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Discover The Self-Protection Secrets Only Previously Available To The Rich & Famous

High Profile, Silicon Valley Bodyguard Reveals The Secret To Rapidly Identifying Violent Threats, Speed Reading People & Keeping Your Family Safe At All Costs

Plus, Concealed Carry Tips, Tricks & Weapon Disarming Techniques That You Can Teach Your Loved Ones In Minutes

Dear Reader,

Hang with me for just a second here. And I will show you a short set of self-protection moves that will instantly improve your ability to keep yourself and your loved ones safe… in any fight, attack or home break-in.  And yes, even if you’ve never experienced real violence or a life-threatening situation - this will work for you.  Simply being exposed to this “top secret” knowledge will be like injecting a dose of high-octane brain fuel allowing you to take apart an enemy as easily and efficiently as brushing your teeth.

Here’s what this is all about:  In a certain part of California, known as Silicon Valley, there exists more multimillionaires per capita than almost anywhere else in the United States. It’s known as the “Tech Capital” of the world and it’s where companies like Google, Lockheed Martin, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Netflix, Facebook, Oracle, Tesla and so many others have their headquarters.

These are the companies who create the newest technologies that make our daily lives so much easier today than they were thirty, forty and fifty years ago. Collectively, they employ hundreds of thousands of highly talented & intelligent people.  The average tech salary in this area as of 2015 is $118,243 - which is roughly $24,000 higher than the average salary of tech professionals in any other area of the country.

Silicon Valley is comprised of about three counties, many beautiful and quite expensive. A report from Coldwell Banker finds seven of the ten most expensive cities to buy a home in are in the area known as Silicon Valley. Average home prices range from $1.367 million in Redwood City to $2.066 million in Palo Alto.

As you’d expect, with all of the jobs and income in those areas, crime rates are relatively low. However, the amount of wealth that circulates through Silicon Valley is attractive to more experienced, season criminals. Those who aren’t afraid to take a CEO or members of his family hostage and hold them for ransom. Or break-in to one of their multimillion dollar homes and steal everything in sight.

I’m going to go out on a limb here… and assume you’ve met some of these “Silicon Valley” type or “tech” type folks. They’re usually intelligent, well educated individuals who know their way around a computer. They’re generally ambitious, hard workers but certainly not the type of person you’d call “hard” or “intimidating.”

Your initial reaction would probably be to call them a “nerd.”

They’ve probably been called a nerd so many times in their lives that they’re proud of it… Heck if I made the same amount of money as some of those “nerds,” I’d let you call me that too without being even remotely offended.

So what do you do when you’re one of these rich, even famous guys who lives in a multimillion dollar house and you want to be able to teach your family and loved ones, realistic & reliable self-protection?

Well you certainly don’t hire your everyday joe schmo… For these CEOs and executives who have the money to spend, even your experienced blackbelt isn’t enough.

No, these guys spend tens of thousands of dollars to have a seasoned expert with extensive experience in personal protection & combat to teach them and their family realistic & comprehensive self-protection. They have millions of dollars in their bank accounts and aren’t not interested in just some run of the mill type character, even if they are regarded by many as a badass. They want the best and they’re willing to pay for it.

So why am I telling you all of this?
It’s simple.

You see… there is a “missing link” to your knowledge of family self-defense and personal protection. It’s a secret that most men will die WITHOUT knowing… No matter how many fights you’ve gotten in to, no matter how many firearms and alarm systems you have in your home… you’ve never seen what we have in store for you because it was…

Solely Reserved For The Rich &
Famous Who Can Afford It!

You see - when you have the kind of dough like the folks I mentioned above, you get the best. You don’t get some washed up martial artist or gun enthusiast.

Talk to any experienced combat veteran or personal security consultant. Innovation in weapons and combat in the last twenty years alone have changed dramatically. If you want to truly be safe and have all members of your family ready to face up against an armed attacker, you need someone who is on the cutting edge. These type of individuals are in such high demand (because there’s so few of them), that it’d cost a fortune to have them come to your house and set up shop… Heck for most Americans it’s down right unaffordable.

