Side Mount Escapes for Smaller Grapplers

September 2, 2012
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Some weeks I randomly saunter around in the inbox, and other weeks I check it maybe twice a week.

Sometimes we get a trickle or emails, and sometimes – for not apprent reason – the inbox is stuffed with good questions that I want to get to right away.

Recently a new reader named Brian asked me about escaping Side Control from underneath Bigger and Stronger opponents – so I HAD to put something together because I had the theme of “escapes” in my mind already.

All I had was an iPhone a foggy room after a long, long open mat session (my friend Neil from NY came up to visit and there was lots of rolling to be had), and I decided to have my student Chris point and shoot!

Escapes for Smaller Grapplers: Side Control

One of the biggest distinctions I make here is what NOT to do, namely to try and finish the single leg on someone who’s HUGE (unless your wrestling is amazing and theirs is terrible). Instead, take the back if you can, and if you get stuffed, slap the foot into half guard and THEN get aggressive.
At the same time, keeping that outside elbow in TIGHT to the ribs even before you get to your side to reach for the underhook is key, too. Notice I DON’T lead with the hand for the underhook, always with the elbow – and especially against bigger and stronger players.
I hope that helps, Brian, I’m sending you a little bonus for great question – and anyone else with a related topic be sure to drop me an email.
-Daniel Faggella

Daniel Faggella
Daniel Faggella

Coach Daniel is the founder and head publisher at Science of Skill, LLC. A martial arts black belt and self defense instructor, Dan has spent years training with and interviewing some of the world's best self protection experts. His passion lies in encouraging others to train smart and to improve the skills that make them safer and stronger.

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