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Free shipping on all Science of Skill gear…

Free shipping on all Science of Skill gear, DVDs, and products ordered from the SOS+ Store


10% off all of our products…

10% off all of our products (physical products, gear, and digital products, too!) ordered from the SOS+ Store


Free access to many of our best self defense…

Free access to many of our best self defense PDF and video courses


Access to 100% of our self protection and tactical interviews…

Access to 100% of our self protection and tactical preparedness interviews (with SWAT team trainers, knife defense experts, decorated fighters, and more…)


Special perks to save you money…

Special perks to save you big – even hundreds – on self defense and tactical gear, training, and events


Science of Skill Ask An Expert…

Science of Skill Ask An Expert: A weekly Q-and-A opportunity to ask questions from respected firearms and self defense experts!

SOS+ is for Citizens Who Place Self Defense and Family Defense as Their Top Priority

We created SOS+ for Science of Skill readers who want:

  • Ongoing discounts and free shipping on quality self defense gear (from brands like Smith and Wesson) and high-quality self protection instructional courses
  • Access to learn from (and ask questions!) excellent self protection and tactical courses (from Marine Corps Scout Snipers, law enforcement trainers, martial arts black belts, and more)
  • The opportunity to save hundreds – even thousands – on self defense gear and training

As a “standard” Science of Skill reader, you have access to our blog posts and the “standard” prices of our products… but there’s much more available to you in Science of Skill Plus.

Here’s a Breakdown of What You’ll Receive in SOS+


Free Shipping and 10% Off All Science of Skill Store Purchases

Free shipping and 10% all purchases on the Science of Skill Store means you can save big on each purchase you make from our wide selection of products, including

  • Self defense knives and gear from companies like Smith and Wesson, Remington, and more…
  • DVD programs, books, and audio CDs about hand-to-hand combat, home protection, firearms skills, and more…
  • A complete library of instantly available digital video and PDF courses from self protection experts

Exclusive Early-Bird Access to New Gear and Instructional Programs

Each and every month, Science of Skill produces new products, including tactical knives, educational programs and other self defense gear, which we offer (and at a discount) to our SOS+ members first.


Access to Our Complete Archive of Self Protection and Tactical Expert Interviews

At Science of Skill, there’s nothing more important than helping our subscribers take action on their personal protection self defense skills. Over the last two years of interviews, we’ve

  • A SWAT team trainer explains basic at-home habits that he uses to make his home nearly impenetrable for break-ins or other crime
  • A rugged former UFC fighter reveals the techniques the he believes are the true “core” of hand-to-hand combat
  • A Krav Maga (the Israeli Military’s special martial art) black belt explains the secrets of developing a “sixth sense” for conflict avoidance
  • Much, much more…

Science of Skill Ask An Expert, Q-and-A Sessions with Our Best Self Protection Experts

All SOS+ members have the ability to ask questions through our “Experts Question” web form.

Then, each week, we interview tactical experts from around the world (including Marine Snipers, Silicon Valley Personal Bodyguards, and more…), and we put together a special weekly column of articles dedicated to answering those important self protections questions from our SOS+ members.

This kind of direct access to our instructor network gives SOS+ one more exclusive way to make the right choices in learning self defense skills and implementing self protection fundamentals for themselves and their families.


Special Perks on Training and Gear from Other Self Protection-Related Companies

With millions of video views, articles featured across dozens of media and print publications around the world, and tens of thousands of customers, Science of Skill is able to negotiate significant discounts and special offerings for our valued customers with major name brands in firearms and self protection.

As a Science of Skill Plus member, you’ll have a separate tab on the ScienceofSkill.com homepage (once you log in) that will display a full list of special perks.

Exclusive Science of Skill Plus discounts and benefits include:

  • 10% Off Your Orders From Green Beetle Hunting and Survival Equipment
  • 10% Off Your Orders From TacticalGear.Com Tactical Apparel
  • Free Shipping On Order $50 or More from Workboats.com
  • 25% Off Membership To The NRA
  • Exclusive Deals On Cabella’s Ammunition
  • 10% Off In-Person Survival Training
  • 15% Off Your Orders From CTK Precision Shooting Rests, Gun Vises, and Monopods
  • 10% Off Your Orders USA Firearm Training and Gear
  • And More Added Daily…

FREE Access to Many of Science of Skill’s
Best Mini-Courses

As a SOS+ member, you get access to many of our best training courses for free. Programs like these have been purchased by Science of Skill readers for $30, $50, or ever $70… but you’ll get access to them completely free.


