Just To Prove He Can Take It Away From You
Bare-Handed As Easy As Candy From A Baby!

Dear Friend,

I want to send you a free knife. It is a Tac-Force Tactical Rescue Knife (generally used by law-enforcement & rescue teams).

There are 2 things I want you to do when you receive it:

  • I want you to set the knife aside on a nearby table and watch the DVD that I will also send.
  • Then, I want you to give the knife to the toughest, biggest & most skilled friend you have… and ask him to:

Try To Stab You In The Stomach!

It is important that you choose someone who is much larger than you. It would also be advantageous if he had some skills in hand-to-hand combat fighting. One of those MMA or Caged Fighters would be perfect.

Why am I requesting that you ask one of your friends to stab you? The answer you see, is quite simple. I want to prove to you, in the most obvious way possible that what you see on this DVD will give you the powers & ability to instantly take that knife away before your friend can move a muscle. And once you disarm him, you’ll be able to keep him on the ground (and even throw him around like some wimpy rag doll if you so choose). You will be in absolute, complete & total control.

As you will see in this DVD, you do not need strength, athleticism or even prior experience with fighting or hand-to-hand combat training. You will see how even a man of miniature build and small stature can easily disarm a skilled attacker who outweighs him by 100lbs!

If you’re skeptical in the slightest, I don’t blame you. I was too… until I saw it live, in action. It is an astonishing act to discover, but true in every sense of the word. You see - what you are about to discover is top-notch training, identical to the tactics used by U.S. Law Enforcement & Military Combatants, SWAT Teams and high security, private bodyguards who protect high profile celebrities & billionaire CEOs.

Which Have Been Hidden From Civilians
(Like You) For Years

Now, let me tell you about this knife. It’s a Tac-Force Tactical Rescue Knife. It’s been built by trusted craftsmen and super-reputable weapon maker, Tac-Force. The handle is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy and has innovative ridges that allow for a super-tight (and comfortable) grip — permitting you to slash, slice, stab & cut without any slipping or sliding…even in rain, dirt or blood.

The blade itself is a two-tone, 3.5” black blade, forged using the toughest steel imaginable. This quality, spring assisted open is perfectly legal in all 50 States - and means that you can whip it out in the blink of an eye.

This spring assisted, 4.5” knife comes equipped with a LED mini flashlight attached to the handle, allowing for precise use, even in pitch dark environments. On the base of the blade, is a serrated area, which is perfect for any “sawing” motion - like cutting through rope, bone or wood. The base of the knife has a section specifically designed to cut cords or slice through jammed seat belts.

There’s also a powerful glass breaking component, that will shatter car windows, house windows… heck it will shatter pretty much every window imaginable.

The Tac-Force Tactical Rescue Knife is the
ultimate in Self-Protection & Self-Reliance

I don’t want to just hand you a knife without showing you how to use it… and please don’t get caught up in your own head thinking that the disarming moves you’re going to learn are difficult… Even if other’s might refer to you as a “slow learner,” I promise that you’ll pick this up almost immediately.

The moves are simple and natural… almost deceptively simple in fact… yet they are so utterly effective against even the most skilled, armed attacker. You will quickly be able to disarm your attackers knife (or gun)…plus you’ll also discover exactly how:

  • The most important (and toughest) decision you must make in any armed confrontation
  • How to tell when your attacker is just “bluffing” with a knife…and when he’s truly ready to stab you
  • A simple, counter-intuitive way to prevent an overhand or underhand stabbing motion (even from an attacker who's much stronger than you are)
  • The #1 Fastest disarming technique to release an attacker's grip on a knife or other weapon
  • A "no strength needed" approach to use your OWN knife in real self defense (even untrained people can learn to practically do this move in their sleep)
  • Exactly which knife brands to use – and which to stay away from (if you value your safety)
  • How to CARRY a knife, so that you can draw it quickly if you’re in a parking lot, a dark alley, or if someone attacks you anywhere
  • How to keep your “Spider Senses” activated when you enter / exit your home, or when you’re out ANYWHERE where you could be attacked – so that you notice the true dangers signs that let you know to be ready to fight or run
  • Expert advise on knife training to ensure that you know how to USE a weapon (or defend one) in real time – including distance-learning options for people who don’t have a qualified nearby instructor
  • Practical tips on using “dummy” knives to build skills quickly
  • The No-Bullshit breakdown of how a REAL knife fight will usually happen on today’s mean streets, and what that means for the kind of techniques you should learn – and the kind you should stay the heck away from…

Today’s mega-violent criminals are armed to the teeth with knives, shanks, daggers… you name it.

While the masses may not want to believe it, it’s absolutely true.

You see - the founders of our Self-Defense & Protection Company has been teaching cutting edge, hand-to-hand combat training for over 12 years now. Its been part of our duty to expose the bull & scam artists and distill what really works fast against the hardened criminals determined to inflict harm on you or your loved ones.

