Nonlethal Options

Nonlethal Options

Whether it’s for backup to a gun, legal restrictions on firearms ownership, or personal preference, nonlethal means of self-defense have their place in the world of personal protection. From TASERs to kubatons and beyond, we at Science of Skill. are outlining 25 of the best nonlethal self-defense items for your education and reference.

And here, in no specific order, are our picks.

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Type:   |   Cost: $1400

Product Details:

To the uninformed, Taser is simply another word for “stun gun”. While Tasers do stun an assailant, only units made by TASER International can be called Tasers. Fun fact, the term TASER stands for “Thomas A Swift’s Electric Rifle” – after a young adult novel where the protagonist uses an “electric rifle”.

The TASER X2 is one of the latest units from TASER International. It improves on the venerable TASER design with features such as a backup shot, where a second cartridge can be deployed immediately in case of a miss. In addition, the unit features a laser aiming system, as well as a simple data collection function which can prove useful in a self-defense case. Another useful feature is the “warning arc”, by which a visible electrical bolt is discharged from the front of the unit, which, according to TASER, can psychologically “defuse” many assailants. In addition, the X2 can be used in a “contact stun” method, for close encounters, even while loaded.

Designed for law enforcement use, the X2 is readily available in most United States jurisdictions without any hassle to civilian users. The operational method is simple, by which two dart-like electrodes are fired at the assailant. Conducting wire keeps the electrodes connected to the power source in the TASER unit itself. The darts penetrate the assailant’s clothing, and when they hit skin, they complete an electrical circuit, which disrupts the assailant’s nervous system, causing him to lose control of his motor functions, and collapse to the ground. Test subjects (and suspects) hit with a blast from the X2 report an immediate loss of control, followed by many minutes of disorientation and incapacitation, even if the current from the TASER is turned off.

Much like a firearm though, the TASER X2 requires some training to use properly, though the lack of recoil makes aiming properly a snap. TASER does offer inert training cartridges for those who wish to avail themselves of this option.


Type:   |   Cost: $400

Product Details:

The TASER Pulse is the civilian-specific offering from TASER International. Smaller and more compact than it’s law enforcement-bred brethren, the Pulse still shares the same innovative technologies that make TASERs the go-to less-lethal weapons for law-enforcement officers around the world.

At nearly $1000 cheaper than the X2, the Pulse only packs one cartridge in it’s chamber, due to it’s smaller size. The unit itself is small and easily concealable, making it a practical choice for everyday carry, and carrying in situations where the appearance of a weapon could cause undue alarm. In addition, the Pulse also features a laser aiming module, as well as a built-in LED flashlight, which can be useful in a nighttime self-defense or home defense situation. And like other TASERs, the Pulse can be used in contact stun mode, albeit only when the cartridge has been discharged. One very innovative feature is the “Safe Escape” function. This function keeps the Pulse discharging for 30 seconds, even after the user removes his or her finger from the trigger. The concept is that the user can drop the Pulse, and it will still keep discharging and incapacitating the subject while a safe escape is effected.

The operational method is simple, by which two dart-like electrodes are fired at the assailant. Conducting wire keeps the electrodes connected to the power source in the TASER unit itself. The darts penetrate the assailant’s clothing, and when they hit skin, they complete an electrical circuit, which disrupts the assailant’s nervous system, causing him to lose control of his motor functions, and collapse to the ground. Test subjects (and suspects) hit with a blast from the X2 report an immediate loss of control, followed by many minutes of disorientation and incapacitation, even if the current from the TASER is turned off.

Training cartridges and targets are commonly available online, as this weapon does require some practice to master.

Kimber Pepper Blaster 2

Type:   |   Cost: $40

Product Details:

To firearms fanatics, Kimber is known for producing top-of-the-line semi-automatic pistols for the enthusiast and collector. However, Kimber also has a secondary business making less-lethal products, including the Pepper Blaster 2.

