Tac Force Karambit Knife (Black & Red)


The karambit is a rather remarkable multi-use knife designed for user safety, precision, and efficiency. It has a hooked blade, an ergonomic handle, and it usually includes at least one safety ring, making it near impossible to drop in self-defense or survival situations. There are a ton of “sovereign shop” karambits on the market, so we took our time on selecting the right one to bring to our catalog. Rest assured this knife can–and will–get the job done every time.

Product Details

  • Craftsman: Tac Force
  • Material: Red & Black Stainless Steel
  • Length: 2.75 in. blade; 5.25 in. handle
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Features: Extreme total black and blood red finish; Tactical finger ring engineered for quick draw execution and safety (this is our most dangerous knife!); G10 handle designed to tighten grip; With its tactical tiger claw blade, this knife will cut through cloth, wire, paracord, and it has no problem with muscle and tendons when it gets down to life-or-death.
  • Operation: Folding Knife — While closed, pull the blade up and out of the handle to open it. While open, hold your thumb on the lever at the hilt of the blade to unlock it. Then, slowly push the blade back into the handle to close it.

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