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Adding Some Elbow Grease To Your Takedown Defense

There is a saying in the self defense community that most fights happen in the space of a phone booth. I suppose it depends on where you identify the beginning of a fight as. Often times, our first inkling that … Read more →

Bear Hugs and Underhooks: Paragons of Power and Leverage for Grappling and Self Defense

In today’s self defense technique breakdown, we will analyze how some standard grappling knowledge can be applied to a common self defense situation like bear hugs. Jerry Wetzel will run through the steps to negate, defend, and take control of … Read more →

Surprise Bear Hug! – Self Defense Follow Up

Getting grabbed unexpectedly is one of the most important situations anyone can train for from a self defense perspective. This is due to both the likelihood from a face-to-face confrontation escalating to a physical conflict and as a surprise attack … Read more →

Self Defense Fact or Fiction: Wrist Grabs

In this first installation in a series of articles about martial arts “myths”, we’re going to look a little at wrist grabs. There is a lot of skepticism, especially in many schools practicing “modern” self-defense systems, regarding grabbing of a … Read more →

The Portia-tactic – How to Beat an Opponent, Using His Instincts

Introduction For centuries, the seemingly superhuman reflexes of the martial arts masters and martial sports champions have been legendary. Their opponent moves, and the master has countered before the attack is even finished. Is the secret to their superiority “training”? … Read more →

Self Defense Foundations – Escaping Headlocks from the Side and Front

Over the last few weeks we covered some quick and effective techniques for common street grabs that are likely to occur in a variety of situations and from multiple angles. Along with some conceptual analysis of grappling application in real world … Read more →

7 Self Defense Techniques to Stop an Opponent from Overwhelming You

This is an article on basic concepts and self defense techniques. Novice fighters pay close attention! The techniques discusses in this article can be applied to any martial art- such as the Kung Fu Knife Defense tips detailed in this … Read more →

Self Defense Against Awkward Clothing Grips In A Street Fight

Being a student of both the Jeet Kune Do philosophy and framework, I always appreciate efficiency. In an homage to efficiency, today’s article will kill two birds with one stone. I’ll wrap up Jerry Wetzel’s series regarding street grabs, as well … Read more →

Surviving a Fight at Close Range

In a previously made series of videos, I talked a bit about what one can do in a standing, impact based fight, and gave some tools to stop the fight from turning into anything else. This article will be about, as the … Read more →

Types of Sparring in Martial Arts and How to Use Them

Background “If one is to learn to defend oneself against violence, one must first master the violence against which one is to defend oneself.” The above sums up a common philosophy in self-defense, but what does it mean for your … Read more →

Bears Got Nothing On Me: Escaping The Bear Hug For Self Defense

You have all been there before, you are walking through the darkness and someone hugs you from behind. Well, maybe not everyone but it’s still a realistic self-defense situation that deserves to be talked about in depth. Let’s talk about … Read more →

Self-Defense Fact or Fiction? – Technique

There are a lot of controversies and battles fought within the martial arts and self-defense community/communities (another controversy is whether they should be counted as one or two), but one of the biggest is that of technique. How important is … Read more →

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