To the untrained eye, the Pepper Blaster 2 looks like a toy gun. It’s plastic and red. But it’s innocent looks hide a potent punch, in the form of 2 blasts of 10 percent oleoresin capsicum. In terms of how “hot” the mix is, industry people use a measurement called “Scoville Heat Units”, or SHUs. A habanero chili pepper clocks in at around 350,000 SHUs. The OC mix in the Pepper Blaster 2 registers at over 4,000,000 SHUs. That’s more than ten times hotter than the chili pepper.

Unlike conventional spray delivery mechanisms, the Pepper Blaster 2 uses a small pyrotechnic charge to propel each blast at over 90 miles per hour at the assailant, up to a range of about 15 feet. The blaster itself has a safety tab mounted in front of the trigger, preventing unintended discharges. The unit takes a deliberate conscious effort to operate. Test subjects report being incapacitated and being under great discomfort for an hour or more.

While not a surefire fight-stopper, the Kimber Pepper Blaster 2 can definitely provide a cheap and disposable self-defense option to the user, potentially allowing him or her to effect an escape out of a dangerous situation.

SALT Pepper Spray Gun

Type:   |   Cost: $400

Product Details:

The world of less-lethal self-defense products is an interesting one. Advances in technology and chemistry have led to all sorts of innovative methods to incapacitate attackers. Electric pulses, dazzling lights, sprays, and hybrid products such as the SALT Pepper Spray Gun.

At first glance, it looks like a traditional firearm. It’s black, has a barrel, a trigger, and a magazine well. However, unlike a traditional firearm, the SALT fires (powered by a CO2 cartridge) paintball-style rounds filled with a proprietary mix of powdered pepper and tear gas components, which explode on impact, and leave a cloud of gas with a purported “hang time” of around 3 to 5 minutes. The paintball metaphor is apt, since in reality, the SALT is a repurposed Tippmann TiPX that SALT Supply Co adapted to fire their proprietary incapacitating rounds.

The SALT unit fills an interesting gap in the self-defense continuum. While the primary target market is for people who cannot or do not want to employ a firearm, some users report the SALT being an effective “delay” and “warning” weapon in concert with a traditional firearm. For example, one can fire a couple of SALT rounds down a hallway and create a temporary chemical barrier of high-strength pepper and tear gas, while keeping your standard firearm ready for use if the assailant should pass.

Test subjects report that SALT’s proprietary mixture in their rounds is indeed incapacitating, causing highly impaired vision, stifled breathing, and marked disorientation. One downside of this technique is that since there is a cloud of irritant dispersed, the person using the SALT unit could potentially suffer ill effects if the air circulation is right. But for people who are firearms-averse, or for legal reasons cannot easily possess one, the SALT is a viable option.

Though there is no real recoil due to the CO2-powered nature of this weapon, practice is recommended. SALT includes 10 inert practice rounds in their starter kit by way of encouragement.

Note – the SALT appears at first glance to be a large traditional handgun. We have to reinforce the fact that this is not a toy, and law enforcement officers and armed civilians could easily think this is a real firearm being pointed at them, and they would be well within their rights to respond. To rectify this though, SALT now offers their weapon in safety yellow, so the possibility of unfortunate confusion is minimized. Science of Skill definitely recommends purchasing the yellow version.

ZAP Hike & Strike Stun Cane

Type:   |   Cost: $70

Product Details:

Modern less-lethal weapons take cues from the traditional, such as the ZAP Hike & Strike Stun Cane. Disguised as an innocuous walking/hiking cane, the ZAP packs a powerful electric punch aside from it’s more obvious use as a blunt force weapon.

The cane itself is very discreet. It appears at first glance to be nothing but a modern metal and composite hiking implement. But at the top, beyond a slip-guard, four metal prongs surrounding a flashlight emanate. And this is where the “business end” of the cane is. From the prongs emanates a 950,000 volt static electric discharge. While not at the level of true incapacitation that a TASER delivers, this electrical blast will give any assailant pause. Furthermore, it’s proven itself in the field to be very effective at warding off small-to-medium sized animals who may want to attack.