But when you’re worth $100 million dollars, you start to attract a new type of criminal. Seasoned pro’s who know their way around a gun and knife. The type of criminals who aren’t afraid to hold your kids hostage for a fat ransom.

That’s where David Trimble comes. An expert marksman who provides personal protection and thread assessment services…David has the credentials to make most self-protection enthusiasts drool. For example:

- He has extensive experience within the field of security. His core skills were developed as a Paratrooper with the 82nd airborne division.

- He became well known as a security consultant, providing customized protection plans for high net worth individuals, CEOs and other wealthy folks who are often targets for hostage related attacks

- David now regularly trains and instructs those interested in combat proven martial arts and folks interested in the fundamentals of marksmanship

Okay, I could keep you going, but you get the picture. David is the real deal.

Originally, David taught skills, techniques & systems to families of high net worth individuals. Acting as a personal security consultant, he would advise them on the dynamics of an attack, ambush or invasion.

David's Unique Skill Set & Techniques Are Often Portrayed In Classic Hollywood Movies

Let me give you a little bit better idea of what David actually does and how his unique skill set can help you protect yourself and your family from even the most experienced criminals.

In the movie, "In the Line Of Fire", Clint Eastwood plays Frank Horrigan, a secret service agentin-the-line-of-fire-e1363669284339 who is assigned to protect the President from an assassin played by John Malkovich. Horrigan has to rely on his core skills and overcome his age and enemy's ingenuity to protect his "principal" from any and all potential threats.

While David tells me that 95% of the job is very monotonous and that Hollywood is over dramatic, the skill sets of situational awareness, tactical weapons expertise and critical survival techniques are the same .

Understand, most of the individuals that David works with aren’t sitting around the couch watching tv and working 40hr weeks. These are industry leaders who are at the office more than they are at home. The last thing they want to do after coming home from a long work day is practice and train. So, David had to find way to SHORT-CUT the training process… to take a person from knowing absolutely nothing about concealed carry or knife fighting to making them as dangerous and effective in the shortest time humanly possible.

If you talk with David today, you will hear a highly competent individual discuss the “secret code” to self-protection at a level and depth that you never even thought possible. He’s able to translate his experience and knowledge to folks like you and me, so that you can actually understand and SEE with your own eyes the same way a hardcore, experienced personal bodyguard does.

David has made enough money for himself and collected huge sums for his services from the wealthy. But he know wants to share his unique knowledge and skill set with a wider audience and as someone who’s in touch with the type of people like yourself who could benefit from his advice, I was happy to oblige.

So, for the last month, we brought our camera crew over to see David and filmed what turned out to be an incredible two disc DVD set of REAL combat-level self-protection techniques, strategies and moves. The program is called "Executive Protection for Family Defense" and inside you'll learn:

Concealed Carry Basics

  • The best holsters for concealed carry
  • Holster Shirts (Wear this under any dress shirt, fits your pistol and magazine)
  • How to quickly remove clothing so that you can draw your pistol fast (1-2 seconds makes all the difference)
  • How to develop lightning-fast footwork, so that you can draw your weapon fast, even if you’re clumsy.

And there's more.

This is totally unique stuff. You’ll learn:

Fundamentals of Shooting

  • Grip: How to properly hold your pistol (finger over finger, thumb over thumb)
  • Stance: A breakdown of the two common shooting stances, the isosceles & modified weaver and detailed instruction on which situations to use each stance.
  • Sight: How to make sure that your sights are extremely accurate
  • Trigger Control: Why you want to be slightly surprised when you squeeze the trigger and the round goes off and the dangers of too much trigger finger.

Plus, you'll also get David's unique insights and tips when buying a handgun. If you're in the market for a new gun or would like get an experts opinion on the best gun to fit your needs, this chapter is a must watch.

