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How to Plan for a Week with No Power

Most people think about the lives we live in terms of society, culture, and socio-economic position. In truth, the vast majority of what we rely on day to day is based on a complex network of technology and infrastructure. The … Read more →

7 Things in Your Back Woods You didn’t Know You Could Eat

When I was a boy, I used to head out into the woods behind my house with a friend and collect a bunch of plants, mushrooms, and rocks—called them “ingredients.” Then we’d pretend to cook, mix, and eat this stuff … Read more →

Survive a Bear Attack: Fight Like Hell Against a Black Bear

If you’re looking to survive a bear attack, you’ll need to be resourceful and strategic. There were two fatal black bear attacks on Americans within a day of each other this past June. Experts expect the frequency of black bear … Read more →

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