The fallback option, of course, is the cane itself. As any martial arts practitioner can tell you, a cane can be a brutally effective weapon in the right hands. With training and practice, one could master both the electrical and blunt force properties of the Hike N Strike, turning this common-appearing implement into an effective self-defense tool.

ASP Talon Disc Loc Baton

Type:   |   Cost: $121

Product Details:

A coverage of less-lethal options would not be complete without covering traditional impact weapons, such as batons. In the past, law enforcement officers carried the classic billy club or nightstick, but nowadays, collapsible batons are the norm. And the industry standard-setter is none other than ASP Inc.

One of their newer offerings is the Talon Disc Loc baton. Keeping with their tradition of fine batons, ASP has introduced their steel Talon Disc Loc Baton in 16, 21, and 26 inches.  Unlike the Friction Loc batons from ASP, the Talon has a large button on the grip end that, when depressed, allows you to manually close the baton with one hand. This means that you no longer need to slam it on the ground to collapse it.  When extended, the baton uses opposing discs to lock the baton in to position, ensuring reliable extension.

Extension is smooth and lock up is positive.  There is a slight bit of muffled rattle in the baton when extended but, when collapsed, there is no rattle at all making it completely silent.  Extending the baton hasn’t changed but you get one more option for opening the Talon.  It can be opened manually by pulling the tip of the long end.  This can come in handy if you are in a tight space like a hallway or near other people who might be injured if you use the normal method of extending it toward the ground or up.

Traditional impact weapons are some of the most versatile pieces of defensive hardware. Typically unassuming, they can prove to be brutally effective with even a novice wielding them. The ASP, though targeted at law enforcement, is reliable and simple enough for just about anyone to carry and utilize.

Fury Tactical Kubotan

Type:   |   Cost: $8

Product Details:

The kubotan, also known as the kubaton, is a type self-defense keychain weapon developed by Sōke Takayuki Kubota in the late 1960s. Traditionally the kubotan is nothing more than a metal or hard plastic rod about 5 inches in length with grooves for grip, but newer designs such as the Fury have improved on Kubota’s design. Instead of the blunt end, the Fury has a pointed end, allowing a user to deliver a more devastating blow using this tool.

The principal target areas of this weapon in self-defense include bony, fleshy and sensitive parts such as knuckles, forearms, the bridge of the nose, shins, stomach, solar plexus, spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck and eyes. As a pressure point weapon it can attack any point a finger can, but with greater penetration because of the smaller surface area at the ends. In other locking and compliance applications, the body of the Kubotan can be used to create pain. An assailant, not expecting this sort of defensive maneuver, will generally be forced into compliance with the proper application of a kubotan. Because of this, the Kubotan is also sometimes dubbed the ‘instrument of attitude adjustment’.

With a specialized kubotan such as the Fury, we can forsee a lot of attitude-adjusting going on against violent attackers, courtesy of this affordable, discreet, and simple weapon.

Fury Slapper

Type:   |   Cost: $30

Product Details:

The Fury Slapper is a small, easily concealable and innocuous weapon based on the classic sap. The Slapper is a simple leather pouch affair that contains a heavy lead weight. While in law-enforcement circles, this device has been superseded by sprays and stun weapons, the Slapper still has it’s place, as it does not appear to be a weapon at first.

The weapon’s small size allows it to fit easily into an inside pocket or a bag. During an attack, the user would strike/slap his or her assailant with the weighted part of the weapon. This would deliver a stunning blow to the attacker, providing time to effect a quick escape. In some cases, this self-defense weapon may completely knock the attacker unconscious, depending on the point and severity of the impact.

As this weapon does require some dexterity to use, we do recommend that one seek self-defense training to learn about the most effective way to employ the Slapper.

G700 Flashlight

Type:   |   Cost: $35

Product Details:

When it comes to less-lethal defensive weapons, the last thing a lot of people think about is a flashlight. In the 1970s, Maglite inadvertently created the market for a “defensive flashlight” when their product proved to make a rather good improvised impact weapon due to it’s solid grip and heavy steel construction. Soon after, Maglites became synonymous with defensive applications, and thus not as ‘discreet’ as they used to be.

