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Self Protection Tools and Gear

  • Physical Product

    Smith and Wesson Special Tactical

    This beautiful black steel blade is the perfect balance of subtle concealment and power. The feel of the outside of this knife is tapered by the sleek, 3.5 inch blade, which comes sharp right out of the box, and is tough enough to pierce, or slice.

    • Made by Smith and Wesson, one of America’s oldest firearms companies
    • Easy to flick open to quickly snap out for work, outdoors activities, or self-defense
    • Make quick work of cloth, cord, or other materials

    Price: $14.00

  • Physical Product

    G700 Tactical Flashlight and Flashlight Defense Course

    “World’s Brightest” Military grade flashlight boasts 1000 lumens with five adjustable modes. In addition, Black Belt Lars Fidler reveals simple steps to defending yourself using the G700 Tactical Flashlight and other blunt objects.

    • “Attack style” head for self defense scenarios
    • Batteries Included!
    • Learn a move that can stop a heart, yet will not hurt your hand or damage your flashlight

    Price: $34.95

  • Physical Product

    Smith and Wesson Bear Claw Knife

    The Smith & Wesson HRT Knife has a 2.3″ stainless steel serrated blade, boasting a 6″ overall length and comes with a quality holster that you can easily attach to your belt, jeans or backpack.

    • The ultimate in sneak-attack blades
    • Highly concealable without any loss of functionality

    Price: $17.95

  • Physical Product

    Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops Blade

    Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Frame Lock folding knife features a stainless steel combo edge clip point blade with a blast finish.  The blade opens with ambidextrous thumb studs.  With a solid frame lock, the skeletonized frame lock handle is a perfect blend of weight and strength for every day use.  Tip down pocket clip.

    Price: 17.95

  • Physical Product

    Tactical Defender Pen

    Tactical pens are often overlooked pieces of everyday carry gear that could very well save your life one day, or at the very least provide you with the means to jot down your ideas or take some notes. While firearms are of course the primary methods for self-defense, with today’s stricter laws, it’s not always easy to always have your gun on you, and definitely not on an airplane.

    • Used and trusted by the Army, Secret Service and Special Forces
    • The head consists of a high carbite tip so that this can be used as a glass-breaking device in the event of an emergency
    • Fits in Your Pocket, Deadly as a Gun, Allowed on a Plane
    • Not just self-defense weapon, it’s a working pen with ink and is very comfortable and stable.

    Price: 13.95

  • Physical Product

    Fire Starter Knife

    This multi-function survival tool is a reliable, flint-based Fire Starter attached at the handle of this knife. This unique fire starter generates 3 times the heat of an ordinary match. The patented design allows the flint to rotate 360° for even wear.

    • 2.75″ Inch Stainless Steel Blade – Legal In All 50 U.S. States!
    • Spring Assisted Thumb Knob and Index Flipper
    • Orange Nylon “No Slip” Handle

    Price: $13.00

  • Physical Product

    Credit Card Knife

    This is a knife that is concealed and collapsible in a sleek and discreet credit card shape. Just pull it out from any wallet or pocket, and you’ve got a knife in seconds!

    • Incredibly discreet- incredibly handy
    • Perfect for wallet storage
    • Simple and easy to fold and unfold in mere seconds

    Price: $8.00

Self Protection Educational Programs

  • Digital

    Ground Grappling For Close-Quarters Combat

    It is just a fact, most real life fights each person ends up on the ground, and this package combines a killer interview between BJJ Black Belt Matt Bryers and Coach Dan where they break down key insights on using BJJ to defend yourself. Whatever defensive moves you choose in a street fight, the ultimate idea is ‘stay simple to be more effective’. The take downs or techniques you use, can’t be these long combinations in a real life, life threatening encounter. It has to be quick, easy to learn and that makes sense that you can pull of on anybody, regardless of your strength and theirs.

    • Two printable pocket guides on dynamic self-defense goal settings grappling
    • The never before released full length (and unedited) interview and transcript between Matt Bryers and Coach Dan . In this interview Matt lays all out on the table and shares why BJJ is the ultimate grappling self defense system.
    • Discover the “Science of Skill Goal Setting Methodology”, results driven insights on how to use various skill building ideas, drills and trackable benchmarks to accelerate your grappling.

    Price: $9.00

  • Digital Download

    Pistol Academy 101

    Discover The Best Grip, Stances & Drills For Mastering Your Way Around A Pistol. Learn How To Shoot With Extreme Navy-Seal Like Accuracy Even If You’re A Brand New Beginner. You’ll discover:

    • Why your bullets may be always landing a little below your target
    • How your breathing can improve or ruin your shots
    • Correct one-hand and two-hand grip method for pin-point accuracy

    Price: $14.00

  • Digital

    Executive Protection

    Silicon Valley Bodyguard David Trimble shares his unique insights into protecting yourself, your home and your loved ones from home invasions, defending against armed attackers and rapidly identifying potential threats.  Includes Two DVDs & One CD

    •  The best concealed carry gear in the business revealed.
    • Discover the truth about basic knife fighting
    • Become a human lie detector in order to screen treats that may fool your loved ones.
    • And Much More…

    Price: $31.95

  • Online Subscription

    Self Reliance Academy

    The Self Reliance Academy is filled to the brim with hours of basic self defense techniques, moves, tips and strategies perfect for anyone of any age regardless of size or experience. In this monthly subscription program, you’ll receive a new module with different unique content designed to quickly and easily cripple an aggressive attacker.

