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So you want to get started putting together your Everyday Carry Kit.

Where do you begin?

What do you need to keep with you every day?

How do you prioritize what is most important from day to day?

These are the questions I get asked all the time by friends, family, and even strangers as I travel.

Over the next few weeks, I will be walking through what goes into putting together your Everyday Carry Kits, how to shop for quality EDC tools, and how to pack for any situation.

Before we even begin looking at some of the coolest gear and where to get it – let’s talk about what Every Day Carry really means.

Every Day Carry, or EDC, is not just for Doomsayers, Preppers, or even the tactically minded. No, setting up a proper EDC kit is about daily preparation and having the tools you need ready and available at a moment’s notice.

You probably have a basic EDC kit already built even now – think about this:

What do you grab every morning before you walk out the door?

Your keys?
Your wallet?
Your phone?
Your watch?

Why do you take those items with you? Why are they so important that you need those every day? Let’s break it down and see what is so important about what you carry with you. For the sake of argument and to give you a more personal take, here is what I have with me every day I walk out the door:

  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • Watch
  • Pen
  • Small Notebook
  • Leatherman Multitool

Keys and Wallet – like most people, I like to be able to access my home, my car, my office, and in between those places, to purchase items that I need. Pretty straight forward list of necessities for these two. But your wallet and keys don’t have to be just basic instruments performing only one job each. In the upcoming series, I will be going into depth on how to identify the best wallets, key-rings, and more to fit your lifestyle and to be more useful than just things to throw in your pockets. (Not only that, but some of the options I have to share also look BadAss!)

Phone – It would be hard to find someone these days that doesn’t carry a phone of some sort with them. In fact, most of us feel naked and less than whole if we forget our phone during the day. I spend an inordinate amount of time on my phone during the day between talking to contributors, emails, and coordinating the kids schedules. I would be almost helpless at times if it weren’t for the modern conveniences of the smartphone.

In addition to my phone, I also carry a set of headphones. Throwing on my favorite playlist is nice, but in reality, I use my headphones for phone calls and meetings more than I use them for anything else. Because of the available functionality of Siri, I also use these for dictation and recording events into my calendar while working on other tasks. They have proven to be a huge timesaver and great convenience in my day-to-day work life.

Watch – This one I owe to my grandfather – you always need a good watch. Now, his point was mostly so I don’t show up anywhere late, but your watch can offer you a lot more that just telling time. Whether you have the latest Apple Watch, or a simple Ironman from Walmart – the functions on a watch help you track your schedule, keep you moving and motivated, as well as give us a slew of features that can be lifesaving in difficult times. We will go into depth into some amazing watches out there for everything from outdoor enthusiasts to the office worker looking to go on their first hike. You have a lot of options.


Pen and Small Notebook – Keep in mind, I am a writer at heart. There is nothing better than putting pen to paper. Whether this is jotting down notes throughout the day, penning down the ideas for the next great American Novel, or recording details about a contact you just met – there are few things on this list that you will find are cheaper, easier to obtain, and more valuable in your day-to-day life than pen and paper. We will be going into great detail on this one later in the series.


Multitool – Last but not least, we come to the multitool – and note that I was specific in saying it was a Leatherman. Through my young adult life, I carried a hand-me-down Leatherman of the original design and I loved that thing. It wasn’t until recently that I purchased a new one to keep with me day to day (my original now resides on my tool bench and is still in perfect working order).

There are many quality brands of multitools, and even a small one can accommodate the majority of Mr. Fixit jobs you will come across in the day.

Now that is what I carry everyday – no matter what. But there are variations in my EDC Kit that I carry depending upon the situation. Bags, knives, lights, etc. There are plenty of tools that can make your day much easier with little to no effort or time. Follow along over this in-depth look into EDC, and you may even get a glimpse into my backpack (now that is an adventure in itself!)

Follow along for the next few weeks as we dive deeper into the EDC world and get you ready to build your own EDC Kit for your needs. 

John Bishop

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