Fortunately, other companies have stepped up, including HWA, with their G700 flashlight. Milled and constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, the G700 isn’t just another illumination tool. In addition to a bright output of over 1000 lumens, which could be used to temporarily disorient an attacker, allowing time to effect an escape or a follow-up defensive move, the flashlight also boasts an “attack head”, which is a crown-shaped affair at the front of the flashlight.

Using the “attack head”, the G700 can be employed in a manner similar to a kubotan, where the user can strike and even cut into an assailant’s sensitive pressure points and areas.

Items such as the G700 are great defensive tools. Their primary purpose is illumination, so there’s no legal restrictions for purchase and carry. Also, since it appears to be “just a flashlight”, the tool itself attracts no attention. Even if you have a preference for another defensive tool such as spray or a firearm, having this type of flashlight as a backup weapon makes total sense, especially in surprise situations or in close-quarters fighting where employing your primary weapon may not be advisable.

MACE OC Spray Gun

Type:   |   Cost: $36

Product Details:

Along the same lines of the Kimber Pepper Blaster comes the MACE OC Spray Gun. Developed by one of the innovators in the self-defense spray field, Mace, the OC Spray Gun is one effective tool.

As a general rule of thumb, the more distance you can put between an assailant and yourself, the more likely you are to come out of the encounter intact. The Mace OC Spray Gun can deliver a constant aerosol stream of a potent 10% OC mixture at a range of up to 20 feet. It’s a little pricier than most OC spray solutions out there, but the benefit is that you can purchase reload canisters cheaply from a variety of online sources. The constant stream feature is very useful, especially in a situation where multiple attackers may be present. Press the trigger, and keep it held down for a barrage of chemical irritants directed towards your attacker.

While not a surefire fight-stopper, the Mace OC Spray Gun can definitely provide a reliable and accurate self-defense option to the user, potentially allowing him or her to effect an escape out of a dangerous situation.

MACE Pepper Gel Night Defender

Type:   |   Cost: $30

Product Details:

One of the disadvantages of self-defense spray is that there’s always a chance of it affecting an unintended target. By it’s very nature, the spray is an aerosol, and can perhaps harm an innocent bystander, or the user itself. One solution has presented itself, in the form of suspending the irritant in a gel-like substance, aka “pepper gel”.

Pepper gel is a newer form of delivery systems used in defense sprays and it’s geared primarily toward indoor use.  The way the pepper gel product works is that the actual chemical agent is suspended in a much thicker solution. That solution is then going to stick to the target, almost like glue.

Mace has jumped into the fray with their own variety, Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender. Upon deployment, the gel sticks to the face of an assailant, delivering a much more concentrated dose of OC irritant, as well as prolonging the effects due to the gel’s semi-adhesive properties. The gel has the consistency of a thick soup or oatmeal, and is difficult to remove, especially when overcome by the effects of the 10% OC irritant.

Conveniently enough, the Night Defender ships with an integrated LED light, allowing for the user to see what he or she is aiming at upon use. The Pepper Gel Night Defender has a range of up to around 18 feet, giving some distance between defender and attacker.

While self-defense sprays may seem to be a relic of the past, especially in the face of high-tech electric weapons, Mace has continued to advance the science of the spray.

Streetwise Security Barbarian Stun Baton

Type:   |   Cost: $36

Product Details:

In the neverending quest for the perfect less-lethal self-defense tool, some manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to combine the old with the new. Occasionally, it results in some rather comical inventions, but sometimes, their work bears fruit with a brutally effective tool, such as the Streetwise Security Barbarian Stun Baton.

The device itself is a combination of a baton, light, and contact stun device. Along the front of the baton are many rows of barbs, which will increase damage to an assailant when used as a club. Think of the barbed-wire-covered bat, “Lucille”, that the main antagonist in this season’s Walking Dead, Negan, wields. But in a less-lethal form. With proper technique, the impact from this device is brutal.

In addition to the barbs, the baton itself sports two contact-stun probes on the top, embedded in the crown surrounding the light. An advised technique with this device would be to inflict blunt trauma upon an assailant via swinging the baton, then following it up with a pulse from the electrical-shock portion of the weapon.