1 – Firearms Home Protection 101

This course (based on two firearms expert interviews)

will break down everything you need to keep in mind when learning basic home security skills, like…

  • Insight into navigating the legal landscape of purchasing and owning a gun
  • How to go about finding a qualified instructor for self defense purposes.
  • The right ammo for the right home, everyone’s homestead is a bit different after all.

2 – 12 Jiu Jitsu Chokes for Self Defense

Science of Skill grappling coach Stapho knows a thing or two about chokes. As an active Jiu Jitsu competitor – often competing against much larger, stronger opponents – he demonstrates a dozen of his favorite self defense chokes (in addition to special skill drills for each technique, allowing you to learn them quickly). In this video program you’ll learn:

  • The “Guillotine Choke” that works as an instant defense against any attacker who tries to tackle you or take you down
  • A technique argued to be the single most effective choke hold to use against larger, stronger attackers (hint: it’s not the one you see in movies)
  • And 10 more powerful techniques and drills designed to incapacitate an attacker…

3 – Ground Grappling for Close-Quarters Combat

It is just a fact, most real life fights each person ends up on the ground, and this package combines a killer interview between BJJ Black Belt Matt Bryers and Coach Dan where they break down key insights on using BJJ to defend yourself. Whatever defensive moves you choose in a street fight, the ultimate idea is ‘stay simple to be more effective’. The take downs or techniques you use, can’t be these long combinations in a real life, life threatening encounter. It has to be quick, easy to learn and that makes sense that you can pull of on anybody, regardless of your strength and theirs.

  • Two printable pocket guides on dynamic self-defense goal settings grappling
  • The never before released full length (and unedited) interview and transcript between Matt Bryers and Coach Dan . In this interview Matt lays all out on the table and shares why BJJ is the ultimate grappling self defense system.
  • Discover the “Science of Skill Goal Setting Methodology”, results driven insights on how to use various skill building ideas, drills and trackable benchmarks to accelerate your grappling.



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When you become an SOS+ member now, you’ll receive everything above for:


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Just $37 per Year

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When you upgrade to SOS+, you’ll have first-hand access to cutting-edge gear, premium instructional courses from world-class tactical experts, and unparalleled access to those experts via Q-and-A articles, interviews, and videos.

You could buy self protection gear at retail prices… but with SOS+ you’ll get free shipping and discounts on every product on our list.

You could buy our DVDs and instructional programs for retails prices… but with SOS+ you’ll get free shipping and constant discounts on those, too.

You could try to make direct contact with SWAT team trainers, firearms experts, and hand-to-hand combat specialists… but with SOS+ you’ll be taught by these world-class experts with hundreds of videos and instructional programs (and you’ll even get to ask them questions with our “Science of Skill Plus Ask An Expert”).

Science of Skill Plus is has all the benefits of “First Class”, but it also gives you major discounts (like a Sam’s Club, or Amazon Prime), and it’s perfect for citizens who take personal protection and family protection seriously.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of Science of Skill Plus. Here’s a quick complete review of all of the benefits you’ll receive with enrollment in SOS Plus:

  • Free Shipping and 10% Off All Science of Skill Products In The Exclusive SOS+ Store
  • Hours of Exclusive Free Educational Products “Standard” Members Need to Pay for.
  • Early access to all Science of Skill Products and Upcoming Sales
  • SOS Plus Members Can Directly Ask SOS+ Experts and Have Their Questions Answered Directly in Weekly Articles
  • Access To Exclusive Interviews with Industry Professionals
  • Exclusive Access to “SOS Ask An Expert” where you can watch seminars and interviews as they occur!
  • Access to Numerous Industry Discounts On The SOS Perks Page Like…
    • Cabella’s Sporting Goods
    • Green Beetle
    • USA Firearms
    • Workboots.com
    • And Many More…

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Just $37 per Year


– Coach Daniel
Founder of Science of Skill, LLC

PS: Science of Skill Plus also makes for a fantastic gift for any self defense or tactical enthusiast!