Handgun Buyers Guide

  • Choosing the right handgun for your body type (HINT: If you have small hands, a block might not be the best choice)
  • Why you should always go to a range and fire rounds down range before buying a gun
  • What guns are best to own if you’re a frugal spender or financially constrained
  • Why you should consider owning a revolver for home defense

But I didn't want to just have David show you shooting fundamentals without demonstrating how to execute them in real life crisis situations or invasions. That's where this next part comes in:

The Draw, Tactical Reloading &
How To Use Cover Effectively

In the next section, you're going to see how to effectively draw your gun, fire and find cover. You'll also discover:

  • The 3 Steps To Drawing Your Weapon
  • How to practice a tactical reload in your living room using snap caps
  • Why habits developed on the range are habits that will get you killed on the streets
  • How to safely reholster your weapon after firing (even experienced shooters can do this incorrectly)
  • LIVE DEMONSTRATION: See exactly how each step should look to draw your weapon and fire it towards a threat directly in front of you.
  • "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast": Why you should always practice slowly and master each step before picking up speed
  • How to navigate around a wall with your gun
  • A breakdown of how to effectively use cover including distance and angle of your attack
  • What to do if someone is shooting at you

Protecting Your Principal

In the next chapter, David discusses his unique system for protecting your principal. This could be members of your family, your friends or someone who has hired you to protect them. In this chapter you'll learn such things as:

  • Knowing Your Principal's Inner Circle: Why you should keep a mental organizational chart of your principal's social circle. (Keep it in your head and don't jeopardize it's privacy by having it stored electronically or on paper.)
  • Why having basic medical skills could be more important than a gun
  • The importance of understanding your principal's allergies & blood type
  • Why you should always know where the closest hospital is located and the main traffic routes
  • Sometimes you have to protect your principal from themselves. Know what their hobbies are and what their addictions are

In the next chapter, David discusses several advanced awareness tactics that he uses when he's out with his family or when he's protecting a high net-worth individual. You'll learn:

Advanced Awareness Tactics

  • The first thing to do when you enter a restaurant. (Who sits where and why you should be the one sitting with your back to the wall)
  • Why you should have a safety phrase that you can say over the phone without blowing your cover. This phrase will alert the person on the other side if there's a problem or emergency.
  • Why you should always keep your hands free while you're shopping or getting groceries (Always use a cart in the parking lot)
  • And much more

Training Tools & Tips

In the last section, David will give you several tips & tools to improve your skills even further. You'll discover:

  • Why you should invest in "Snap Caps" if you want to improve your markmanship
  • Laser Light Firearm Training System: Use this to practice shooting in your house without firing a single live round.
  • Why you should focus on practical application & muscle memory
  • The importance of getting hands on time training with knives & how to visualize "what-if" scenarios

Don’t think you need to know these secrets, techniques, and skills?

Well, let me tell you…

Even if you’ve lived like a priest.

Even if you’ve never been involved in any sort of trouble.

Even if you don’t have any assets or massive wealth that you think others might want to take from you, you can still find yourself in hundreds of situations where David's proven techniques can literally save you or someone you love.

There's no question that you will find yourself in a situation where David's
proven techniques can legitimately save you or someone you love.

What if you too found yourself or a member of your family being followed by stalker and you needed to avoid them at all costs?

Would you know how to evade them?

How to use counter surveillance measures?

Do you know what tactical weapons you should carry with you that could save your life?

You might not think it can happen to you…

But innocent people across the United States find themselves in dangerous situations every single day.

It Doesn't Matter Your Net Worth,
The Neighborhood Your Live In
Or Your Social Status

There's A Good Chance David's Unique Safety And Survival Skills Could Save Your Life One Day

The hyper-advanced self-defens skills you learn from David have already helped other people just like you... in the most dangerous, out-of-control situations you're ever likely to face in the street! You can't walk around with a bulletproof vest and an assault rifle strapped to your back hoping that you "look" threatening enough to avoid trouble.

However, with David's help...

