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How to Pack a DIY First Aid Kit for Your Car

Being prepared is something we all care about, but some people put more effort into preparation than others. If you are the kind of person who is never more than a few steps from a pocket knife and a bottle … Read more →

How to Survive When The Power Goes Out: 3 Games To Stave Off Cabin Fever

So, the power is out. You were fortunate enough that you thought ahead, and you took the necessary precautions to keep candles and flashlights ready, you’ve got wood for the fireplace, enough food you can cook without electricity, and plenty … Read more →

6 Essentials to Keep on Hand in Case of a Tornado

Most people don’t like to think about their homes being targeted by severe weather, but the reality is that tornadoes are a threat to property and life. That’s why it pays to be prepared ahead of time and assemble a … Read more →

Are You Food Secure? The Three Rules of Food Storage

Did you know that the average urban household only keeps three days’ worth of food on hand at any given time? When we can swing by the supermarket or neighborhood convenience store whenever we want, grab some takeout or order … Read more →

Guerrilla Gardening: Low-Profile, Easy-to-Grow Nutrition

Emergency food storage plans are designed to accommodate short-term, long-term, and multi-year preparedness situations, but the best strategy is to develop gardening skills to make you less reliant on what you’ve got stashed away. If you’ve never gotten your hands … Read more →

2 Clever Travel Hacks for Avoiding Almost-Disasters

Going on a vacation or business trip, whether you’re headed only a few miles north or halfway across the world, is always an exciting experience full of opportunities to see and try new things. Of course, even when you’re having … Read more →

Urban Survivor: The Gray Man’s Guide to Keeping a Low Profile

Do you need an exercise in observation? Go sit on a park bench, or if you’re truly brave, the food court at a shopping mall. Set aside some time to grab a latte, relax, and watch people. After twenty minutes … Read more →

Urban Survivor (Gray Man 2/2)

Layered, oversized clothing: Loose-fitting clothes “blur” your body shape and conceal whatever you’re carrying. Yes, all your clothes will seem bigger after a few weeks of restricted caloric intake and enhanced physical activity, but you can always cinch your belt … Read more →

Winter is Coming: Prepare your Summer Garden Today

While it can seem daunting to start a garden, it really just depends on which plants you choose. Some are notoriously fickle–eggplant, anyone?–while others need very little to thrive. Select your plants well and you’ll enjoy summer vegetables long after … Read more →

What’s In a Bug Out Bag? 7 Tips to Get You Started

In the event of a major catastrophe, whether it be environmental, social or economic, you may decide at some point, that your home is no longer a safe place for you and your family. If you’re considering a backup plan … Read more →

Four Ideas for Home and Family Protection and Three to Avoid

Having a gun and knowing how to use it is often touted as the best possible home defense. Here are four other ideas that don’t require you to have or use a gun. GET A DOG Dogs serve two purposes … Read more →

Urban Survivor – Critical Items You Need To Survive

If you have to get to the woods or get stuck in the woods, you must have a plan. Know what you need to take and load that up. Here are the bare minimums you need that don’t take much … Read more →

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