The Hybrid Roundhouse Kick with Alan La

The Hybrid Roundhouse Kick with Alan La

In this video, we observe as the founder of Invincible Worldwide, Alan La, guides us through the motions of the Hybrid Roundhouse Kick. Alan La Hybrid Roundhouse Kick

Fusing the power of a Taekwondo move with the speed of a Shaolin kick, Alan’s Hybrid Roundhouse Kick delivers a devastating blow to an opponent, wherever the defender may choose to target the move. In Alan’s video, he emphasizes techniques on targeting, noting especially where on an assailant’s body the kick would be most effective.

Notably, Alan goes into great detail as to not only where to land the Hybrid Roundhouse Kick, but why. If one observes a diagram of the human nervous system, it is evident as to where there are high concentrations of nerve endings. Alan explains in clarity that where these concentrations are, is where the kick will be most effective, i.e. an area with a high density of nerves will cause greater degrees of pain in an assailant.

In a self-defense situation, this is critical. The goal is to disable an assailant as fast as possible, leaving him the least amount of time and energy by which to follow up with a counterattack.

Also, Alan carefully explains in detail the mechanics of the technique, including the critical factor of reach. By the extension of the hips, and of the leg and even the toes, maximum power can be delivered in the kick. Again, with proper targeting of the Hybrid Roundhouse Kick, this technique can prove truly devastating to a foe.

Of course, no technique can be mastered by simply analyzing the instructor’s motions in one sitting. Displaying a competent efficiency in teaching, Alan advises the practitioner on several drills on how to master the Hybrid Roundhouse Kick.

Advising to start off slow as to learn the motions and develop muscle memory, Alan demonstrates with a fellow instructor on how best to build and refine the technique, including on how and when to precisely tense the leg muscles for that devastating and effective characteristic of the Hybrid Roundhouse Kick. Furthermore, he explains a refinement of the drill, where speed becomes more of the focus, along with a “tense” follow-through by which the practitioner can concentrate on accuracy and form.

As a relative neophyte to the world of unarmed self defense (my expertise lies in the area of armed self-defense), I personally find video pieces like this beneficial and fascinating. Learning new techniques in self-defense is a worthwhile challenge, and a competent and effective demonstration always is a great benefit. From my perspective, Alan La is a master of his art and an easygoing and approachable instructor. Assuming nothing, Alan starts off with a short history on how he developed the technique, while progressing the student through each step of the move, breaking it down for clarity and purpose. Each step has a specific reason, and in my mind, this helps in justifying the practicality and usefulness of the move.

The move itself, the Hybrid Roundhouse Kick, is definitely one that someone with little martial arts experience can employ. Unfortunately I do not have ample lighting in my home office, otherwise I would demonstrate going through the basics of the move myself. While I’m nowhere near competent with it, the fundamentals of the move did come easily, and I surmise with practice, the muscle memory Alan speaks of will develop and I would have this move as part of my overall self-defense strategy.

Fortunately for the reader, Alan was kind enough to allow us to film him at his facility in Wetherill, Australia. You can view his excellent breakdown of the move here.

Image credit: Alan La

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