You Can Have A "Built In" Protection
Device More Powerful Than Guns & Knives...It's Like Having Your Own Personal Bodyguard Trained To Destroy Anyone Who Gets In Your Way

Get ready to experience a deep and meaningful change in your life. It's as if David has helped install a personal bodyguard inside of you... a stronger, more vicious and unafraid warrior who won't hesitate a second to eliminate (with all force necessary) any danger to you!

Please don't think for a moment that this is anything like the training that extremists and gang-bangers go through, however - that turns them into savage beasts that cannot be productive members of society again. Far from it... David training techniques leave you feeling grounded and centered (much like any experienced self-defense expert should be)... your same old lovable self...

Until You The Time Comes When You MUST Unleash The Brutal Warrior Inside You!

It's not even a conscious process! It's like having a certain "spidey sense" or danger sensing radar system inside you that helps you reach in to action even before you consciously understand you are in trouble!

Imagine having the inner peace and confidence to be relaxed anywhere in the world... knowing your training and expertise has placed you among the most viciously-effective fighters on the planet if trouble occurs!

You can't buy that kind of self-assurance, safety and confidence for any amount of money...

So how much is David's two-disc DVD course going for? It's cheap - less than you'd pay for a lousy private lesson at the local MMA gym or karate school... less than a nice meal for two at a fancy restaurant... less, even, than a decent pair of shows! Ask anyone who has trained with David... they'll tell you how foolish it is to haggle over a few bucks when the result is discovering the most effective fighting skills on the planet.

The Executive Protection Program Will Give You Everything You Need To Make Sure You Are Ready For Any Attack In Any Environment

Now let me ask you this: what's the value of knowing that you can handle yourself against any attacker… and that no matter if you’re up against some gang banger in a dark alley… if some drunk steroid monkey starts flapping his lips at you while you’re having a drink at the bar… or if one of the hot tempered guys in your town starts threatening you in the parking lot..

What price can you put on that feeling of ultimate safety... the comfort of knowing that there are impenetrable layers of protection between you and any would-be attacker… and that astonishing feeling of relief as you see that no one has the ability to serious hurt or injure you.

It’s the kind of confidence that money can’t buy. It’s no surprise that some people spend tens of thousands of dollars on self-defense… just to ensure that no horrific events will ever happen to themselves or their loved ones.

Many American’s spend thousands of dollars on private lessons with self-defense “experts” (frankly that they don’t need)… Others hire contractors who have NEVER experienced even one second of real combat… let alone been in a brutal, bloody street fight.

That’s why my inside contacts told me that this program was a steal, when I told them I was going to charge $49 for the entire “Executive Protection” program.

Why? Because with this program, you don't have to break the bank to discover how to destroy any attacker…even if he’s twice your size with veins popping out of his head. “Executive Protection“ will give you the kind of confidence that others notice from across the room… and helping solidify you as the unsung alpha male for your family (without you having to say a word). And you won't have to pay a $2000 deposit to hire a self-defense expert to come to you. That’s hard earned money you can keep in your wallet…and spend it on food if you want… or a well deserved vacation…

So when you order Executive Protection Today, you get everything I just mentioned... for a one-time special offer of $19.95 only if you order today. Not $49, but you get everything at just $19.95 now.

The only way to get it, is to click the button below, right now.

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Coach Dan

Put It All To The Test For Up To Three Full Months, Then Decide...

Once you receive the Executive Protection program and bonuses, I'd like for you to look them over.

Comb through them and make sure they are worth at least 10-times the small investment you make today.

And if at any time in the next three months you decided it is not right for you — if you are unsatisfied for any reason — simply send me a message. Let my customer concierge team take care of you.

If you let them know you are not satisfied, they'll provide a prompt and courteous full refund of every penny you paid. Not only that — I'll let you keep the program you received, with my compliments.

Obviously I'd go broke making this kind of offer — UNLESS I backed it up with the most reliable, most practical, most valuable information on the planet...which is exactly what I intend to do!

Respond Today, And I'll Throw In A Complimentary Bonus Gift for You

Listen, the urgency to protect yourself and your family from the threats we face grow more urgent every day.