As for the light, it’s just a light. There’s no specific self-defense use for the light in this device, but the baton/shock characteristics make this an affordable solution for those looking to carry something a little more intimidating.

Olight M1X Striker Flashlight

Type:   |   Cost: $75

Product Details:

Self-defense flashlights have become a “thing” lately. Innocuous and perfectly legal in most jurisdictions around the world, people are now using standard flashlights as improvised self-defense weapons. Of course, the market responded, with the introduction of purpose-built self-defense lights, including the Olight M1X Striker.

Though compact, the Olight comes with an aggressive striking bezel, with sharply-defined edges made out of an anodized alloy, guaranteed not to bend or break under normal use. In terms of operational deployment, one can think of this light as a kubotan, as the bezel can be aggressively applied to all manner of pressure points and vulnerable areas on an assailant.

It’s compact and discreet, drawing no attention to itself, since it is, in fact, a well-functioning flashlight with a bright LED source, capable of continuous or strobing illumination as needed. And, conveniently enough, the light ships with a rechargeable battery, which will save the user money over time.

The Olight M1X is an affordable, versatile, and discreet self-defense solution for just about anyone.

UZI Brand Tactical Defender Pen

Type:   |   Cost: $27

Product Details:

Sometimes, even something as innocuous as a kubotan is forbidden in certain areas. Airliners, strict nightclubs, and so on may have tight restrictions on what can be bought into them. Enter the “tactical pen”. Several companies have recently come out with a range of heavy-duty writing instruments, including CampCo, which markets their pens under the UZI name.

The Tactical Defender Pen is made of heavy duty lightweight aircraft aluminum and features a DNA catcher and built in cuff key. Screw out the rear end DNA Catcher to reveal the secret hand cuff key, compatible with most professional handcuffs. So, in addition to being an effective self-defense tool, it can gather evidence, and help the user effect an escape if unlawfully detained. Very versatile.

The principal target areas of this weapon in self-defense include bony, fleshy and sensitive parts such as knuckles, forearms, the bridge of the nose, shins, stomach, solar plexus, spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck and eyes. As a pressure point weapon it can attack any point a finger can, but with greater penetration because of the smaller surface area at the ends. In other locking and compliance applications, the body of the pen can be used to create pain.

For a truly discreet self defense option, consider the Tactical Defender Pen.

JPX 4 Shot Pepper Spray Gun

Type:   |   Cost: $500

Product Details:

Much of the development in the less-lethal arena as of late has been in “distance”, that is to say increasing the distance between the defender and the assailant. Close-in encounters are highly risky and the chance for injury to the defender goes up exponentially. While a defender may be able to fight his or her way out of an attack, being that close in almost guarantees an injury. With that in mind, companies have been rapidly developing stand-off less-lethal devices, including Swiss company Pixeon AG with their JPX 4 Shot Defender.

The Defender’s operational mechanism is basically that of a firearm. Press trigger, and go. Instead of a bullet though, the Defender discharges a blast of potent 10% OC spray at a range of up to 23 feet. And after the first blast, there’s 3 more shots immediately available, no charging or shaking required. Furthermore, the Defender sports firearm-like sights as well as a laser aiming module, so you can get a decent aim on an assailant, rather than waving around a can of pepper spray and hoping for the best.

The 10$ OC solution is law-enforcement grade, and will incapacitate an attacker for up to 45 minutes. This, coupled with the distance of engagement, will give a defender ample time to effect an escape, and summon the police if needed.

A word of caution from us at Science of Skill. The JPX 4, at first glance, does appear to be a regular firearm. If you choose to avail yourself of this option, please be aware of the consequences of deploying something like this in a public place, as it could be mistaken for a real gun in the heat of the moment.

Guard Dog Olympian Triple Threat

Type:   |   Cost: $70

Product Details:

The Guard Dog Olympian Triple Threat is an interesting device which combines three less-lethal self-defense methods – spray, electric shock, and a bright illuminator. While the light is really only suitable for identification purposes, the methods of spray and shock have some merit.

