REVIEW Submission Master Grappling Dummy (Plus Video)

August 22, 2013
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REVIEW Submission Master Grappling Dummy (Plus Video)

Submission Master Dummy Drills

Grab Your Own Submission Master Dummy Here

Until one of my students got a grappling dummy, the thought honestly never crossed my mind to get one.

About a year ago my student Andy let me know that he’d gotten a grappling dummy, and for a little while he let us use his OLDER submission dummy here at the academy. Apparently he had a random brand of grappling dummy that sort of fell apart, and he let us use it here at the gym.

It “clicked” on many levels with regard to how I should have my competitors using this, and what drills might open up using one.

For me the main benefit is this: Drilling and getting in tons of reps without splitting time in half with a training partner.

As an instructor, I love drilling with students, breaking down techniques for them, and adding stuff to their games. Seriously, the love of doing THAT is what got me to open up my own BJJ gym.

However, those are NOT the same things that are important to becoming a good competitor, or to making sure that my own skills don’t slip when I’m in the midst of “teaching-mode.”

When Andy left the grappling dummy at my gym, I had a TON of computer work to do, and didn’t finish until 10:00PM, but decided to get in a few reps of some combinations that I was working in class. At that point I decided that I’ve GOT to get one of these myself. Here’s some ideas of what I call “Continuous Drills”, which you can do for as long as humanly possible on a grappling dummy:

Another mini-drill session:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 7.07.42 AMWhy Get a “Submission Master” Dummy?

I’ve seen 5 or 6 grappling dummy brands pop up in the last 12 months or so. There’s no way that I have the money to buy all of them and compare them, but some things I’ve heard and other things I’ve inferred from reviews of others.

The Submission Master is good because:

It’s durable as all heck.

It’s heavy enough to drill SWEEPS and ESCAPES, and is made to stay up on all fours.

One of the sets of drills in the Free course that I’m giving out to new submission master dummy owners is a set of sweep drills using the dummy, including half guard, X-guard, arm drags, and more (I haven’t used all the other dummies on the market, but being able to drill from bottom is important as heck for me as a smaller guy who’s on bottom a lot).

Check out the banner to the right for some additional videos and info about it.

Get a Submission Master Here and Get this Video Course BONUS:

If I didn’t know there stuff was TOP quality, I wouldn’t give them props and tell my subscribers / readers about them. If you’re THINKING of getting a grappling dummy, I’ve got a pretty solid reason to get one NOW.

For the time being, I’m going to be giving away my Mini-Course called “24 Continuous Drills on a Grappling Dummy” to ANYONE who gets a Submission Master dummy from the banner at the right. Simply email me at with the receipt for your purchase, and I (or Tim at the office) will send you the downloadable video course in no time.

The drills in this mini-course include:

  1. Leg Lock Drills
  2. Arm Attack Drills
  3. Guard Pass Mastery Drills
  4. Pressure Drills
  5. Choke Drills
  6. Sweep Drills

Grab your own dummy here, and then just email me with a receipt to get this free video mini-course as a thank-you from me!

All the best and catch up soon – remember to get in those reps!




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