MTECH Pistol Crossbow


Do not for a second mistake that this 20” inch, self-cocking crossbow with an 80lb draw strength won’t penetrate flesh, wood, or practically anything you point it at besides a battleship. There are a lot of compact crossbows on the market, but after hours of testing, the Science of Skill product development team concluded this is truly the highest quality crossbow of its type on the market.

Product Details

  • Craftsmen: MTECH
  • Material: Night-Black Nylon Fiber
  • Length: 20 in.
  • Weight: 2lb. 5 oz.
  • Features: With an 80lb draw, this crossbow can fire bolts up to 160 feet per second; Self-cocking mechanism engineered for quick reload; Includes 3 bolts!
  • Operation: Assembly directions included

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