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Talking About Machetes

After a few Bourbons, knife conversations escalate to bigger and better things… Machetes! Here we talk about our favorite machetes, how we use them, and what we expect when you are shopping for a machete. Enjoy!

Bourbon and Blades – A Round Table Discussion

I got part of the staff together this past week to talk about several very important things – Bourbon and Knives. Well, we didn’t talk much about the bourbon (even though the E. H Taylor was delicious), we did have … Read more →

A Brief History of The Stiletto Knife

I recently got to sit down (well, stand) with Chris from Steel River. We got to talking about several amazing and historic knives. One of our favorites is The Italian Stiletto – so I didn’t miss the chance to pick … Read more →

The Tactical Pen (Building Your EDC Kit Series)

Alright, I get a lot of grief for my admiration for the tactical pen, but I want you to hear me out on this – I promise, I will be brief with this. It’s a pen – you are going … Read more →

Interview with Steel River Knife Designer

I recently had the pleasure of getting to talk with the lead knife designer from Steel River. Take a look as Chris and I talk through the design process, inspiration, and future plans for some pretty amazing knives that are … Read more →

The EDC Multi-Tool

Scanning the lines at the local outdoors store, hardware outlet, even Dollar General, you can find a variety of ‘tools’ claim to be the last ‘Multi-Tool’ you will ever need. What exactly do I need in an EDC Multi-Tool? Let’s … Read more →

The EDC Knife

Answer a few questions prior to purchasing your Everyday Carry Knife. An Everyday Carry Knife needs to fit your lifestyle and help you accomplish the tasks you will encounter. I can’t tell you how many times friends and co-workers have … Read more →

So You Want To Start Your Everyday Carry (EDC) Kit…

So you want to get started putting together your Everyday Carry Kit. Where do you begin? What do you need to keep with you every day? How do you prioritize what is most important from day to day? These are … Read more →

Martial Arts for Self Protection or Self Perfection?

I’m not always sure how to respond to the question of, “does this technique work in a street fight?” or, “Is what you teach good for self-defense?”. The answer is both “yes” and “no”. This article will look at the … Read more →

Headlocks: Escaping What is Simultaneously the Dumbest and Most Dangerous Attack in the Street

Everyone can do a headlock and so it is in your best intreats to learn to escape a headlock. And when I say everyone I don’t mean every martial artist. I don’t mean every semi athletic male. I mean every … Read more →

How to Avoid Being Dragged to the Ground in a Fight or “No, I Don’t Want to Dance”

In 1993, Royce Gracie won the first Ultimate Fighting Championship and it forced the fighting world to pause and take notice. As grapplers continued to excel in mixed martial arts it gradually started to sink in that there was something … Read more →

Acting First Instead of Striking First: Self Defense Situations that Call for Restraint

I left off in last year’s article Self Defense and Jiu Jitsu 2.0 and discuss a particular technique that is a very successful go-to for controlling a number of sketchy real world situations. Specifically, these are confrontational situations that are much … Read more →

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