BJJ “Giant Killer” Seminar at National Martial Arts in Oklahoma City

January 20, 2014
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BJJ “Giant Killer” Seminar at National Martial Arts in Oklahoma City


Myself with Michael South (left) and NMA instructor Noah (right)

Myself with Michael South (left) and NMA instructor Noah (right)

After sending out some video clips from my East Coast Seminar Tour a few months ago, I got a message on my seminar request form from a fellow in Oklahoma. When Tim told me, I thought to myself… “There’s BJJ in Oklahoma?” As it turns out, there’s plenty!

Michael South runs National Martial Arts in Oklahoma City, OK, and he’d seen some of my techniques / seminar footage and wanted me down to help with the grand opening of his official Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program at NMA. We talked a bit back and forth, and it was decided that I’d go down there for January 18th and bring “BJJ Giant Killer” DVDs for all the attendees, and teach some of my favorite sweeps and escapes.

I started off the seminar with side control and mount escapes, and eventually transitioned to a half-guard escape series, and a sequence of back mount techniques as well.

Below, I included some great footage from the seminar itself, as well as a nice message from Michael about what he liked about the seminar itself, enjoy!

Technique 1: “Slide” Control Escape – To the Back

Key Details:

  • Creating space is not important once you’ve got your angle and slid out from under the opponent – your priority is to take the back and attack
  • Notice how my left arm flare up and outward as I pull my butt to my left heel – this is what creates the “slide” – practice this motion on the mats in your solo to get use to the feeling
  • The main priority once you get up to your base from this slide-out is to sink the near hook (in this case, my right), and get the near arm (my right) to the opponent’s neck to get the harness as soon as possible, securing the back mount

Technique 2: Judo-Style Back Mount Choke

Key Details: 

  • Notice that this technique is only executed in this manner when the opponent is not perfectly aligned in back mount – use this while he’s slipping away
  • If the technique fails, you can usually step your top leg over the top and land in mount because the opponent’s focus is on the choke, not on positional defense
  • The opponent’s best way to release the pressure is to turn away from you – exposing his back again and letting you settle back in for a snug back mount

Special Thanks:

Thanks, Michael!

I wanted to say a big thank you to Michael for having me all the way out to Oklahoma to share some “Giant Killer” strategies – and also to his students Jake and Noah for being great drilling and training partners. An up-beat and enthusiastic team is a priceless asset, and Mike’s got it in spades.

Somewhere along the line it became evident to me that seminars would be a big part of how I spread my technique and enthusiasm for the sport – and I’m always grateful for the opportunity. There will likely be many more in 2014! Looking forward to it.

All the best, and thanks again!

-Daniel Faggella

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Daniel Faggella
Daniel Faggella

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