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February 3, 2013
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Jake Gets NICE from the Deep Half Guard

Sometimes you see a sequence or series of moves and just wanna share it. Happened to me today – check out some slick half guard tricks from one of Roberto “Cyborg’s” best students:

Check out Jake’s Newest Guard Techniques Here

He also looks a ton like Aristotle – in addition to being a half-back-take-innovator.

I’m a Cyborg fan MAINLY because he goes upside down a lot (and his voice is too pirate-like not to love), and usually I’m not much of a deep half guy. I get kimura-ed by blue belts from deep half, and the emotional trauma was too much to ever really play the position.

However, my “tinkering” with the position has been rekindled by watching some Jake Mackenzie stuff – he’s one of Cyborg’s best black belt students who may not play tornado guard – but he dips to the back from deep half guard on a regular basis.

That’s enough to get me to “tune in,” big time.

In the video above there’s a particular ninja-roll setup about half way through that I’m now a big fan of. Below is another match with a deep half sweep that’s a little more “My Style” (back takes, of course).

Strait to the Back from Deep 1/2 Guard

BAM, cya! What I like is the fact that he “pulses” to jolt himself under his opponent first, and then at about :55 has to make a sharp “undercut” to get his hips directly behind his opponent for the right angle for the back take. Its kind of a different approach to the regular “Deep Half Guard” algorithm, but in my opinion high-level BJJ in both Gi and No Gi is getting oriented more and more towards back-takes.

Just another concept to tinker with – and thanks to Jake for letting me throw up some sweet videos!

Enjoy – and keep rolling!

-Dan Faggella

Click Above to See Jake’s Newest Techniques (Cyborg is in some of these Videos, too!)

Daniel Faggella
Daniel Faggella

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