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Ways To Be a Responsible Gun Owner with Dave Timm

About Featured Expert: Dave Timm is owner of Patrol Tactical and has been a full-time law enforcement officer since 2002.  Currently, he is a night patrol supervisor. He previously worked as an investigator, field training officer, school resource officer and in community … Read more →

Selecting The Right Home Firearms with Alan Schwartz

About Featured Expert: Alan Schwartz of Alan’s Firearms has been shooting since he was 12 years old and selling firearms for the last 10 years. We talk in this episode about the development of pistol technology for self defense and how … Read more →

Indoor Firearms Use for Home Defense – Expert Q&A

This week, we take a question from an SOS Subscriber, who asked the following question: “What are the best principles in mind for indoor firearms usage? How can I use doors, walls, stairs to my advantage – and NOT to … Read more →

Home Defense Training with Adam Ticknor

Adam Ticknor’s home defense and arms use skills are taken from the full course, Armed Defender, available on the Science of Skill Store. Below is a detailed breakdown of how to best develop your firearm handling and marksmanship skills in … Read more →

The Hybrid Roundhouse Kick with Alan La

In this video, we observe as the founder of Invincible Worldwide, Alan La, guides us through the motions of the Hybrid Roundhouse Kick. Fusing the power of a Taekwondo move with the speed of a Shaolin kick, Alan’s Hybrid Roundhouse … Read more →

Tips and Insight To Buying Firearms With Chris From The Firearms Guide

About Featured Expert: Chris Mijic has over two decades of experience in the firearms community, with his service in the Croatian Army, and later on, as the founder and developer of The Firearms Guide.  The Firearms Guide has become an … Read more →

Public Transportation Safety For Women: Q&A With The Experts

This week, we take a question on self defense and public transportation safety from an SOS subscriber, who asked the following: *Q: “My wife commutes nearly one hour to and from work, and she works in the city where I am … Read more →

How to Disarm an Attacker in a Knife Fight – Training for the Real Thing

The following article on how to disarm an attcker is taken from the full Disarm &Disable educational program, available through the Science of Skill store.  Jerry Wetzel has spent a good portion of his life developing  programs on how to disarm an attacker and … Read more →

Elderly Self Defense Tips and Insights For Older Men With Ed Kress

About Featured Expert: Growing up on Chicago’s Southside, Ed learned early in life to pay attention to his surroundings in order to avoid potentially dangerous people and situations. For over 30 years Ed Kress has been an instructor and student … Read more →

How To Do A Proper Side Kick With Alan La

In this video, the founder of Invincible Worldwide, Alan La, returns to demonstrate the technique for doing a proper side kick. From the description of the move, it sounds easy. And by viewing the masterful demonstration as provided by Alan, … Read more →

Pepper Spray and How To Use It with Joe Rosner

About Featured Expert: Joe Rosner is the Director of Best Defense USA, and a nationally recognized expert on workplace violence, personal safety and self-defense, including self defense spray use. The author of “Street Smarts & Self-Defense for Children”, he is … Read more →

Self Defense Skill Development And Selecting A School

Whether practicing self defense skills for the street or as a martial artist, confident execution is built on a disciplined and strategic approach to practicing fundamental skills. In the following excerpt from Science of Skill’s Body Weapons course, Swedish self-defense … Read more →

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