The Triple Threat, as noted, has both a spray delivery mechanism and a contact stun system. The spray is your standard 10% OC solution, but with a twist – in the mix there’s a UV dye which shows up only under a UV lamp (black light), which is very useful in identifying an attacker after an encounter. The dye is fairly resistant, and will stay visible even after multiple washing attempts. The spray is effective out to around 12 feet.

If the spray fails to stop the assailant, the Guard Dog also includes a contact stun mechanism, which delivers a powerful jolt to an assailant upon contact, allowing for the defender to escape, or perhaps follow up with disabling hand-to-hand moves if appropriate.

The Guard Dog Olympian Triple Threat is a compact and affordable device that almost anyone can use, and is a worthy option for self defense.

The Punch

Type:   |   Cost: $10

Product Details:

An interesting variant on the Kubotan is The Punch by United Cutlery. It’s a simple device, basically a small sharp spike with a handle.

This is a two piece unit, the spike and cap. The cap protects you from the sharp end while the unit is not in use, but pops off in a split second when needed. The spike measures just over a half inch and the overall length is 5.25 inches. A few quick strikes from this brutal little implement will surely give any attacker pause.

Yes, this is technically a stabbing weapon, and utilizing this will cause an attacker to bleed. We recommend only using The Punch with prior training from a self-defense instructor.

Trained Guard Dog

Type:   |   Cost: $3500 and up

Product Details:

The best way to get out of a fight is not to get into one to begin with. For example, it’s been reported and estimated that over two million attacks per year are stopped by the mere display of a firearm. However, we do know that not everyone has the opportunity to exercise their right to keep and bear arms, and not everyone wishes to. With that in mind, other options must be considered, such as a trained guard dog. A menacing growl and bark from a 150-pound beast will give any attacker pause.

Not just your standard house pet, guard dogs are specifically bred from bloodlines typically reaching all the way back to Europe. German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Belgian Malinois, and so forth. A reputable breeder should be able to prove the dog’s lineage going back at least five generations, and the dog should also be equally at ease with being the family pet, as well as the family defender. The costs are high, due to the amount of work required to ship, breed, and condition the dog for it’s job, but for some, a dog is the best and most reliable option for less-lethal defense.

That being said, a few caveats about guard dogs. Like any animal, they’ll require constant upkeep and care. There are ongoing costs. And also, while the dog isn’t likely to kill an intruder or attacker, the ability to do so exists within him. A trained German Shepherd can inflict fatal woulds on an assailant if the circumstances are right. Guard dogs are an excellent option, but much research and consideration is recommended before exercising this option.

TASER Strikelight

Type:   |   Cost: $122

Product Details:

From the developers of the original electrical shock weapon, TASER, comes the Strikelight. It’s a simple device really, a flashlight coupled with a contact stun device.

The Flashlight Strikelight provides a personal protection solution and flashlight in one simple device. It is a powerful, rechargeable stun device featuring visible electrical arc to deter attackers and is designed to cause pain upon contact. It also includes a charging unit, so you don’t have to fish around for batteries when the device’s power level is low.

Realistically, it’s a 3-in-1 device. Flashlight, stun weapon, and striking tool. The crown of the flashlight is pretty solid, and can be used as an improvised kubotan in an emergency, with the added benefit of the electrical stun function. An electric kubotan, if you will.

At an affordable price, this makes a great discreet self-defense tool.


Type:   |   Cost: $30

Product Details:

One in five women will be assaulted during their lifetime. Sobering statistics, indeed. The inventors of the TigerLady know this, and crafted an exquisitely simple self-defense tool for women to use.

The TigerLady is modeled after a cat’s retractable claws and is designed to work via a scratching movement. The sharp blades will scratch and injure an assailant, especially in a close-ranfe surprise situation. In addition, the hollowed-out nature of the claws will capture tissue samples for later analysis by law enforcement to aid in their identification of the assailant.

Much like other close-in tools we’ve mentioned here, the TigerLady should be only used after training with a qualified self-defense instructor.

