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In this video, the founder of Invincible Worldwide, Alan La, returns to demonstrate the technique for doing a proper side kick.

From the description of the move, it sounds easy. And by viewing the masterful demonstration as provided by Alan, the move looks easy. However, as Alan advises, the move is “easy to learn and difficult to master”.

Alan starts off simply enough by comparing the side kick to the well-known roundhouse kick. The roundhouse kick is simply when the practitioner brings his knee up to around elbow height, and the blow connects with the target via the front portion of the foot.

With the side kick, however, the practitioner brings his knee up and in close to the chest, “chambering” the kick, and then striking the target with the full bottom of the foot.

Similar as to when he demonstrated the Hybrid Roundhouse Kick, Alan breaks down the move piece by piece, and then leads the viewer into an effective demonstration.

The real-world applications of this move are quite useful. Alan demonstrates where an opponent is rushing in for a punch, and he successfully uses the side kick to repel the assailant. After this brief demonstration, Alan explains the simple mechanics of this situation, in that the leg has more reach than the arm, and the opponent is repelled with a powerful side kick to the chest. Indeed you can hear the “bang” as Alan’s foot connects with the (properly protected) chest of his sparring partner.

Of course, no technique, no matter how simple, can be mastered in one sitting by viewing a Youtube video. This is where Alan excels, as he demonstrates effective training techniques for this move. He advises on a simple regimen, one that can be done at home. Simply brace against a wall, and with a resistance band, loop one end around the foot, and the mid portion above (or below) the knee, and grab with the same-side hand as the dominant (kicking) foot. The band will help develop strength and muscle memory, both of which are critical for the mastery of this move.

Again, the side kick is simple to learn, but difficult to master.

Much like his last piece for Science of Skill, I found Alan’s teaching techniques to be easy to understand and informative. When conveying information to someone who is new to the art, this is critical in building up skill and confidence. If one has confidence in being able to employ the move (or moves), the easier it becomes to deploy in an emergency situation. Alan’s insights into the real-world usage of this move are beneficial, and I highly recommend learning and mastering the Side Kick.

Alan was kind enough to allow us to film this brief instructional piece down at his facility in Australia, and our readers can view it below:

In addition, as a bonus, a high-resolution version suitable for playback on your living room display, for example, can be downloaded here.

Image Credit: Alan La

John Bishop

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