    • How to use an often misunderstood choke technique to control an opponent and put him to sleep without him getting a single chance to strike you or hurt you.
    • Learn the little-known secrets of exactly which joint-locks and choking techniques work against someone twice your size and strength, and which are not even worth trying.
    • How to turn an opponent’s punch into a fast advantage for you, snapping his limb as soon as it leaves his body.

    Price: $57 per Month

  • Digital

    12 Jiu Jitsu Chokes For Self Defense

    Science of Skill grappling coach Stapho knows a thing or two about chokes. As an active Jiu Jitsu competitor – often competing against much larger, stronger opponents – he demonstrates a dozen of his favorite self defense chokes (in addition to special skill drills for each technique, allowing you to learn them quickly). In this video program you’ll learn:

    • The “Guillotine Choke” that works as an instant defense against any attacker who tries to tackle you or take you down
    • A technique argued to be the single most effective choke hold to use against larger, stronger attackers (hint: it’s not the one you see in movies)
    • And 10 more powerful techniques and drills designed to incapacitate an attacker…

    Price: $9.00

  • Digital

    Firearms Home Protection 101

    This course (based on two firearms expert interviews) will break down everything you need to keep in mind when learning basic home security skills, like…

    • Insight into navigating the legal landscape of purchasing and owning a gun
    • How to go about finding a qualified instructor for self defense purposes.
    • The right ammo for the right home, everyone’s homestead is a bit different after all.

    Price: $9.00

  • Digital Download

    Deadly Leg Breaks

    The 4 basics of “Bone Crushing” power are broken down and explained in detail in this video course. You will learn how to make ANY wrong move by your attacker turn into a brutal leg lock attack.

    • Powerful ankle attacks against bigger opponents (even if he’s on top of you in a streetlight and outweighs you by 100 pounds!)
    • 3 “Twisting” Leg Breaks that literally devastate your opponent’s knee
    • A sneaky grip trick that turns your wrist bone into a “Vice” to crush an attacker’s achilles tendon almost instantly

    Price: $7.00

  • Digital Download

    Kung Fu Knife Defense

    Kung Fu expert Jake Mace reveals fundamental knife fighting techniques & easy-to-learn strategies to defend against armed attackers.

    • How to improve your reaction times to defend yourself against an armed attacker
    • How to flip and juggle knives between your fingers to quickly and easily transition into different striking positions
    • How to create a protective shield using your forearms when your opponent attempts to stab you

    Price: $14.00

  • DVD Program

    Disarm and Disable

    Introducing Famed Weapons Defense Expert, Jerry Wetzel, in the ultimate guide for defending & disabling arm attackers in 1-3 seconds. You see, if you’re within close quarters range, you don’t have the luxury of time to draw a weapon (if you have one). That’s why Jerry’s gone ahead and filmed a DVD showing you the fundamental hand-to-hand combat moves & fight enders you can use in close quarters. Think of these moves as an “Ace in your pocket” or your backup plan if things get bad.

    • The #1 Fastest disarming technique to release an attacker’s grip on a knife or other weapon
    • The secret of “equal and opposite torque” that will add the heftiness of a freight train to your fight moves.
    • Exactly where the best “fight ending” targets are on your opponent…and the simple trick all great fighters use to make sure they hit their target every time.’

    Price: $37.00

  • DVD Program

    Body Weapons

    Swedish self defense expert Lars Fidler breaks down how to use the various parts of your body in different tough situations as powerful weapons in a street fight, regardless of your size or your attackers.

    • The one take-down move you will have in your pocket every time an attacker has the balls to come at you… so simple, so easy to remember, it’s like walking around with a loaded gun!
    • Instant arm-locks that disable your opponent and let you decide what’s next!
    • Leverage secrets that multiply every pound of your weight ten times, giving you “Gorilla-Like” strength over much larger opponents


    Price: $29.95

  • DVD Program

    Armed Defender

    Learn all the basic and advanced strategies to keeping your family safe in a home invasion or robbery. If you have a family this DVD program teaches you how to become a tactical defender of your home with a little knowledge and a fire arm. This program covers a HUGE variety of advice, some of which includes…

    • The truth about having a gun. Just having a gun in your house does you no good. You’ll see exactly what type of gun to have and how to use it to protect the ones you love.
    • The exact words to say to 911 to win a court case after a break-in or shooting
    • A complete, soup-to-nuts breakdown of different types of rounds & ammunition
    • How to acquire affordable body armor for yourself & your loved ones
    • And MUCH MORE

    Price: $47.00

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