Jimmy Pedro on: Judo for BJJ

September 27, 2013
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Jimmy Pedro on: Judo for BJJ

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(FIRST: I wanted to say a big “Thank You” for Jimmy Pedro for taking the time for our an interview with Science of Skill, for anyone interested in Jimmy’s new takedown course The Takedown Blueprint,” please review his course here and boost your BJJ game with incredible Judo skills.)

I’m an absolute sucker for one-liners and inspirational quotes.  As someone that is always looking for ways to evolve myself as a grappler, business man and human being, I feed off of them and look for new motivational quotes to keep me going.  Some come-and-go, others stick around.  One of my favorites is easily “Iron sharpens iron.”

Basically it’s saying in order to improve yourself, you must look for similar beings around you that seem to be succeeding in what they do.  Study them, learn unique traits that they posses and build off of those.

In the martial arts game, this is a must.  There’s a reason why MMA has become one of the biggest sports in the world, it’s because each art form builds and grows from one another, it’s a beautiful synergy.

For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players, it’s common to struggle in certain aspects of the game, mainly on the feet.  Luckily for those that find problems with it, there are ways around it.

Take Jimmy Pedro for example.  A world class Judoka, Pedro has done a fantastic job of bridging the two sports, and how they can work with one another, especially how BJJ players can learn from Judokas.

Dictating Where The Match Goes

Takedown Blueprint

It’s no secret that all grapplers can work on the mat, if they can’t, then why are they grappling?  Some, however, find issues with getting the match there in the first place.  Known for its intense throws and trips, Judo is the perfect way to redeem these lacking qualities for grapplers.

Judokas can get their opponent to the mat however they want, yet some ways aren’t practical for BJJ players.  For instance, if a grappler goes to do a traditional Judo throw, his opponent could very easily end up taking his back in the process and we don’t want that.

Being able to perfect skilled trips can benefit grapplers greatly, as it will setup so many attacks from this position.

This will allow you to set the pace, which is exactly what every grappler wants to do right from the outset of the match.

Controlling Your Opponent From Start-to-Finish

When looking at how Judo can help control a grappling match, there are many various aspects to take into account, but we’ll focus on the trips and throws.

Let’s be honest, some BJJ guys can be fragile creatures.  When matches start, many will pull guard, going to the mat on their own accord.  This eliminates the need for any type of offensive attack from their opponent.

If you can trump their guard pull, and meet them with a powerful trip, psychologically they very well could be taken out of their game.  While BJJ calls for many intense spots, there are very little impactful moments such as Judo, boxing, etc.

Simply put, some guys aren’t built for hard slams…so why not use that on them!

From the moment you trip them, you show them who the boss is.  And that’s you…it’s always you.

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The one thing that the Takedown Blueprint DIDN’T get to cover, was guard pulling strategy. Out of enthusiasm for this course, and as a Thanks to Jimmy, I wanted to throw in a BONUS course. If you’d like to get my “Fighting from the Feet in BJJ” course (all about takedowns and guard pulling strategies that work against bigger, stronger opponents), then click the image above to buy the course, then email me the receipt for the course at “info@microBJJ.com”.

Thanks so much, keep training smart,

Dan Faggella

Daniel Faggella
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