Ask any Navy Seal or Close Quarters Combat operative. A trained mother armed with a knife can easily defeat an attacker armed with a glock!

Utterly ridiculous, but true. When combat becomes up close and personal, a knife can be whipped out and used significantly faster than a gun. It also doesn’t require ammunition, reloading and is easily to handle.

This fact has been time tested and proven over and over again in the field of battle, under the worst scenarios imaginable.

It’s why Police Officers, Special Agents & Operatives come to us when they want to learn these secrets.

They respect our proven reputation for articulate, no b.s. instruction and for delivering quality products - without all the “fancy talk and bull.”

Your teachers aren’t guys who’ve read a book about knife fighting. No. They’ve used these secrets in real, life and death situations.

Jerry Wetzel has been training exclusively in reality-based combat for over 10 years. In 1999, he founded Centerline Gym; an organization dedicated exclusively to researching the realities of violence and developing tools and tactics to deal with them. He has appeared in magazines and numerous instructional videos.

You see - Jerry Wetzel is dedicated to discovering the TRUTH in combat. Not the fantasy of combat, not the Hollywood image of combat, and not the ritual of combat. To do this, Jerry believes it is of utmost importance to take biological, psychological, emotional, and behavioral factors into account and then apply them to a resisting opponent under realistic conditions.

But Wait…

because we haven’t even gotten to my favorite part of the package… you’ll get an entire 12-set video collection of street-fighting “Fight Enders” and other “Dirty Tricks” - the same kind used by Navy Seals, SWAT & Military personnel in close quarters hand-to-hand combat situations.

Perfect for the busy professional who can’t afford to waste time in some dojo learning the “old rules” of the street.

Because the last thing I’d want to do is to leave today without the hand-to-hand combat & street fighting streets you need.

That’s where the “BONUS” Survival Grappling Academy Video training comes in. It’s all about taking what you learned in this course and expanding your range of attacks, including a more in-depth training on “if-then” scenarios, advanced fight-ending grappling tactics, restraints that barely allow him to breath (let alone fight back)…

For example:

  • An Easy-to-Follow Video Curriculum of Ground Fighting, Grappling & Close Quarters Combat tips, tricks & tactics… which will rapidly give you the ability to defend yourself with unarmed, empty hand techniques.
  • You’ll soon get the confidence to handle aggressive people in a variety of different situations and ranges.
  • Advanced Grappling Techniques for use against trained opponents or in extreme, high pressure situations.
  • The secret of “equal and opposite TORQUE” that will add the heftiness of a freight train to your fight moves.
  • Exactly where the best “fight ending” targets are on your opponent…and the simple trick all great fighters use to make sure they hit their target every time.
  • And so much more.

This is just like hours of first class, private lessons…With You And A Top Ground Fighting Expert!

The most clear benefit of the BONUS Survival Grappling Academy training videos are their SIMPLICITY….

And I wanted to make sure that it is something you absolutely loved before investing.

That is why I’m taking on all the risk and giving you a FREE 14 day risk free trial to the Survival Grappling Academy where you’ll receive new videos, audio interviews with lethal combat experts & so much more delivered once a month. After your free fourteen day trial, you will automatically be billed $57/month until you decide to cancel. If you choose to not keep your subscription to the Survival Grappling Academy, just send us a quick email and we won’t charge you.

You see - my job as Head of Special Project is to find the baddest martial arts experts on earth, and get them to “spill the beans” on camera – and I’ve just gotten one of America’s most respected close-quarters fighting experts to reveal his most effective street fighting survival moves & fight enders… that can be used against even much larger, experienced attackers.

Which is why I decided to call upon one of my inside “contacts” (which I am not supposed to tell you about) to film this special bonus… Out of respect for his desire to live a private life out of the limelight, I will refer to him as “Coach Dan.” This 128b man is prominently known throughout the United States as the “Giant Killer” after he DESTROYED a 225lb UFC professional fighter in just 12 seconds flat…despite being outweighed by 97lbs.

The demand for Coach Dan and Jerry Wentzel spreads all across the country. Their clients range from Military Personnel to FBI agents, SWAT members, private investigators… you name it. These clients hire Dan and Jerry for one thing:

Their stunning abilities to Quickly Showcase & Teach Their Unique “Bare-Handed” Techniques To Disarm & Disable Armed Attackers!

This new fighting and weapon disarming system takes over 15 years of combined experience to develop. It was necessary because the techniques that law enforcement officials and military combatants used to use — based on more conventional asian martial arts and karate movies - simply were not nearly as effective in real combat conditions as the innovations & weapons disarming techniques of today.

I wanted to make this amazing offer a total no-brainer for you – so I’ve decided to throw in one more bonus gift with your Tac-Force Knife & “Disarm & Disable” DVD.

You see, if you’re within close quarters range, you don’t have the luxury of time to draw a weapon (if you have one). That’s why Jerry’s gone ahead and filmed an exclusive bonus showing you the fundamental hand-to-hand combat moves & fight enders you can use in close quarters. Think of these moves as an “Ace in your pocket” or your backup plan if SHTF. These moves will give you the confidence to handle yourself in any situation… against any sized-attacker.

