Home Security Advice And Techniques – Q&A With The Experts

Home Security Advice And Techniques – Q&A With The Experts

This week, we take a question about home security advice from an SOS subscriber, who asked the following:

*Q: “What is the first thing you believe people do not do enough of when it comes to home security? And how can that be easily changed?”

We contacted experts in the field and included their responses to the question below:

Name: Chris McGoey

Bio: Chris McGoey is internationally known as an author, trainer, speaker, private investigator, and security consultant. He has over 46 years of education and experience and has absorbed thousands of hours of special training. He contributes to industry trade associations and has been honored for his work. Mr. McGoey is the host of the Crime School Podcast and frequently quoted by the media as a security expert.

Response: Most homeowners are apathetic about home burglary or even home invasion robbery believing it will not happen to them so they don’t take adequate precautions until it’s too late. I advise all homeowners and renters to burglarize themselves. That is, conduct an exercise simulating how a burglar or robber would enter your home, what would they take, what damage would they cause, and what financial and emotional impact will it have on your life and that of your family.


Robert Siciliano Home Security AdviceName: Robert Siciliano

Bio: For almost 30 years, Siciliano has been committed to maintaining his expertise in all aspects of security by constantly researching new and upcoming security trends with the goal of informing and educating you so you can avoid becoming a statistic. He says, “There always has been, there is now and there will always be a criminal predatory element stalking its next victim. Being proactive and knowing your options are essential.”

Response: The primary issue is that most people do not do anything at all beyond locking their doors in regards to home security. And many people don’t even do that. Home security is all about layers of protection. Those layers including, at its core a home security system that involves an alarm panel an actual audible alarm and various sensors on doors and windows including motion.

Additionally, signage can be an effective layer of protection. That includes signage on the exterior of the property alerting potential burglars that this house is alarmed and having signage disclosing beware of dog.

Extra layers include security cameras both inside and outside along with signage indicating their presence. On the interior of the property a home security safe is also necessary.
As it goes, if you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. The worst thing you can do, is… nothing.


imageedit_22_2316312257Name: Dr. Steve Albrecht

Bio: Dr. Steve Albrecht manages a San Diego-based training, coaching, and management consulting firm. As a trainer, speaker, author, and consultant, Steve is internationally recognized for his expertise in high-risk HR issues. In addition to other degrees, Dr. Albrecht holds an M.A. in Security Management. He has been a trainer for over 26 years and is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) by the Society for Human Resource Management; he recently received the national designation, “Certified Threat Manager” (CTM), from the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. In 1999, Steve retired from the San Diego Police Department, where he had worked since 1984, both as a full-time officer and later as a reserve sergeant. He serves as an expert witness for issues related to crime and violence, security, HR, and police practices.

Response: The biggest mistake people make is they trade security for convenience. They don’t lock the back sliding glass door, because they’re only going to the grocery store. They think a burglar would never get on the roof and come in through an unlocked upstairs window. They keep their garage doors open all day and are surprised when a crook steals their tools, bikes, or even their cars. They lock but don’t deadbolt their front doors. Secure your entire house, all the time, and especially when you leave. Use your keys, locks, and alarms. Don’t wait to get ripped off before you change your thinking to a protection mindset, all the time.

Analyzing the Experts:

  • Takeaway 1– Chris takes a unique approach to this situation, where he advises that people do ‘dry runs’ and try to burglarize their own premises. By doing so, weak points can be discovered, and those gaps in security can be effectively addressed.
  • Takeaway 2 –  Robert notes that there are several layers to a home security setup. Locking one’s doors is not enough. In addition to a quality alarm system, Robert recommends signage noting the presence of a setup, along with perhaps obtaining a (fair-sized) dog for further reinforcements. Burglars are looking for the easy mark.
  • Takeaway 3 – Dr Steve recommends that one never get complacent. Always engage each and every aspect of your home security system. Remember to arm the system, lock all the doors, and so on, even if you plan on only being away for a few minutes.


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