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Alright, I get a lot of grief for my admiration for the tactical pen, but I want you to hear me out on this – I promise, I will be brief with this.

  1. It’s a pen – you are going to need a pen, so one that is badass and can help you get out of a jam is a huge bonus. I have tried a few that not only write extremely well, but also come packed full of tactical goodies – lights, knives, glassbreakers, bottle opens. They are essentially mini multi-tools.
  2. 90% of the time you can get them through TSA with no problem. Exceptions being if you have a blade in one – then you shouldn’t even try (although in full disclosure, I did get through with 1 before). The other exception being if you are being a total dick to the TSA agent – in that case, you may not make it through without a black eye either.
  3. A semi-Solid piece of metal like this can be a devastating defensive weapon when you know how to use it against an attacker. Aiming for the soft spots on a person’s body can be devastating. Whether you swing underhand or overhand – you can take someone twice your size to their knees with little effort. Plus you still have a pen to write up the police report.

You have a lot of options available for a discreet and powerful EDC Tool like a Tactical Pen. While others may dismiss this as a fading trend, I will always support the value and benefits of carrying a tactical pen.

John Bishop

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