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Four Ideas for Home and Family Protection and Three to Avoid

Having a gun and knowing how to use it is often touted as the best possible home defense. Here are four other ideas that don’t require you to have or use a gun. GET A DOG Dogs serve two purposes … Read more →

Urban Survivor – Critical Items You Need To Survive

If you have to get to the woods or get stuck in the woods, you must have a plan. Know what you need to take and load that up. Here are the bare minimums you need that don’t take much … Read more →

The Best Food To Grow Over The Summer At Home

Starting a garden at home during the springtime can be a lot of fun and this is true even for those who have never handled a task like this one before. Gardening is the type of hobby that anyone can … Read more →

Urban Survivor – Finding what you need to make it

If you are going to make it, then you must do more than just raid the nearest convenience store. That neighborhood store is empty within a day or two. The supermarkets are right behind them. Restaurants will follow. Tools and … Read more →

Urban Survivor: Hydrate or Die

If you turn on the tap and nothing happens, are you prepared? Anything from a water main break to a long-term power outage can leave us high and dry. A healthy human adult can only go three days without drinking … Read more →

5 Things You’ll Want to Know Before a Power Outage

Disasters happen and we can’t always predict them. Storms can blow up over the course of a month or slam a city with little to no warning. Downed power lines, falling trees, earthquakes, and even municipal infrastructure maintenance can all … Read more →

How to Pack an RV With Rations in Case of Emergency (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on how to pack your RV with emergency rations. Last time we talked about the frequency of modern disasters, the appeal of RVing, and the importance of strategic packing when … Read more →

How to Pack an RV With Rations in Case of Emergency (Part 1)

Whether you live in your RV, travel regularly, or only head out on the occasional special camping tip, an RV is a great way to prepare for disasters like massive power outages or even property damage. However, whether you live … Read more →

Building Outdoor Survival Shelters with Joe Robinet

About Featured Expert: Joe Robinet is a bushcraft fanatic from Canada. His interest in the outdoors began at a young age. Most of his childhood years were spent outside building shelters and watching animals. Always determined to improve his understanding of … Read more →

The Benefits of Crossbows for Self Defense

When someone thinks “home defense weapons and techniques” I would wager “Crossbow Self Defense” is not their first thought, but that said it doesn’t mean the crossbow isn’t an acceptable means of self defense. This article will highlight the reasons … Read more →

How to Make Tasty No-Cook Meals During an Outage

How to Make Tasty No-Cook Meals During an Outage   Almost everyone has experienced at least one power outage in their lifetime and most have seen dozens. The vast majority of the time these last no more than a few … Read more →

Effective DIY Survival ToolKit from an Empty Altoids Tin

Outdoor fun can turn into a survival situation in minutes without any warning. Your next camping, hiking, fishing trip may call for simple, yet effective preparedness measures that you can carry in your shirt or pants pocket. DIY is simple … Read more →

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