BJJ Manifesto Review – by the Science of Skill Team

December 23, 2013
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BJJ Manifesto Review – by the Science of Skill Team

ManiIf you have followed my work, I’m sure that you have read a review before that I have done on previous products.  As a fan of learning the game every day, I find that knowing just what to do in specific situations is the gift that keeps on giving.

However, once in a while comes a long a product that is so diverse and unmatched in certain areas that it is mind blowing when you consume it.  This is where the BJJ Manifesto comes in!

An in-depth, vast gold mind of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu goodies, the BJJ Manifesto delivers a homerun in every way imaginable.  While certain DVD’s and books highlight a grouping of specific techniques or approaches, the Manifesto goes the extra steps and encompasses a vast array of techniques that others don’t touch upon.

This book isn’t just some gimmick that aims to get you to click “buy now”, it actually does what it sets out to do and that is to make you a better grappler every single time that you use it!

Simply put, the BJJ Manifesto is the real deal!

No Cutting Corners-Learning Techniques That Will Finish The Match!

There are some people that look to release their product based on a new technique that everyone is doing, or they build off of certain moves to make their specific product look “advanced” to get people to purchase it.  When this happens, chances are that the customer will only be let down with impractical moves and techniques.

For the BJJ Manfiesto, this isn’t the case as they make it a point to provide setups and techniques that will allow you to achieve what you wanted to in the first place: a submission victory.

While I’m not knocking those who offer complex products and moves, I am saying that they aren’t always for everyone.  In fact, what may start out as someone looking to impress a potential segment of grapplers could actually turn some off to the product!

It’s easy to see high level grapplers perform certain moves and get discouraged because you may deem it impossible to execute.  With the Manifesto, they give you techniques that you probably did on day one of BJJ, but help take it to the next level.

From White Belt To Black Belt, All Can Benefit

As I had previously stated, there is no belt-rank requirement to benefit from this project.  For instance, there is a special offer that comes with the .PDF file that focuses on guillotine chokes.  These aren’t some crazy, inverted, rubber guard transition guillotine…just very basic, fundamental guillotines!

I applaud this approach, as it welcomes all grapplers from black belts to the white belt novices.  When skimming through this, I was impressed as to how well they took what is normally deemed “simple” and “basic” and spiced them up to the point where they are effective as well as very functional.


Nothing Fancy Or Over-The-Top…Just Results!

When I purchase a product that is meant to improve my game, I’m not always looking for a specific style of grappling or an approach, just something that will give me a piece of mind knowing I’m a better grappler after watching it, than I was prior to it.

What good is it if I read/watch something aimed to help me if I get on the mat and get submitted in the opening minute?

The BJJ Manifesto provides the proper tools that anyone can use, and will help you elevate your game instantly.  Not only does it give you the submissions, the sweeps, the transitions, etc., but it also offers you insight as to what your opponent may be thinking and looking for while in the heat of the battle.

With a useful layout, the Manifesto is designed perfectly to help you learn and evolve.  There are no un-needed filler topics or crazy effects, just simple and pure Brazilian Jiu Jitsu treasures waiting on every flip of the page!

Here’s Royce Gracie himself showing a little love for the BJJ Manifesto Book:

The BJJ Manifesto Will Evolve Your Game Overnight

You know this bogus diet pills that seem to hit the market every other-week; the ones that claim “just one pill will help you lost 40 pounds!” and they all do the same thing, which is nothing?  Well, the Manifesto is most certainly not the diet pill of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world.

If leveraged correctly, the Manifesto can start improving your game instantly!

Even with a boat load of information, it is broken down into manageable pieces which make it easier to learn and digest as opposed to trying to take it all in at once.  This will make learning new tactics and techniques a breeze compared to trying to soak it all in at once.

After letting a section sit with you for a bit, you’ll see it in play the next time you’re on the mat.  And given the science of grappling, once you work it on the mat, your muscle memory improves and you won’t forget those setups anytime soon.

Once that specific set of moves is engrained in your muscle memory databank, then it’s time to learn something else from the Manifesto!

And just like that, the process begins of evolving your grappling abilities and evolving on and off of the mat.

Never Grapple The Same Way Again!

At the end of the day, we all want to be the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player that we can be.  It requires hard work, effort and focus, but is can be done!

ManiHaving a tool such as the BJJ Manifesto can only help in the process, and will make it a fun and enjoyable experience as well.  Again, there is nothing here that will turn you away from it, or make you think “there’s no way I can do that!”

It’s functional, practical and easy to learn!  There are few products out there that can match what the BJJ Manifesto offers.

This is most certainly a must buy for any grappler out there!

-Jake M.

Science of Skill Writer / Contributor

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