Keenan Cornelius BJJ DVD, Preview

May 20, 2013
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Keenan Cornelius BJJ DVD, Preview


Attention: Keenan’s FREE sample Videos are still available now, including his infamous grip break, 50-50 armbar, and other unreleased content – check out his Free Videos here at

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“Keenan” is the name on everyone’s mind right now in the BJJ world. Here’s a kid who didn’t really do much with his first 5-or-so years in the BJJ scene. Then, all of a sudden, his game EXPLODES and he wins tournament after tournament, basically never loosing, defeating BIG names like Rustam Chsiev, and going toe-to-toe… as a Brown Belt… with Rodolfo Vieira himself.

(I’ve been lucky enough to be privy to a LOT of the course material early, and I can tell you that it doesn’t appear as if Keenan has held ANYTHING back at all)

He’s one of the only grapplers in the HISTORY of the game with win the “Grand Slam” (The IBJJF Brazilian Nationals, The World Championships, The Pan Ams, and the Europeans) in both his own weight and in the Absolute Division. You can grab some of his FREE, Exclusive Sample Videos here – in addition to checking out some of the killer sample clips below.

“Breakthrough Jiu Jitsu Concepts” with Keenan Cornelius

Here’s one of Keenan’s first sample videos from the new series.  This one is entirely about grip breaking as the man on top in various guard positions:

1. The Spider Guard Break: Circle both hands inwards (using the wrist against the opponent’s calfs) and then stomp away at the remaining grips.

2. The De La Riva Guard Break: Break the collar grip by peeling the hand away and pushing away as you lift up with your chest to get posture back. Then focus on breaking the grip on the leg by either peeling it up (watch the video above), or by turning and kicking out to escape the grips.

3. Breaking the Leg Lasso Guard: Keenan weaves his hand OUT (instead of IN) from the leg lass so that only the opponent’s hand stands in the way – and Keenan is albe to stomp out and escape.

This second sneak-peak video involves some sneaky wrist-lock action from the side control:

Notice Keenan’s application for the pressure on the wrist lock above is almost entirely with his bodyweight once the wrist is bent to the angle he’d prefer. This is a great way to turn an underhook battle into a very craft submission.

If you still haven’t gotten the rest of the sneak preview content – or you haven’t learned about the course itself make SURE that you visit the “Breakthrough Jiu Jitsu Concepts” page for Free Videos / etc…

Again, I’ve been lucky enough to get advanced material from the course itself, and I’ll tell you this much: It’s NOT just for the “tricky, spiny, upside-down guys.” This course has passes, sweeps, and submissions that literally ANYONE (white and blue belts for SURE) could learn from – in addition to amazing insights on the more “modern” techniques that are sure to help the “modern” guys, and the guys who want to shut down the “modern” guys. Both sides of the coin.

Check Out the Full Course

You can’t deny the skill of this young gun, but the coolest thing is knowing that he wasn’t “Born This Way” – his game flowered years and years after starting BJJ – only they did the “click” happen and turn him into a monster. In THAT respect, “Breakthrough Concepts” is pretty darn applicable for a title of the set itself.

Check out his full course here – and expect some SERIOUS bonuses from me if you make it to Keenan’s page from this blog post!

Train hard and keep learning,

-Daniel Faggella


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