Top 25 Paracord Projects

Paracord is extremely versatile, incredibly strong, and relatively inexpensive to purchase – which makes it one of the most ideal Survival Tools to keep in your backpack for camping, your Bug Out Bag, or even in the glovebox of your truck. We have curated our 25 favorite Paracord Projects with instructions on how you can create them yourself.

Background on Paracord

Paracord (or Parachute Cord) Is a light-weight, multi-purpose nylon cord that takes its name (and largely its origin) from World War II. What we currently call 550 paracord takes its design and tensile strength from the parachute cords for WWII soldiers, which could hold 550 pounds.

Now, modern survivalists, preppers, and even crafters use paracord to make all sorts of tools from wearables (like our SoS Survival Bracelet, belts, lanyards, and necklaces), dog leashes, key-chains, hammocks, and even defensive tools like a Monkey Paw.

Check out our 25 favorite projects – and have fun making some of your own.

Skill Level intermediate
Duration 240 min
Modules 25

Training Modules

Project 1: Handle Wrap

Video Via: Paracord Guild From fixed blade knives, to axes, to hammers, anything with a fixed handle can get an improved grip from adding a paracord handle. Not only does … Read more →

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Project 2: Monkey Fist

Video Via: Bored Paracord The Monkey Fist has a history going back into at least the 1800’s. Sailors used the extra weight at the end of the rope to make … Read more →

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Project 3: Giant Monkey Fist

Video Via: Weekend Gunners Ok, so this is a variation of the last one, but you know what, bigger is better. If a regular Monkey Fist is good, a Giant … Read more →

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Project 4: Survival Bracelet

Video Via: Drop Forged Survival Probably the most recognized and built survival tool on this list – the paracord bracelet has as many variations as your imagination can fathom. This … Read more →

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Project 5: Tent Rigging

Video Via: Survival Common Sense With something as simple as a tarp, thermal blanket, or any other material you can suspend or balance against paracord, you can create a structure … Read more →

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Project 6: Rock Sling

Video Via: Bored Paracord Think David and goliath here – what is more practical than a sling? You are going to have an endless supply of ammunition and a firing … Read more →

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Project 7: Snare Trap

Video Via: Ultimate Survival Tips Speaking of finding food – a snare trap is a time tested tool for catching game for dinner. Paracord gives you the strength you need … Read more →

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Project 8: Drawstring Pouch

Video Via: Johnny Shoots If you spend anytime camping, prepping, or hiking, the ability to carry items you need is essential. A drawstring bag can be made to accomodate any … Read more →

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Project 9: Dog Lead

Video Via: TIAT Man’s best friend deserves to be prepared as well. Having paracord worked into items you need already is an easy and convenient way to make sure you … Read more →

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Project 10: Key Chain

Video Via: Paracord Knots Paracord Key-Chains are sometimes underrated as simply crafts to make in Scouts and something cool to hang your keys from – Not the Case at all. … Read more →

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Project 11: Survival Lanyard

Video Via: Bored Paracord I really prefer the quick release lanyards. Something that you put around your neck (well, something functional around your neck) should be designed for the fastest … Read more →

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Project 12: Rifle Sling

Video Via: Rock Paracord A rifle is a very personal tool. The nuances of the rifling, the aim of your scope, the feel of the trigger – all become part … Read more →

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Project 13: Bow Sling

Video Via: Paracord Planet Regrettably, I spend less time with my bow than I do with my AR-15; but that doesn’t mean it deserves any less attention or love. A … Read more →

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Project 14: Survival Hammock

Video Via: ParaHammock Guy While you probably get more of a feeling of lounging at the campsite or taking a nap by the lake, a paracord hammock can be more … Read more →

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Project 15: Survival Belt

Video Via: Paracord 101 One of the problems with the paracord bracelet, no matter how many great tools you build into it, is that you only have 8-12 feet of … Read more →

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Project 16: Belt Holster

Video Via: Paracord Guild Easy Access is always a plus. An axe or a hammer is a great tool to have readily available, and a paracord holster allows you to … Read more →

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Project 17: Bundle Compression Strap and Handle

Video Via: Sierra Trading Post Space is always an issue when you are camping, hiking, Bugging Out – compression straps are as simple as they come when it comes to … Read more →

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Project 18: Rope Ladder

Video Via: ITS Tactical It’s easy to think back to the fun times in tree forts and playing in the woods with your buddies when you think of a rope … Read more →

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Project 19: Kubotan w/ Screw

Video Via: Urban Survival Tactics Self-defense is always on my mind – especially if I read a newspaper. The kubotan has been dubbed the “self-defense keychain”. A simple tool but … Read more →

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Project 20: Bullwhip

Video Via: The King of Random I will admit it – this one made the list because several of us here at Science of Skill simply wanted to be Indiana … Read more →

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Project 21: Fishing Line

Video Via: Montactical The cool thing about using paracord as a fishing line is that you can still use the outer layer of the cord for something else. The survivalist … Read more →

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Project 22: Survival Sling

Video Via: Sousaville There is always a chance of injury along your journey. Having a sling made out of paracord can come in handy on that off chance something happens … Read more →

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Project 23: Survival Raft (with trash bags)

Video Via: Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival This one is just flat out cool! Using nothing more than paracord, trash bags and a few substantial stick, a raft was able … Read more →

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Project 24: Backpack Grab Handle

Video Via: Spiffyguy Adventures Most backpacks only come with one handle at the top of the bag. For most people, this is enough. However, a secondary handle comes in pretty … Read more →

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Project 25: Fast Rope Bundle

Video Via: Sharpshooter JD OK, so this one isn’t really a project, but it is extremely useful. Paracord typically comes either wound around a spool, or drawn over, end over … Read more →

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