Kung Fu Knife Defense

Kung Fu expert Jake Mace reveals fundamental knife fighting techniques & easy-to-learn strategies to defend against armed attackers.

  • How to improve your reaction times to defend yourself against an armed attacker
  • How to flip and juggle knives between your fingers to quickly and easily transition into different striking positions
  • How to create a protective shield using your forearms when your opponent attempts to stab you
Skill Level beginner
Duration 30 min
Modules 5

Training Modules

Knife Grip and Grip Changes

The first step to learning to defend yourself with a knife is understanding how to properly grip a knife and change grips given different situations. Learning to change knife grips … Read more →

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Striking VS Thrusting With A Knife

Using your grip changing skills learned in the first module, Jake explains when to thrust (or stab) with your knife and when to strike (or slash). This module explores the … Read more →

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Knife Kata

Other types of fighting all have drills and solo techniques that can be practiced on your own in order to develop your own flow, cadence, strength, agility and flexibility. The … Read more →

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Knife Strikes VS an Unarmed Opponent

There are many scenarios where an aggressor can initiate a conflict unprepared and you will want the teachings in this module  if that time comes. Jake reveals the best strategies … Read more →

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Techniques To Disarm and Disable An Attacker

Turning the last module on it’s head- learn what to do if encountered by an attacker has a knife and you do not have access to your knife. This knife … Read more →

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