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Teaching Your Kids to Respond to Intruders

When there’s an intruder in your home, one of your biggest fears is what will happen with the kids. Will they react responsibly, or will they panic? Could they end up injured simply because they weren’t prepared for how to … Read more →

13 Just-in-Case Items That Fit Neatly In Your Pockets

Life can throw some crazy stuff at you, even when you’re not camping in the wilderness or driving across the country. A day at the office could result in a power outage, your tire could blow out on a stretch … Read more →

Urban Survivor: Hydrate or Die

If you turn on the tap and nothing happens, are you prepared? Anything from a water main break to a long-term power outage can leave us high and dry. A healthy human adult can only go three days without drinking … Read more →

Military Terms, Words and Slang For The Gun Range

Odds are if you are on this page you heard a phrase or military terms at the gun range you just weren’t sure you knew. This article is designed to fill you in on military terms you may not know. … Read more →

Family Self Defense Training with Firearms and Close Combat Skills With John Correia

About Featured Expert: John Correia the founder and owner of Active Self Protection, a family self defense training company based out of Phoenix, AZ. He travels throughout the country teaching practical self-defense, and defensive strategies, focusing especially on those who … Read more →

Ways To Prevent Home Invasion With The Experts

This week, we take a question from SOS Subscriber D.E. Fisher (Ada, Oklahoma), who asked the following question on how to prevent home invasion: *Q: “My sister lives very close and I feel she could be targeted for home invasion, as she … Read more →

Michael Janich Breaks Down Knife Fight Mistakes

Michael Janich is the developer of Martial Blade Concepts, a self-defense regimen that incorporates Filipino martial arts to efficiently stop attackers with a knife and specifically targets common knife fight mistakes and corrects them. Further knife fighting tips and moves … Read more →

Preventing or Avoiding Conflict by being a “Hard Target”

Krav Maga Black Belt Michael South details some of the simpler points of self-defense, the art of avoiding conflict in the first place. Krav Maga is all about the real world and one thing that comes with being aware of … Read more →

Self Defense Weapon Preparedness and the Law With Hock Hochheim

About Featured Expert: Hock Hochheim has taught force necessary combat strategies and education in self defense laws to citizens, the police and military all over the world in places like South Africa,  Australia, Germany, Europe, The United Kingdom, China, Southwest … Read more →

Active Shooter Defense Strategies with Adina Pitluck

About Featured Expert: Ms. Pitluck earned her M.A in Government, and is a specialist in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security. She has vast experience in Counter-Terrorism Strategies and Middle-Eastern Studies. Today, she is a Security Analyst and Project Manager at the … Read more →

Glocks and Polymer Pistols: Simply The Best Self Defense Pistols

I’ll be honest this piece was initially going to be a comparison between the benefits of both various plastic polymer pistols and metal pistols for self defense, but as my research continued the choice became clear. Polymer Pistols, likes Glocks, … Read more →

Home Security Advice And Techniques – Q&A With The Experts

This week, we take a question about home security advice from an SOS subscriber, who asked the following: *Q: “What is the first thing you believe people do not do enough of when it comes to home security? And how … Read more →

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