That alone should be enough to spur you to action. But I'd like to do more. Because I'd hate to find you in a position where you said "tomorrow," only for tomorrow to be too late.

So I'd like to appeal to your selfish motive (because I know that's what spurs me to action, too) — and if you respond within the next 24 hours, I'll also include this additional free gift...

If you try the "Executive Protection for Family Defense " program today... you're also getting a special bonus that is essential for your safety during any fight, attack or crisis.

The first bonus you'll get is

Advanced Protection Tactics: Lessons From A Silicon Valley Bodyguard (CD Training)

... which is a CD training featuring your Expert Instructor David Trimble, who reveals even more amazing family self-defense tips, strategies & tactics.

After you've gone through the two disc DVD training, you'll experience a new surge of excitement and motivation and want to keep boosting your self-protection proficiency & skill set. Which is why you'll want to listen to this CD and discover:

  • How to conduct potential threats & attacks in multiple environments (parking lots, restaurants etc)
  • Why conflict avoidance & situational awareness are more important than beginner combat skills
  • How to spot subtle signs of danger
  • The importance of maintaining your firearm (knowing how to shoot is not sufficient)
  • Why you have to consisently be training. If you don't have muscle memory, your body will resort to panic during any crisis.
  • David's opinion on "Philipino Martial Arts System" and why he believes it's one of the best "bang for your buck" for being prepared for bladed combat
  • Why David always carries a knife with him at all times
  • What to look for in an instructor/teacher if you're looking for additional training

"Respond Within 24 Hours"
Fast-Action Bonus Gift:

Executive Protection Workbook (Digital Workbook)

This workbook is your comprehensive guide to each
chapter inside of the Executive Protection forproduct-13-e Family Defense program.

Inside are practice sheets & a goal setting guide - so that you can implement your own self-defense training routine based on the strategies David lays out in Executive Protection for Family Defense program. This guide will also help give you David's recommendation for the most important hand-to-hand combat moves in this program.

As with developing any new skill, it’s important to track your progress along the way - which is why we’ve included the Drilling Guide inside this workbook.

You’ll be able to track the number of times you practice drawing your firearm, dry firing, navigating around corners, knife fighting and all of the other incredible tips that you’ll discover.

Even if you track & implement just one of the tips that you discover - you’ll be miles ahead of
your neighbors & friends who think they know how to defend themselves but doesn’t know these breakthrough strategies.

This is total MUST-READ guide that you won't find anywhere else. It's yours FREE OF CHARGE when you claim Executive Program for Family Defense program today— even though if sold at the retail level I would charge $14.95 for this guide alone.

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Try this program with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your results, simply call Customer Service anytime within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.


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But you do need to hurry! Even though we have many allies in high places who support our attempts to empower and “de-victimize” American civilans, you should know there are many others who tremble at the idea of us releasing these secrets to the American public. If the US Government or FTC steps in and tells us to cease & desist our efforts to get the Body Weapons program in to your hands - we’ll have no option but to stop our operations and remove this offer.

If that happens, you won’t be able to get this information or package anywhere. So, you see, it’s very important that you order now, while you’re reading this very page… and don’t risk having the Body Weapons program and Bonuses withheld from you!

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It's simple. Get the “Executive Protection“ package today. If you're not blown away by the strategies David reveals in it... and if you're not absolutely blown away by the simple, contrarian self-defense tactics that virtually no other program covers... then simply send me an email, or give me a call within the next three months, and I'll send you your money back. No questions asked.

When you invest in Executive Protection, you will either get amazing quick results or you'll get your money back. No hassle, no questions asked.

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Try this program with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your results, simply call Customer Service anytime within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.


Coach Dan

The tactics inside the "Executive Protection for Family Defense" program are proven to work, as they've been rigorously tested in real self-defense situations... and you don't need to be big, tall, strong or wealthy for them to work.

Please don't let false pride or ego stop you from claiming this package.

I sincerely hope to here from you today.

Yours in safety,

Timothy Reiss
Head of Special Projects
Science of Skill, LLC