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Keep Your Paracord Close (EDC Guide)

Keep Your Paracord Accessible and Ready To Use With Your EDC Paracord is one of the most versatile and accessible EDC tool on the market today. You can purchase it in almost any color, length or strength that you may … Read more →

The Survival Master Class – See What Everyone Is Talking About!

The SoS Academy has some of the most cutting edge trainings available to help you survive on your own wits. Take a look at the Survival Master Class and the knowledge and skills instructor Joel Van Der Loon will share … Read more →

The EDC First Aid Kit (Part 2)

Knowing who you are going to be with is an important factor when you are putting together your EDC First Aid Kit. Whether it be time with the family and kids, or a weekend camping trip with the guys, a … Read more →

The EDC First Aid Kit (Part 1)

The first thing any first responder, scout, lifeguard, anyone that has some amount of First Aid training will tell you about an Everyday Carry First Aid Kit is that you MUST learn the skills or the tools will do you … Read more →

The New ‘Flamethrower’ Camping Torch Is Here! Check It Out

Sometimes the best circumstances come out of mistakes. Well, an intern’s mistake is going to make your day, just like it made ours. The new ‘Flamethrower’ Camping Torch found its way to my desk after an intern screwed up an … Read more →

Necessities of An Emergency EDC Kit

Finding the perfect combination of gear has been a life-long pursuit… The Goal: To put together the most practical, lightweight, multipurpose EDC Kit that I can carry discreetly and comfortably. But the solution is far more complex in practice than … Read more →

Responsibility For Change Is Yours Alone!

Only 16.5% of voters, ages 18-30 actually show up to the polls. I bet I can find way more than that complaining on Facebook about the political climate we are currently in. Less than a week to Election Day – … Read more →

So You Want To Start Your Everyday Carry (EDC) Kit…

So you want to get started putting together your Everyday Carry Kit. Where do you begin? What do you need to keep with you every day? How do you prioritize what is most important from day to day? These are … Read more →

Get Out & Vote or Keep Your Mouth Shut

I knew that would get your attention! Only a few weeks away from the midterm elections and I have already heard my fair share of, “I’m not even going to vote; it doesn’t matter anyway.” BS – Every vote matters … Read more →

The Key To Good Survival Tools and How To Use Them

The Importance Of Utility In Your Survival Tools One important factor to any good survival tool is the tool’s versatile utility. Any knife I carry needs to have at least one more survival feature to it, other than the usefulness … Read more →

The Best Steps To Physical Recovery in Self Defense

This week, we take a question from SOS Subscriber Fred Miller (Worden, Mt.), who asked the following question: *Q: “I’m a cancer patient and not the same person I was before. I’m a lot smaller and I don’t have much muscle tone … Read more →

Learn Bushcraft Survival Fundamentals with Taro Gehrmann

About Featured Expert: Located in central Switzerland, Taro Gehrmann is owner at Swiss Bushcraft and Survival, a co-founder at Bushcraft Akademie, and hosts his own videos about Swiss Bushcraft survival on his YouTube channel. In a 1 1/2 year trip around the world, he gained experience … Read more →

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