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How to Make Tasty No-Cook Meals During an Outage

How to Make Tasty No-Cook Meals During an Outage   Almost everyone has experienced at least one power outage in their lifetime and most have seen dozens. The vast majority of the time these last no more than a few … Read more →

Effective DIY Survival ToolKit from an Empty Altoids Tin

Outdoor fun can turn into a survival situation in minutes without any warning. Your next camping, hiking, fishing trip may call for simple, yet effective preparedness measures that you can carry in your shirt or pants pocket. DIY is simple … Read more →

How to Plan for a Week with No Power

Most people think about the lives we live in terms of society, culture, and socio-economic position. In truth, the vast majority of what we rely on day to day is based on a complex network of technology and infrastructure. The … Read more →

7 Things in Your Back Woods You didn’t Know You Could Eat

When I was a boy, I used to head out into the woods behind my house with a friend and collect a bunch of plants, mushrooms, and rocks—called them “ingredients.” Then we’d pretend to cook, mix, and eat this stuff … Read more →

Survive a Bear Attack: Fight Like Hell Against a Black Bear

If you’re looking to survive a bear attack, you’ll need to be resourceful and strategic. There were two fatal black bear attacks on Americans within a day of each other this past June. Experts expect the frequency of black bear … Read more →

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