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March 16, 2012
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Who is Meerkatsu?

Seymour's art has not only graced websites, but has been featured in a large number of BJJ clothing and Gi lines. Here for example, is the Tatame "Honey Badger."

This is probably the only BJJ blog I’d visit just to look at pictures. Good thing there’s also tons of interviews, event info, and probably the most extensive series of Gi reviews I’ve seen online.

Good question. Meerkatsu is really Seymour Yang, age 42, and purple belt at Mill Hill BJJ in London.

In addition to commenting on the odd and often funny world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Seymour “does art,” and lots of it – for BJJ companies and for his own collections.

(To get a deeper look than the few pictures I’ll be able to squeeze into this post, check out his gallery of works right here)

Seymour also likes to travel and train at other academies – in addition to reviewing seminars and tournaments.

As stated before, I don’t know anywhere else online where you can find quite as extensive list of BJJ gi reviews – not to mention discount codes for a lot of the rated products. If you buy nice BJJ stuff, I’d probably check here before paying for it.

  1. More Meerkatsu Art.

    Look at the reviews and determine if its worth the buy

  2. See if you can grab a discount code!
  3. Compare with other similar products in the category and see if there’s a better deal or a better quality item

Especially when you’re going to be throwing down close to $200.00 for something nice – figure out what you’re investing in.

Seymour’s Future Vision

In Seymour’s own words:

I’m focusing more and more towards my own designs and artwork. I can see the site evolving to mainly focus on my own work and less on reviews. I hope to still keep reviewing so we’ll see how it develops.

Jiu Jitsu Octopus of Doom. This stuff doesn't get old.

Frankly I’m pumped to see more artwork (particularly anything having to do with the Honey Badger…), so that’s good news to me.

Look at this Octopus thing. Brilliant.

Either way I was happy to be able to catch up with the man behind the artwork – and I definitely recommend scoping Meerkatsu.

Keep learning and train hard,

-Dan Faggella

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