transform it into chicken and rice with a flavorful broth and scrap or canned vegetables complete the meal entirely. A box of eight bullion cubes costs less than $1 and rice tends to cost about a dollar a pound or much less if you get a good bulk deal.


4) Various Snack Foods

There is a wide variety of easy to pack, long-shelf-life proteins and other snack foods that make great additions to any ration plan. Which ones you choose to bring along will be based on your personal preferences and what else you pack that they might go well with.

Peanut Butter  – Great source of protein, great for feeding kids, and combines well with an astounding number of other things. Combined it with oats and raisins for energy snacks or stir it into your oatmeal for a quick and easy protein and flavor enhancement. Even if you’re out of bread, you can make tortilla PBJ-sidillas or spread it on slices of apple or banana. Worst case scenario, eat a spoonful a day per person. An industrial-sized jar of peanut butter costs about $7.


Canned Nuts – A can of roasted mixed nuts is a fantastic source of protein, fiber, salt, and a plethora of minerals you need tostay healthy. A handful of nuts each day will keep your digestion and nutrition in balance even while living on rations. Of course, they’re also a delicious snack during non-emergencies. Mixed nuts in a can cost about a dollar per ounce, and half that if you stick with peanuts.

Dried Fruit – Another item with no discernable date on the shelf life, dried fruit is a great addition to your diet of peanut butter, nuts, and oatmeal (or anything else). You can buy dried fruit for a wide variety of prices based on your brand and venue or even dry slices of fruit yourself by first soaking in water and lemon juice for ten minutes, then baking in the oven (set to 160F) for about six hours. Eat them sparingly, though as dried fruit has a distinct effect on the digestion.


Jerky – Also known as dried meat, jerky is an undeniably valuable addition to your emergency rations kit. Unsurprisingly, it’s a little more expensive than the other items but you can also get bulk discounts by buying large packages from venues that smoke their own rather than relying on small name-brand packages. Jerky store flat and dry in the pantry and can be eaten dry or boiled into a slightly softer form in a soup or stew.

RVs are a great emergency backup plan and even so, worrying about getting stranded is perfectly normal. It doesn’t happen to everyone but enough people each year end up spending a little more time out camping than they intended to and in these situations, it’s always helpful to have packed a little extra non-perishable food. With this incredibly simple, inexpensive, and easy to store grocery list, you can be certain that you and your family couldn’t possibly starve for at least a week which is more than enough time for the rescue or repair or for your family home to once again become a hospitable place to be.

John Bishop

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