FAB Defense Gotcha

Type:   |   Cost: $40

Product Details:

Necessity is definitely the mother of all invention. Sometimes you just can’t carry a self-defense tool, whether it’s a firearm or a less-lethal device like a TASER or pepper spray, into a location. This is what inspired FAB Defense to come up with the Gotcha tool.

Martial arts experts Dov Granchrow and Yaron Hanover designed the Gotcha cap so that individuals, even when wearing minimal clothing, i.e. workout gear or a swimsuit, would never be caught empty-handed. The Gotcha can be drawn easily from the holding mount within the brim of the hat in a non-threatening motion, which will catch your attacker off guard. The tool is made of MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite, so it won’t trigger metal detectors and is mounted into the brim of a stylish hat so your attacker will never see it coming.

Discreet and definitely not noticeable, the Gotcha tool lends itself to being in the self-defense toolbox of just about anyone.

AceCo Micro Shot

Type:   |   Cost: $125

Product Details:

Another tool to keep your distance when engaging an attacker is the AceCo Micro Shot Pepper Spray gun. Machined from firearms-grade aluminum, and finished with a distinctive color (blue, green, red, purple or orange) so it won’t be confused with a real firearm, the Micro Shot is one robust spray delivery system.

Conveniently enough, it accepts commonly-available Sabre pepper spray containers, so finding refills for the Micro Shot aren’t a problem. And, the overall size is modeled off of a Springfield XDS pistol, so holsters are easy to find. AceCo didn’t invent an ecosystem, they fit their device into one with the Micro Shot.

The delivery has been described as a pungent mist, disabling attackers at up to 12 feet away. The solid construction could also lend the Micro Shot to be used as a striking weapon in an emergency.

For something truly compact and versatile, consider the Micro Shot.

Ruger Ultra Pepper Spray System

Type:   |   Cost: $20

Product Details:

Branded by Ruger, but assembled by Tornado, the Ultra Pepper Spray System is another combination device. The system combines not only a standard canister of 10% OC spray, but also a piercing 125 dB alarm guaranteed to draw attention to, and disorient an attacker. In addition, there’s a disorienting strobe light function as well. While “personal alarms” on their own aren’t recommended for self defense, the combination of one with an effective spray and bright strobe can’t be discounted.

The spray itself is delivered in a coherent stream, and both the alarm and strobe are activated when the device leaves it’s included holster. A loud, piercing noise, and a bright strobe – followed up by a blast of potent OC spray. Most attackers would think twice about continuing with their assault after experiencing this.

An affordable and compact device, the Ruger Ultra Pepper Spray System is recommended for anyone seeking a discreet and reliable less-lethal option for self-defense.

Boker Pocket Stick

Type:   |   Cost: $40

Product Details:

An evolution of the Kubotan is found in the Boker Pocket Stick. Made by Boker out of Germany, the stick is basically a kubotan with finger loops for added security and grip.  

As with a kubotan the principal target areas of this weapon in self-defense include bony, fleshy and sensitive parts such as knuckles, forearms, the bridge of the nose, shins, stomach, solar plexus, spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck and eyes. As a pressure point weapon it can attack any point a finger can, but with greater penetration because of the smaller surface area at the ends. In other locking and compliance applications, the body of the Kubotan can be used to create pain.

In addition, Boker advertises this device as a massage tool for relaxation, due to it’s rounded tip. For defense, and relaxation, get the Boker.

Griffin Fury Pepperstrike

Type:   |   Cost: $18

Product Details:

The less-lethal industry seems to be fond of combination devices these days. Some are nothing more than marketing gimmicks, others actually make sense such as the Griffin Fury Pepper Strike. The device is a spray deployment system, as well as a kubotan.

The spray component deploys a splatter of 18% OC to an attacker up to ten feet away. If the spray fails to fully incapacitate, the canister then can be used as a kubotan, by which the defender can strike pressure points or other sensitive areas on an attacker. As with any other close-in device, we recommend seeking expert training before relying on it.

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