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The Three Ranges of Fighting

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the three main ranges of physical altercation; their main dangers, a couple of methods of defense against those dangers, and one or two ways in which you can attack from … Read more →

The Difference Between Self Defense and Street Fighting

What Is Self-Defense? With self-defense, as with everything, we have to establish some sort of definition before we can say anything about it without constant misunderstandings. I don’t know any unproblematic, simple definition of self-defense, and of course there is … Read more →

Knife Defense Technique Breakdown: “Duck and Trip”

An edged weapon attack that happens on the street, in your home, or anywhere else is different from a ‘knife fight’. In an edged weapon attack, knife fighting expert Master Jerry Wetzel advises us not to think in terms of … Read more →

Knife Defense Technique Breakdown: “Spiral Drive Take-Down”

If someone comes at you or your loved one with a knife, the ultimate goal is to disarm and finish bringing him (or her) down with whichever hand-to-hand combat approach in which you have training. In an actual assault, there’s a lot … Read more →

Knife Defense Technique Breakdown: “Bat Grip”

Defending against a knife in a street fight is much different in real life than it is in the movies. On the silver screen, attackers lunge in with big, goofy movements, often with a long pause at the end so … Read more →

Self-defense vs Streetfighting, Part 2

In this duology I take a look at what the concept “self-defense” can entail, and what assuming different definitions can mean for your training. In the first part, I defined three types of violence, only to pointedly ignore the first … Read more →

How To Optimize Results With A Training Partner

Practice makes perfect. If a person wants to have stronger arms, the person has to use their arms, if a person wants to develop a greater skill at knocking pins down with a bowling-ball, the person has to do that a … Read more →

The Benefits of Effective Practice In Self Defense

Effective practice of a martial art or set of moves for self defense is essential to successfully being able to utilize what time has been invested in discovering techniques to defend oneself. Without effective practice, discovery of techniques is essentially … Read more →

Are Traditional Martial Arts Useless For Self-Defense?

There are many strong voices in the self-defense community criticizing so called traditional martial arts system, from a perspective of self defense. These traditional martial arts systems commonly include karate, kung fu, aikido, taekwondo, hapkido, ninjutsu, and many others. Many … Read more →

Traditional Martial Arts in Self Defense

An independent continuation of Are Traditional Martial Arts Useless for Self-defense, this article offers some perspective on what is currently referred to as “traditional martial arts”, and their relation to the systems often thought of as their opposites, i.e. modern … Read more →

Q&A with the Experts: Defending Against a Bladed Weapon Assault

This week, we take a question from SOS Subscriber Brent (Ontario, Canada), who asked the following question: Q: Your flinch response is to stop a knife that is thrust at you with 2 hands; in this situation, how do you … Read more →

The Concept of Self-Defense

Preservation In essence, defense is an aspect of preservation, be it of your person or of something else, and as such, should be considered in relation to the whole. Just learning how to handle a physical assault, while arguably a … Read more →

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