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Answer a few questions prior to purchasing your Everyday Carry Knife. An Everyday Carry Knife needs to fit your lifestyle and help you accomplish the tasks you will encounter.

I can’t tell you how many times friends and co-workers have shared with me their new EDC Knives, looking for my opinion on what they just purchased.

While many of these are beautiful blades with intricate designs and fancy gimmicks making it appear more tactical or more rustic.

These are a few questions I ask prior to purchasing, testing, or advising on acquiring a new Everyday Carry Knife:

How much do I want to spend on a knife? While this may not be the most important question in regards to the functionality of the knife, it is always an overarching consideration when making any major purchase. Keep in mind, while you will inevitably get what you pay for, more expensive does not mean it is going to fit your needs any better.

Your perfect knife may only be $10 and serve you well everyday for years. Remember, keep the ego out of this – we are shopping for a tool that you are going to use and abuse throughout its life. Practical is more important than pretty.

What will I be using my knife for? Work? Pleasure? Both? If you are going to be using this blade primarily for work (whether that be on the job or at home), then you need to remind yourself – this guy needs to be able to perform on regular tasks.

Box cutting, letter opening, stripping wire, light prying – these are all common uses that we have all utilized knives for. And you should know, if you are using your knife regularly – tape residue is going to collect on your blade. Be sure to keep it clean and sharp (my public service announcement for you)

If your knife is going to be used for recreation, is it a blade that is good for small woodworking? Does it fit your needs for your hobbies? Camping? Automotive work? Your EDC Knife may be more functional with a multitool or Swiss Army style knife.

How do I want my knife to function? Now, this may seem like a very simple question, one I may almost reply, ‘DUH’ to; but consider a few things:

Do you want an assisted opening? Many modern knives have spring assisted opening mechanisms that you can flick open easily with a simple press of your thumb or index finger. These often feature a liner-lock system that can be released easily with a press of the thumb.

More traditional knives open manually – meaning that you often have to use 2 hands to open the blade safely. These may feature a liner-lock or a spine-lock (some not having a lock at all – while I don’t recommend these personally for EDC, some are very fine knives for a variety of purposes)

What is my blade made out of? Not all steel is made equal. While cost may not be the defining factor of your knife choice, remember, the quality of steel used to manufacture your knife does take the price up.

Some variants of steel will allow you to maintain a sharp edge longer, while others will need sharpened more frequently. The quality of steel used in your intended knife will be labeled on the knife itself.

How big should my EDC Knife be? This is a very personal question. I have found that my daily routine, where I will be carrying my knife, and the shape of the handle all are very important questions to consider when purchasing a knife. What I carry in my backpack is very different than what I carry in my pocket, which is still very different from what I keep in my Truck and Wife’s Car.

Listen, I get that this is not the definitive – ‘Buy This Knife – It is Perfect’ and the reason for that is simple, what is perfect for me may not be perfect for you. But, I will tell you what, take a look here at some of my favorite EDC knives. 

John Bishop

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