So, Why Are You Getting This Entire Package Practically Free?

Well, I’ll tell you something — it doesn’t cost anywhere — as much as it should, especially considering the painstaking expense we went to haggle with the manufacturer & then set up a fast distributor who could do same day shipping.

If I was planning on selling this package to turn an immediate profit, I would charge $97, at the minimum. The hand-to-hand combat secrets you’ll discover in this program have been time tested & proven to work… even in worst case scenario situations.

You can’t find this system at any book store or even on Amazon. Nor is there anything comparable available, anywhere. This is a one-of-a-kind system.

But one thing I am not is greedy. I’m not running some mega-million Self Defense company here. My office is in the living room of my apartment in the sleepy town of Norwood, Massachusetts. I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on fancy graphics, logos or “optimized websites,” just the basic information on what I’ve got and how you can get it.

I didn’t create this package just to take your money… I created it because

Hardworking American’s Are Starving For It!

American’s are busier than ever in this day and age, and with violence at an all time high, and we need self-defense & survival skills that older generations several decades ago didn’t need.

It also happens that even though you’re getting this package for a serious discount, it’s actually more expensive than almost any other self-defense package out there when all labor, manufacturing, production & distribution costs are added up. In fact, just making this system costs more than the total costs you’d pay for other self-defense packages out there.

I’m telling you this because, even though this system is heavily discounted, it’s a high quality product with good, honest value - so please don’t let the fact that its inexpensive make you think that it’s some hack training.

Other companies use the classic “3X production cost” to price their products -- And I don't believe in those antiquated, blood sucking business practices. I’m on the extreme opposite. You see - we don’t make a penny of profit on this package.

Sure, people tell me I'm crazy for giving away so much stuff. They say "How can you possibly make money when you're giving away the store?"

Well, I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid. I've found over the years that whenever I go over the top and provide real, honest value and free gifts to my customers they become absolutely hooked. Many of them continue to stick around and invest in our products for years and years.

And so I figured the more people I can entice to grab my this package, the more people I'll win back over as long time, happy customers. Hence, this almost-crazy, irresistible offer....

The introductory price is set to just $19.95 and after we release a few thousand copies, and we’ve won over enough customers… we will HAVE TO INCREASE THE PRICE.

All I ask is that you help me cover the low cost of shipping & handling so that I can get this package to you immediately.

Click The "Buy Now" Button To Receive Your Pre-Sale Price Of Just $19.95... PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $74!)

Just $19.95

Full 3 Month Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with this package - for any reason at all - simply send us a message or call Marie at 877-744-7007 during 9 - 5pm EST Monday-Friday and I will immediately refund the cost of shipping & handling. Even though this package is inexpensive (all you invest is a low $19.95 for S&H) - I want to make sure that the value you receive is the same as if you invested in a $2500 private lesson or seminar with either Coach Dan or Coach Jerry. I trust your judgement here. I wouldn’t be writing to you otherwise.

And, you get to KEEP the knife, DVD & bonuses even if you decide the package isn’t for you. Consider it a gift just for giving this amazing DVD and bonuses a “trial run”.

But you do need to hurry! Even though we have many allies in high places who support our attempts to empower and “de-victimize” American civilans, you should know there are many others who tremble at the idea of us releasing these secrets in to the streets. If the US Government or FTC steps in and tells us to cease & desist our efforts to get the Tac-Force Knife, DVD & Bonuses in to your hands - we’ll have no option but to stop our operations and remove this offer.

If that happens, you won’t be able to get this information or package anywhere - (certainly not for this low investment). So, you see, it’s very important that you order now, while you’re reading this very page… and don’t risk having the Tac-Force Knife, DVDs and Bonuses withheld from you!

I truly hope to hear from you today.



Coach Dan
Editor-in-Chief, Science of Skill

P.S. Go ahead and order this package. Unbox the knife as soon as you get it. Watch the training materials and in the first five minutes if you don't find out one self-defense tip that you didn’t know, you can send the entire package back and the publisher will return your entire shipping & handling payment.

If you're extra skeptical, you can try everything out for a 3 months on me. All I ask is that you give everything a fair, honest shot. Then, if you decide to return the package, we will refund your entire shipping & handling payment, no questions asked.

Please don’t let ego or false pride keep you from claiming this incredible package.

P.P.S. One more thing — it’s crucial. Because this program is being offered at this low price (for the first one thousand orders only) I cannot guarantee that this offer will be available in 24hrs — . While were just a small operation, sometimes we get swamped with unexpected orders and it’s very likely that this offer will not be available tomorrow. So I urge you to order now & avoid losing out on the amazing introductory offer.

P.P.P.S. Limit one Knife Per Address

Click The "Buy Now" Button To Receive Your Pre-Sale Price Of Just $19.95... PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $74!)

Just $19.95