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Active Shooter Defense Strategies with Adina Pitluck

About Featured Expert: Ms. Pitluck earned her M.A in Government, and is a specialist in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security. She has vast experience in Counter-Terrorism Strategies and Middle-Eastern Studies. Today, she is a Security Analyst and Project Manager at the … Read more →

Glocks and Polymer Pistols: Simply The Best Self Defense Pistols

I’ll be honest this piece was initially going to be a comparison between the benefits of both various plastic polymer pistols and metal pistols for self defense, but as my research continued the choice became clear. Polymer Pistols, likes Glocks, … Read more →

Home Security Advice And Techniques – Q&A With The Experts

This week, we take a question about home security advice from an SOS subscriber, who asked the following: *Q: “What is the first thing you believe people do not do enough of when it comes to home security? And how … Read more →

How to Plan for a Week with No Power

Most people think about the lives we live in terms of society, culture, and socio-economic position. In truth, the vast majority of what we rely on day to day is based on a complex network of technology and infrastructure. The … Read more →

A Brief Primer On Home Defense Rifles

The decision has been made – you are going to be selecting a rifle for your home defense needs. Whether it’s due to familiarity with a rifle platform, or the inherent accuracy in a larger firearm, you’ll be going down … Read more →

Evidence-Based Self Defense Advice With John Correia

About Featured Expert: John Correia the founder and owner of Active Self Protection, a self-defense and firearms training company based out of Phoenix, AZ. He travels throughout the country teaching practical self-defense, evidence-based self defense, and defensive strategies, focusing especially … Read more →

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